• This demon can be summoned to provide familiars to the conjuror so as to assist with the other works.
  • He can also be summoned in order to reconcile foes or reinforce friendships. This is similar to several other Goetic Demons.
  • He can also be summoned so as to lure any person to commit sinful acts especially of the sexual nature.
  • Another way through which the powers of this demon can be put into use is through the allocation of titles and job promotions.



Belial means “without a master”, and symbolizes true independence, self-sufficiency, and personal accomplishment. Belial represents the earth element.

The Satanic Bible
Anton LaVey (1969)


Belial is another of the fallen angels that were entrapped by King Solomon. It is noteworthy that this demon is only second to Lucifer in hell [1]. He is said to have been created side by side with Lucifer. He is the 68th demon listed as one of the kings of hell within the Lesser Key of Solomon [1]. He commands 80 legions of lesser demons as well as 50 legions of spirits [1]. Other texts suggest that he has dominion over between 50 to 80 inferior demons [4].

Another point of note is that this demon has been mentioned multiple times in various religions. For instance, Judaism perceives him as the father of lawlessness and pagans whilst Christianity portrays him as the angel who convinced Lucifer to rebel in heaven [2]. Christianity also portrays him as another manifestation of Satan in other texts. There are also instances whereby he is portrayed as the father to Lucifer within Christianity [2]. The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs also make allusions to him [5].

Still within Christian text, he is portrayed differently within the apocrypha. In the Damascus Document / the Fragments of a Zadokite Work, it is posited that he will be let loose upon the Israelites at the time of the antichrist [1]. His trappings are said to consist exclusively of wealth, sex and pollution of the sanctuary [2]. The religion actually portrays him negatively referring to his followers as necromancers and wizards.

It is conceivable that he is very powerful being a king of hell and only ranked second to Lucifer according to the War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness [2]. More specifically, he is one of the 4 crown princes of hell taking command of the North Crown [1]. He is said to embody the animalistic and carnal urges of humanity. He is able to induce any person into sin, especially of the sexual kind [1]. He gives excellent familiars and can delegate senatorships [6]. The Enn Pronunciation of his name is Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial [3]. Upon summoning, he must be offered sacrifices and gifts or else he will not obey the conjuror.

Belial is said to be the true ruler of this earthly world. He is said to have presented himself before King Solomon and danced upon evocation from the brass vessel [7]. This is within the Das Buch Belial by Jacobus de Terano. This text implies his manifestation as tow angels atop a flaming chariot [7].

He is described as being of slender build with platinum blonde hair. He is also said to have dark features and a visage like a viper [5]. His countenance is described as frightening although other texts, such as the aforementioned, suggest that he appears in the form of two beautiful angels standing atop a flaming chariot [5]. His voice is also said to be comely within this text alluding to his relatively higher order among the angels.


This demon is able to grant titles and presentations – this is his office. In this regard, he can be put to great use in the present day through assisting with job promotions [4].

The 72 Demons Evoked by King Solomon

The 72 Demons Evoked by King Solomon: A woodcarving of Belial and some of his followers from Jacobus de Teramo’s book en:Buch Belial (1473)

He is also able to attract favor on the part of the conjuror – another especially useful attribute in the present day [4]. He is also able to reconcile friends and enemies and induce friendly sentiments.


He is able to provide familiar spirits to aid the conjuror in their other workings [6]. These are described as lesser spirits which function as quasi-servants to the conjuror.

devil possesion

He is perceived as the tempter of mankind and can only be compelled to tell the truth under the threat of divine names [5].


It is noteworthy that there are various depictions of his manifestations as explained above. More specifically, he is said to manifest as a man of slender build and a frightening countenance [4]. His face is said to be akin to that of a viper and his hair is platinum blonde.

Other texts portray him as manifesting as two fair angels riding atop a burning chariot. In this form, his voice is said to be somewhat comely [10]. The Pseudomonarchia Daemonus describes Belial as a solitary angel standing atop a flaming chariot whilst other texts portray him as an exorcist bound by spirits [5].


