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Readers Stories

Submitted by: abhishek

Location: India

This event took place when i was just 12 yrs old..  Still i remember that…very unbelievable for me!!!… It was our trip to matheran (india)….a very beautiful place…we visited in the month of nov….except hotel we stayed in lodge…it was amazing because the place was very silent and fresh….still i can feel that breeze….back of the lodge there was a forest. We reached at lodge around 5:00 pm and got fresh….after that i just had fun with my elder brothers by playing in the forest .That hole day…i wouldnt recognize anything…at that night my mom noticed something in forest and she was very frightened..she was trying to convey us that…but we made fun of it..and ignored….next day we enjoyed a lot in matheran visiting several points….at the end of the day all of us were tired…we reached back at the lodge at something 10:00 pm….after that we had a campfire…in front of the lodge..we enjoyed a lot that experience…at that time i wanted to go for washroom…it was around 12:30….so instead of lodge bathroom..i went in forest for that… i was done with my work…then i saw a girl calling me…she asked me address…while i was guiding her….suddenly i heard my parents voice…they came searching me..they told that i was talking alone….and it was 2:00am thats y they came for me….after hearing that i just thought what the hell was i doing 2 n half hour in the forest!!!….it was very scary..i was highly feverish after that….i explained everything to parents…my parents investigated the caretaker…after asking he revealed that “earlier the forest was use to burn the bodies” after that we not even waited a single min in that lodge…and shifted to usha hotel…..whenever i think about that incident…still get shock that how the time passed and why the girl was only seen by me..i have no answer for that.