Community Support

Help a stranger with their spiritual and magikal resquests

Did you know…..Helping Others Raises Our Own Magikal Vibration

Magic and spellcasting is all about connecting to a higher “energy vibration” for the purposes of achieving a result. For many of us (and perhaps even you), who are in the process of needing magical help or casting a spell for our own benefit, we lack the ability to stay focused on the spell request. This can happen for many reasons.

The idea of this new concept and page on Black Witch Coven, is to give extra support, love, and power, to those people who are supporters of our magic community. Similar to a “pray request” we as a community can help the people listed here on this page achieve their magical goals by us taking a minute to channel some “magical energy” there way.

So take a minute to look at the requests and see if you can spend a minute or two sharing your magical love to another persons magical cause. You will personally benefit by raising your own vibration, skills, and magical connection at the same time!

BWC Community Support Request

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witches community support
witches community support
witches community support
witches community support
witches community support

During your meditations, prayers, and blessings today, take a minute to send some positive vibes to the people listed below. They really need the support of their community right now.

Blessed be to you for sharing your love!

  • K KING – UK
  • Stephanie P – USA x 10 in our spiritual prayers xxx
  • Stephanie C – FL, USA
  • Courtney L – Acworth, GA, USA
  • Jacob B – Sydney, Australia
  • Eruel R – Philippines
  • Lena L – Sydney, Australia
  • Jill J – Mountside, CA. USA
  • Wei X – Canada
  • Josue E –
  • Elen C – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Christina G – USA
  • Scott S – USA
  • Alina B
  • Therese H – USA
  • ireneh J  – USA
  • kreeshna p
  • eleni I
  • Sabine L
  • Guy C
  • Sha-Ron jones – MN
  • Stephanie Pupuma