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Ask BWC: What do witches do on Halloween

What do witches do on Hallows eve (October 30th) and Halloween? BWC Answer: Part A Goblins and ghosts, witches and brooms, Vampires and bloody fangs, kids, and candies… We are on the brink of yet another Halloween celebration. While you are still searching for the perfect costume to make this year’s Halloween festival a memorable one, why don’t we take a few moments together and remind ourselves or better still wrap our heads around its origin, its significance and also why this festival is carried with such a high acclaim and why it has become a huge celebration ....

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What is the ritual sequence for a spell?

Question: How do I conduct a basic spell? It has to be more than just saying words? What is a ritual for doing any spell? Firstly, the answer to this question is not straightforward. However I will present a basic step-by-step process for the average new comer to spell casting, looking for answers on how to cast a spell……effectively. Before delving into this subject matter, let us begin with a definition for the terms Ritual, Spell, Spellwork, and Magick. What is a Ritual? A ritual is a planned progression or series of actions and activities geared toward the accomplishment of...

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The Magick Of Goddess Lilith

There has never been a Goddess in all the western traditions as maligned as the Goddess Lilith. She has been called the epitome of all that is evil in the world. She was considered wild, uninhibited, argumentative and sexually deviant. She has been called the temptress, the prostitute from hell and most popularly as the succubus that comes and not only steals the semen of men as they sleep but also killing them in the process. Some of these qualities might very well be true and some not so much. One thing we know for sure is that she is a very powerful and ancient goddess. In this video I read a chapter from my book Lilith Magick. I hope you enjoy it. So Mote it be! The Magick Of Lilith: Calling Upon The Great Goddess of The Left Hand Path (Mesopotamian Magick Book 1) From the books author: Baal Kadmon is an Author, and Occultist based out of New York City. In addition to the Occult, he is a Scholar of Religion, Philosopher and a Historian specializing in Ancient History, Late Antiquity and Medieval History.   In this book, we will discuss what we know of her from the Western traditions. I will present the information chronologically; I will start with the earliest known accounts of Lilith to the most recent. Unlike Lilith’s successor, Eve, who was created...

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Creating a new reality with Sex Magic

Tantra: Sex Magic Sex Magic Reality Creation Process I want to share something I call the Sex Magic Reality Creation Process (SMRCP). It is a powerful tool that is appropriate for deliberate reality creation. As many of you know, I’ve been practicing Tantra/Sacred Sexuality for many years and have enjoyed wonderful benefits from it. One of my favourite areas of study is Sex Magic. I’ve successfully incorporated the SMRCP in my reality creation toolbox. It is with much joy that I share it with you, have some fun with it. Background: Sex is one of the most (some say...

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How to Become A Witch in 9 Lessons

by Don McLeod In the 1980’s it was fashionable to be interested in the New Age. This is now a dreadful faux pas within the alternative scene, and in order to be accepted in the 1990’s metaphysical social set, one must have an interest in Witchcraft or Paganism. Of course, you don’t have to actually belong to a coven in order to be thought of as a Witch, you can bluff your way into being accepted as a fully fledged Witch simply by knowing a few terms and dressing accordingly. This brings us to… Rule # 1: Image is...

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Psychic Vampires

Don’t waste your time with people who will ultimately destroy you, but concentrate instead on those who will appreciate your responsibility to them, and, likewise, feel responsible to you. For those of us in the occult world, we can find ourselves meeting people who use us and our interests in a very negative way. The effects on us can be devastating. These are are known a Psychic Vampires! Many people who walk the earth practice the fine art of making others feel responsible and even indebted to them, without cause. Satanism observes these leeches in their true light. Psychic...

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Black Devil oil for Cheating Partners

Black Devil Oil stops unfaithfulness So, your partner is messing around eh? Well, I have the answer for that. Black Devil is a potent tool against someone who has cheated on you. Ideas for use of the black devil oil Firstly, rub some of the oil on the bottom of their shoes (don’t cover the entire shoe, just a couple of drops should do.) I would also recommend getting a pair of underwear, or a sock – preferably worn – and place a few drops on the item. Then tie it in a knot and place it somewhere it...

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Ritual tools for black magick

Ritual Tools Ritual tools in black magick are unnecessary for the success of a working, and are basically used in ceremonial magick. By and of themselves, they have no powers of their own, unless they were infused with power. Ritual tools are used by those who need an atmosphere, and enjoy and/or work better with a formal ritual. Ritual tools are also often used by covens, as covens frequently engage in a formal ceremony. The powers of one’s mind and soul are the only essentials in performing a working. For those of you who are new, the information given...

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You need to learn various forms of meditation, because you will all need them: void meditation, focused meditation, visualizing. It’s not enough to know how to meditate, you need to practice it regularly, at least 3 times a week, preferably more often. Read More about “Meditation”

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