General Explanation

The candle exploding

Candle interpretation is not only the flame but sometimes the candle may explode. There are many ways to interrupt a candle exploding; the first is that the candle just protected you from a spiritual attack or a large amount of negative energy was sent your way. The candle exploding can also mean that the person that you’re burning the candle for or against is being protected.

The Candle will not burn.

If the candle is being used in any negative way then it means that your using the wrong candle and a different spell must be utilized. If the candle is being used for a positive reason then it means that you have to clean yourself spiritually to remove internal negative energy.

The Candle has a sizeable flame.

You will see very fast results weather it is a negative burn or positive

The candle has a very low burn.

If for a positive reason, you must clean yourself spiritually of negativity. If for a negative reason, the person or thing is under protection and you should burn a different type of candle to counter.

The candle glass turns black.

When your candle burn down low, if the glass does turn black then you need to stop clean yourself and the environment and burn a reversible candle. It means that a spell has been direct towards you

The top of the candle burns black.

You came up against resistance but now it is working

The bottom of the candle turns black

If for positive negativity was sent to you. If for a negative burn the person is aware of what your doing and is trying to counter burn a reversible candle.

The candle burns on one side.

It means that the spell be moderately effective. You need to change the candle and/or the candle dressing.

The candle glass cracks.

If for a positive reason then the candle has broken the negativity. This can also mean someone is coming against you or laying in secret. If being used for a negative burn it means that the protection of the person has been broken.

The candle flame crackles.

If for a negative spell it means that, someone is planning against you and talking about it. If for a positive spell, it means that the person is thinking of you.

The candle has multiple flames

The center flame is you; the ones that are not center are enemies when you are doing a positive spell. If a negative spell it means that the person is being helped. If the flame is flickering, it means that spirits are around.

The top of the candle including the wick is on fire

Means that the spell is working but being fought off by guardian spirits. The spell is usually successful.

The candle flame goes out

If the candle is for a position reason then it means that a spell was directed your way. You need a more powerful candle. If for a negative propos then the spirit of the person was able to fight the spell off and you need to change your candle.

You should never put a candle out if it is not for money or success. If the candle is put out the spell will not work. If this is a negative spell then the person who the spell is against will have time to reverse the spell back onto you.

If you need to put a candle out use a candlesnuffer so that the flame goes out naturally. If the candle relights itself then it mean that your spirits do not want you to stop and something good or bad is heading your way.

If your 7-day candle burns faster or burns out before seven days then it means that the spell is working fast and you should light another candle

Reading Freestanding Candles

The way a candle unfolds or deconstructs as it melts can be very significant. It is wonderful when the candle seems to collapse outward or unfold like a flower. I consider that to be a sign that your wish will be granted. It represents possibilities and paths opening for you. A candle that is too lopsided in one direction or another universally means that you are dealing with a situation that is way out of balance. If the flame is buried by the wax, to me that is often a sign that the wish will not be granted. If they do burn cleanly and leave no trace other than a circle and a bit of charred wick, then the spell worked very well indeed. Flat smooth wax puddles means the spell worked well.


A free-standing candle runs and melts a lot while burning:

This gives you an opportunity to observe the flow of wax for signs. For instance, if you are burning a bride-and-groom type candle for love, and the man’s wax runs all over the woman’s, then the man desires the woman more than she desires him.

If you are burning an abundance or prosperity candle and the wax melts and runs down onto the monetary offering, the spell is working well and the candle is blessing the money.

Some people try to intentionally influence the way melting wax runs with the intention of increasing the likelihood that things will go favorably for them. Most practioners allow nature to take its course and watch running wax for signs, without interfering in its movements.

A free-standing candle burns down to a puddle of wax:

When this happens, examine the shape of the wax for a sign. You may see something of significance there, for the shape may suggest an outcome regarding present or future matters.

Wax puddles come in all kinds of shapes; most candle-workers treat them like tea-leaves when they interpret them.

There is much lore in the Mexican tradition regarding the wax remains – they leave messages such as: long serpent-like strings indicating evil intent being neutralized and probably a repeat spell is required.

  • Heart shaped wax puddles of positive when working love spells.
  • A Coffin shaped puddle indicates success when burning a candle against a nemisis.
  • Flat wavy papery remains usually with two claw-like projections are read as scorpions which mean malicious gossip and back biting that is being neutralized. Repeat the spell until wax burns clean.
  • Twisted pillars of wax, bizarre shapes or monsters is read as turbulence and further healing is required.
  • Wax remains in the shape of sex organs usually means some sort of infidelity or a venereal disease.
  • A hooded figure means the “Santa Muerte” Holy Death has been invoked and requires a further ritual to neutralize this.
  • Shapes of animals, cats, goats, domestic animals and fowls can mean that an animal sacrifice took place to strengthen a spell against you. A further ritual is called for to neutralize the spell (the source, usually Santería or Palo Mayombe). Many make or buy tallow candles for uncrossing and unhexing spells. On a positive note, it could be an animal spirit that is close to you.

A free-standing candle lets out a lot of smoke but burns clean at the end:

Signifies hidden trouble or someone working against your wishes. Things will not go well at first, but with repeated work you will overcome.