The 72 Demons Evoked by King Solomon

The 72 Demons Evoked by King Solomon: A woodcarving of Belial and some of his followers from Jacobus de Teramo’s book en:Buch Belial (1473)

Basic Rite To Belial

You Will Need:


  1. The Altar must face the North most point of the ritual chamber.
  2. A candle is set at each elemental point.
  3. The elemental demons are invoked by use of the enns with the dagger. Lucifer first and working clockwise leaving Belial for last.
  4. An incense of patchouli and mullein invokes atmosphere.

Light the candles from Lucifer to Belial . Then – Carrying a bowl of sand in one hand and a dagger in the other (doesn’t matter which) approach each point and kneel reciting the enn for Belial and dip the dagger into the sand and sprinkle it at each point. (If you have carpet in your ritual chamber, place a bowl at each point and let the sand fall into each bowl) Finally, invite the fifth element from the center of the ritual space.

Kneel at the altar in prayer:

“We pray thee Belial , bestow upon us the strength of your design.

Give us the gift of stability.

To start the new year free of past stalemates.

Allow our thoughts and actions to be our protection.

Be present that we shall not faltar in our decisions.

We are as the stable earth.

We humbly pay homage to thee in our offer of earth that you may know our respect for your vast strength.

We offer requests of new beginnings, strength, and mundane matters that we may employ your creation to do so.

Hail Belial .

Lord and Master of Earth.”

Then comes the typical ritual body in which requests of new beginnings, strength, and mundane matters are burned within the altar or primary ritual space fire. (i.e. a bowl, incense burner, or bonfire.) Use the remaining sand to smother the fire once the requests have been burnt.

The ashes must be crushed to a fine powder and later buried.

The ritual is closed as thus:

“Hail Belial .

Lord and Master of Earth.

We thank thee for being present at our ritual.

We bid you, go in peace.”

Close the ritual as normal.

If practicing solitary – change all “we” to “I” Also – the prayer can be done with a single candle if you lack the space, time, or supplies to do a drawn out ritual.

Rite of S. Connolly

Source: Modern Demonolatry


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 Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial


 Lord Belial brings us stability and knowledge. He is the strength of education and the pillar of senses. Through him we are encouraged to explore the world through sensation and pleasure. We are asked to discover. For this we have been truly blessed. Hail our Lord Belial. Lord of Earth.


Lord Belial, hear me. Blessed in your name, I pray please keep me safe.

Henceforth I vow my everlasting devotion and love. So be it.