  • Summoning of this demon takes a decidedly different approach from several other Goetic Demons and it requires much concentration on the part of the conjuror. This is especially important considering the might of this demon.
  • A clean place, void of disturbances is required as well as the scrying mirror, incense, and Belial’s sigil which must be conspicuous.
  • The conjuror then prepares physically, emotionally and psychologically to merge energies with this spiritual entity [8]. It is important to relax and for this reason I recommend meditation for connecting to the Higher Power.
  • Four candles should be placed in each of the four cardinal points to depict the following: North is for Belial and earth, east is for Lucifer and air, south is for Flereous and fire, and west is for Leviathan and water [8].
  • One should invoke the energies of the different elements (earth, air, water, and fire). This is done by gesturing alternately at the four cardinal directions whilst reciting the Enns of both Belial and Lucifer – Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial and Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer respectively [8]. These are repeated at least 3 times.
  • The fifth element – the spirit – is invoked and is predominantly a preserve for Satan [8]. It is done while gesticulating at the center.
  • The demon Belial then manifests within the scrying mirror or incense smoke allowing the conjuror to introduce them and make a request.
  • Upon completion of the evocation, the conjuror must provide offerings and gifts to Belial as part of the bargain before the demon can be dismissed respectfully.

working with demons


  • Belial is one of the Kings of Hell and is considered second in command to Lucifer. In some texts, he has even been hailed as the devil himself.
  • This demon can provide familiar spirits to the conjuror which aid in the performing of other rituals [6].
  • He is regarded as the embodiment of human sin and can induce any sinful sentiment within a human being [9]. More specifically, he can be made to induce sexual acts out of other human beings by the conjuror.
  • He can also reconcile foes and make them friends in addition to distributing titles and promotions to his adherents.


It is worth noting that Belial is one of the most powerful of demons – ranked only second to Lucifer within the reckoning. In this regard, summoning such a demon should be left to experienced conjurors only.

It is also noteworthy that this demon has a frightening countenance as stated within other text. This could be somewhat unsettling to new / inexperienced conjurors as well. It is thus advisable to leave any attempts at conjuring this spirit to more seasoned individuals.

Another important point is that this demon requires offerings and gifts in order to bend to the will of the conjuror. The demon is also inherently untruthful and must be compelled to tell the truth under threat of divine names.


Michelle Bellanger. The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned, 2000 “Because of the way his name is treated in the Old Testament, there is some debate about whether Belial was intended as a proper name at all…” p.68
Lesser Key of Solomon The 68th spirit is called Belial, he is a mighty king and powerfull; he was Created next after Lucifer, & is of his order; he appeareth in the form of a Beautiful angel sitting in a Chariot of fire, speaking with a comely voice, declaring that he fell first & amongst the worthier & wiser sort which went before Michael & other heavenly angels; his office is to distribute preferences of senatorships, and to cause favor of friends & foes, he giveth Excellent familiars & governeth 80 Legions of spirits. Note this king Belial must have offerings sacrifices & gifts presented to him, by the Exorcist or else he will not give true answers to his demands; But then he Tarryeth [will tarry] not one hour in the truth except [unless] he be constrained by divine power & his seal is thus which  is to be worn as a Lamin, before the Exorcist.



I cling unto the burning Aethyr like Lucifer that fell through the Abyss, and by the fury of his flight kindled the air.

And I am Belial, for having seen the Rose upon thy breast, I have denied God.

And I am Satan! I am Satan! I am cast out upon a burning crag! And the sea boils about the desolation thereof. And already the vultures gather, and feast upon my flesh.

Yea! Before thee all the most holy is profane, O thou desolator of shrines! O thou falsifier of the oracles of truth!

Ever as I went, hath it been thus. The truth of the profane was the falsehood of the Neophyte, and the truth of the Neophyte was the falsehood of the Zelator!

Again and again the fortress must be battered down! Again and again the pylon must be overthrown! Again and again must the gods be desecrated!

— Aleister Crowley

The Vision and the Voice



The demon Belial appearing with his entourage of four lesser demons before King Solomon.

From Jacobus de Teramo’s Das Buch Belial, printed at Augsburg, 1473


Source: JOS

  • Zodiac Position: 5- 9 degrees of Pisces
  • Strongest: February 24th- 29th
  • Tarot Card: 8 of Cups
  • Planet: Jupiter / Neptune
  • Candle Color: Orange
  • Plant: Mullein
  • Metal: Tin / Neptunium
  • Element: Water** (I say Belial is an Earth Element – BWS)
  • Rank: King
  • Belial is a night demon commanding an estimated 80 legions of lesser demons and is the infernal ambassador to Turkey


Lerajie – this demon has the ability to eliminate rivalries, somewhat akin to reconciliation

Gamori – this demon presides over prostitution and other forms of perverted love

Furfur – this demon induces love between two people

Raum – this demon has power over passion and love

Gaap – this demon incites either hate or love

Sytry – this demon evokes sentiments of love among humans

Eligor – this demon has the power to attract favor on the part of the conjuror

Vual – this demon can cause women to be attracted to men

Amon – this demon induces feelings of love among women


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