BWC is always asked for our book recommendations – from Black Magic to beginner witchcraft. The suggestions provided below is an ever growing list, based on subject matter and Coven Member.

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Understanding Occultism & Magic

BWC receives a ton of emails asking us for our recommended beginner books in magic. Our answer will be something like,”….what area of magic are you interested in studying first?” You see, the study of magic becomes a drug. You start off with looking at a single area “magic”, then realize how many sub-areas of magic exist. And under these sub-areas, lie more niche sub-areas.

So, with that in mind you need to start somewhere, and these are great books to help you gain a broad understanding of magic. For example, Modern magick by Donald Michael Kraig, will not teach you everything about magick, but it will teach you what you need to study since the book covers pretty much everything.

The Secret Teachings of All Ages is “the ONE book you need”, if you want to understand the philosophy behind freemasonry, hermeticism, Rosicrucian and the history of the occult.

Every book I have listed in this section is at the top of the field, and highly recommended by BWC.


There are so many “flavors” of demonology. You will discover the various types of practice as you continue your reading in this fascinating area. The books below are some we at BWC recommend to people interested in learning more about demons, and also, for reference guides to the adept occultist.

A few of my favorites are:

  1. The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned
  2. The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology – It is a great reference guide for an extended directory of demons and spirits.
  3. Grimorium Verum – is one of the easier texts, but also one of the most sinister. It includes a catalog of specific demons and how to draw on their powers.


There are a vast amount of books written about Solomon’s dealings with the goetic demons, so many people begin their journey only knowing about this style of demon contact. This mainly leads into a journey in Ceremonial Magic. When one finds out this method of demon contact is long and tedious (and for most people produces zero results), interest is lost.

Some modern authors have done an amazing job in refreshing the old content into new and “doable” rituals.

Cermonial Magic


Occult scholar Stephen Skinner, is one of my favorite modern day authors. Everyone needs a good book of correspondences and tables to ensure their ritual magick is performed correctly, and has the best chance of success.


BWC recommends many books from this seasoned author in demonology. She has written many awesome books, however if I was to choose two to begin with:

  1. The complete book of demonology
  2. The Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonic Magick

You can find S. Connolly’s books on Amazon.



  1. Juliet

    I had nothing but bad luck but I know I have the power to unlock the occult in me, I can feel it. I need help as my life is falling apart.

    • BWS

      Welcome – I hope your spirit guides assist you on this new journey. BWS

  2. Jason Gorenstein

    I have seen 1111 since I can remember – is there any significance to that.


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