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Testimonials & Praise | Black Witch Coven

Testimonials & Praise


BWC would like to thank all those who have shared their success stories with us. We love to hear back from our clients.

Talisman Praise

“Hello Savannah and Coven,
I would like to share a picture of my talisman charging on a small and important part of my altar. Not only is the design of the talisman beautiful, I love the energy I feel vibrating off it as I chant Ashtaroth’s Enn “Tasa Alora foren Ashtaroth“. As I chant, I hold the talisman in my hand whilst conducting my cleansing and charging ritual for the talisman so that I gain maximum benefit from it; power, success and protection.
In all honesty, I have noticed people stare at the necklace while I talk to them and they are transfixed on it trying to figure out what it is! But, no one ever asks me “can you tell me what that design is on your necklace?”. Even as I write my testimonial of this wonderful and powerful talisman I can see my blue candle’s flame ‘dancing’ and very large. This blue candle is an offering  I have lit for Ashtaroth while the talisman sits on the altar with my other offerings for the other Daemons.
Working with Daemons is such an adventure and I feel like the best is yet to come.
Dark Blessings to you and the coven for all that you do,

Denton, USA

Nov 27, 2017

My dear Savannah,

OMG I never had any reading like this before and it is very much described what I am thinking and going through right now. I THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR THE WISDOM ADVICE and for what you had done helping me. Why people saying witches are evil blah blah blah JK? I think you are my Angel lol, you do care for your client as I see and I really appreciate it.
Los Angelos, USA



From CW - USA

Finding Black Witch Coven has changed things in my life for the better.
I had a situation where I wasn’t allowed to see a family member.
I ordered a consultation with Savannah & she told me it was because the mother of that family member has never felt loved & do honey jars.
 I really didn’t want to hear that & wanted something hurtful done because of the pain that had been done to me.
She told me to get salt in the house of family members I wished bad on to clear negative I had sent.
I did what she said & things couldn’t be any better!! I see family member now & any hatred anyone had is GONE! It has turned into loving supportive life for us all.
How can I ever give enough thanks & appreciation to BWC? I now have a family unit I never ever dreamed would be possible.
 Savannah did protection candles for me & that family member.
One day driving on a 2 lane road a car was headed in opposite direction & car behind them sped up and came beside them, head on towards me at 60mph. It was all SLOW MOTION. This road is narrow and not wide enough for 3 cars. The car came rushing and so close beside me that I honestly can not explain how we were not crashed & killed. I was shaking & weak most of day because it was so scary.
I looked at family member in back seat that Savannah had protected & said “You are VERY protected!!” & gave all the gratitude I had for her to doing a protection spells!!
I ordered a money spell because I had a Ton of medical bills. She told me it would be SLOW coming but would come, again not what I wanted to hear. So I held on & it finally came & ALL medical bills were paid off!
I decided after watching all her videos and all the things she had done for me to become a Hoodoo student.
It has been life changing! I no longer feel I have to be anyones victim.
I have a person in my life that is emotionally hurtful. I have wanted to order DUME a thousand times but because she warns if children around not to do certain things so I bought a red/black reverse candle in glass canister from her & held on to it. Finally a day came where I said ENOUGH and lit the reverse candle. It started working ASAP! The person ended up in hospital with antibiotic resistance bacteria infection. When person was put in hospital I stayed at my home. Was peaceful & gave that person a knowledge of why I didn’t want to be there. Eye opening for them.
Being a student I decided to cast a spell on THE person that had been the root that had kept me away from that family member for a long time. I swear that was the darkest & most heart breaking pain I had ever endured. It honestly felt like a part of me had died. It was years of unbearable torment. I did a candle spell for that person to experience everything I had to the depth I had & for as long as I did. ( I will attach photos)
I did what Savannah says, do the spell & forget about it. I did.
Wasn’t to long after I found put person had heart attack & needed & pacemaker. A broken heart? YES I knew what that was like! Then after pace maker had to stay in hospital because bleeding wouldn’t stop. A bleeding heart? YES I knew that feeling too. Person was back in hospital again after release with more problems. YES I know what it is like to never feel healed.
Being her student is one of the greatest thing I have ever done!
I bought the BWC talisman and I never ever take it off.
I don’t cast everyday but when I do it gets results every time. I do what she says about protection baths & cleanse of home & protection of property to keep things good.
I have several other situations I could tell about things that have happened/ worked out with results because of being a client & student of Savannah but it would be book size by now 🙂
Sized up short & sweet is that Savannah & BWC have been there for me, helped me, protected me & blessed me in many many many ways. I have all the appreciation, admiration & love for them & always will
Dec 11, 2017

Gie, 2016

Dec 1, 2016

Hi Black Witch S,

Just thought I’d credit back this case to all your teachings especially on blood sorcery and revenge spells. I was really angry and pissed of at Person A for some things he’s done. So 2 weeks ago I came up with a thought to create a petition paper combined with a drop of my blood and feelings of anger and hurt that would destroy his plans to go on a vacation which is on the 9th Dec. And today, he contacted me saying he got fired from his company and was asking around for help….talk about strong magick there. I just wanted to thank you for your awesome teaching and keep up the good work. Love you youtube channel.

Blessed be,


Greg Allen

Apiril 15, 2017
I’ll give a testimonial here, the practises and lessons contained on this account has absolutely come through for me. I’m not going to discuss how or why, find out yourself. All I can tell you is that it has….



Doc. Kong at Conjureman's Corner

Nov 25, 2016

Very informative, easy to understand,and feel the Magick work in your life quickly. From Her videos alone I have came far and things are working. I move from Kentucky to Virginia, have the man I love, about to open my own business, health is great, and all is well!!



From Chakeriah, USA

October 31, 2016

Hello Black Witch S , not sure if you would call this a testimonial or what . Lol but it seems like after you cast the Kabbalah clearing spell , I’ve felt a little relieved. A job that I wanted that originally denied me , called me today to set up an interview for full time . That’s wonderful . !!!!


Love Spell Results


I am very satisfied with the spell and its results! His behavior changed in a very surprising way and I just could not believe in what I was seeing and experiencing the night we met after the spell was cast!
Thank you and congrats for the very good work!
SP, 27/11/2017



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