Beginner Black Magick

Beginners Black Magick

Below I present steps you need to follow in order to learn black magick.

Points to remember

  • You don’t need to follow these suggestions in any specific order.
  • You will need to do loads of reading, internal processing, and deciding what really sits with your identity and beliefs.
  • You also have to consider if you will be able to practice “hidden” and therefore have a secret life. This can be very stressing long term.

Allow 1 to 2 years:

You may wish to read – Understanding black magick

Develop a relationship with your deities

NOTE: you don’t have to worship or even believe in a god or goddess to practice witchcraft. I know many perfectly fulfilled and effective witches who are completely atheistic or agnostic. However, if you are so inclined, developing a relationship with your deity or deities is a good idea well in advance of putting theory to practice. It’s important to remember that most witches consider witchcraft itself to be separate from religion, but many of us do have faiths that encourage and work closely with the practice of witchcraft. For many, witchcraft is a form of faith expression, a beautiful way to connect with the ones you worship and in doing so grow closer to them, yourself, and the natural world.

All these points seem like a lot of work (it is!)

Just pick a first point, go to google, type ‘meditation’ or ‘meditation exercises’ and start reading. Then search again for it and start reading again.

That is how you can begin your black magick education, one step at a time. Learn meditations, read books and try various techniques, exercises and practice, practice, practice.

Spellwork is 10% preparation and 90% manifestation. You’ve probably heard that term used before, but I’ll simplify it for you. Manifestation is simply the ability to alter your physical reality by visualizing the change you want to experience. From overcoming self-defeating behavior to improving your financial situation, you can move mountains with the power of positive visualization. Manifestation really is at the core of all magickal systems, and the best way to become a powerful manifester is to — you guessed it — meditate.



  1. Ethan

    So if I’m reading this correctly chaos magic is just your style of magic and how you learn it?

  2. BWS

    Yes, since the idea is that there is no right way or absolute truth. The focus is on the purity of the belief – in the moment.

  3. Ethan

    Ok thanks for your help

  4. BWS

    You are welcome 🙂

  5. Sarah

    Email me

  6. Voodoo

    I’d like to sign up for witchcraft and hoodoo course

  7. Voodoo

    I’m starting to read mastering witchcraft book is a good place to start? Please let me know

  8. Karistan

    Hello! I came across this site after watching a few videos on YouTube by the Black Witch Samantha. All of which are very eye opening and empowering. I have been practicing witchcraft as a solitary witch for close to 10 years now, have made a personal connection to my Goddess,NYX, and have done a few spells (white). However, I am deeply interested in the other spectrum of magick, in particular demons and contacting them. If someone here could contact me regarding this as I would like to proceed sooner than later, it would be very much appreciated.

    Blessed be.

  9. shaun

    Hi im in south africa please tell does the money spell work in different currencys im still new can u assist me im intrested.blessed be.

  10. Marcy Smith

    Looking to advance my knowledge. Seeking to learn all I can. My desire is to be the best I can be at my craft (solitary).Are there specific books/titles /authors you would recommend that helped you?
    Blessed Be

  11. Ebon Elán

    About time!
    I get so taken aback with all the doom and gloom associated with ongoing development when it comes to this path taken or thought about.
    It it disrespectful of me to want to shine a little light? We should smile, laugh, hang out, learn, crack jokes, etc:
    When I literally stumbled onto the BWC YouTube, it was refreshing to see the teacher smile.
    What is the protocol for starting a branch in the States?
    Can we be seen and overstood at the same time?

  12. Drew Paahao

    How do i get someones family to back off from me && from them all being pocessive of me && my family **

  13. Wynter

    I would like to offer a suggestion to any beginner and that is, be very careful what you read and use as instructional material. It is extremely difficult to unlearn bad habits and practices.


    I simply could not depart your website before
    suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard info
    a person supply in your guests? Is going to
    be again continuously in order to check out new posts

  15. Jami

    You stated, that you where in contact with an Indian goddess, prior in life. Do demons, Angels, Eyptian gods and goddess, Indian gods, etc., all exist on the same plane? Is this just a labeling system to harness certain forms of energy? If a spirtual dimension exist (which I believe does), how are atheistic witches successful? Thanks!

  16. Jami


  17. Luke

    I want to learn everything I can about being a black witch, but my family is super Christian and I can’t download or purchase my own books or crystals, candles etc. I need a teacher or coven that could train me and teach me the ways. Where should I start looking?

  18. Justin janky

    I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with my power I feel the fire all the time I still don’t know if I should go to a certain coven or can I grow into my own.

  19. BWS

    You’re not the only one in this situation Luke. It may comfort you to hear that this is quite common for people interested in the left hand path. Sadly, bigotry is everywhere. But where there is a will there’s a way, literally. We offer online courses and have many free videos on youtube if that suits you, or you can try and find a coven near you.
    Good luck Luke
    -Blonde Gypsy

  20. Damian

    We’re can I start reading?

  21. kennedy

    Growing up i used to see witches, i once saw a short thing open a door for that witch since they can walk through walls and doors, a couple of years later i heard a deep voice calling me over i was sleeping, i was scared but as years went down the line something kept on telling me that maybe that scary thing wanted to help me in a way, i was raised from the right hand path but now i want to be a part of the left hand path i tried to make a pact with Bune, i don’t know if i did everything correctly or not please advice ,and yes i am ready and yes i am not going back once I’ve joined the left hand path.

  22. Andre

    Can i sign up for your beginner courses. Im new to this and dont know where to start

  23. ajay

    i am a hindu but i want to learn witch craft but i cannot find any teacher who can teach me,what should i do?

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