What to remember

  1. Choose your candle type according to the spell purpose
  2. Candles used for magic should always be virgin (unused) at the start of the working, unless you have deliberately cleared them of past influences. Using candles that have been previously lit can have a detrimental effect on your spell. They may have picked up influences from previous use.
  1. Charge your candle before using it. This can be done by anointing it with oils associated with the magic you intend on performing, or by simply touching it and filling it with your own energy.
  1. The oils used in the anointing of your candle should, where possible, always be natural fragrances.
  2. To charge the candle with oil:
    • smooth from top to bottom when drawing energy toward you
    • bottom to top when sending energy outwards.
    • When anointing candles for altar use, anoint from the middle to the top and from the middle to the bottom to signify the union of spiritual and physical realms.
  3. Making your own candles:  It is relatively easy to make your own candles: simply heat the wax until it is liquid and pour into a mould which is threaded with a wick. The wax should now be left to cool, after which the mould can be removed. Oils and colors can be added for extra potency.
  4. Extinguishing a flame: Use your thumb and index finger to put out the wick, or use a candle snuffer, a plate, — magical or spiritual candles are never blown out.
  5. Disposal of Candle Wax: If the formula you are using dictates the proper disposal of wax remains, follow the instructions. If not, when the spell is of a positive nature discreetly bury the remains in your yard. If you don’t have a yard wrap in a white paper napkin and place in the trash receptacle. If the spell is of a negative nature take the remains away from where you or people you love reside in addition to your place of employment and bury or throw into a dumpster and do not look back.