Types of Basic Candles

  • TABLE The most easily available candle, they are ideal for many of the spells. They usually burn for between six to eight hours and do need to be properly seated in suitable candlesticks. All colors can be used, but they should not be dipped, except in exceptional circumstances, and should be of the best quality possible. It is sensible to keep a ready supply at hand.
  • PILLAR This is a free-standing candle. It is usually in the shape of a simple pillar, although it can sometimes be made in other shapes which can be used as part of the spell, i.e. heart shapes for love spells. This type of candle is best burned on a flat holder since it usually takes some time to burn out.
  • TAPER candles are tall and thin and need a particularly stable candle holder. They are either made in a mould, or by the traditional method of dipping a length of wick into hot molten white or colored wax. For magical purposes they should be colored all the way through. They can often be used when a quick result is required. Because they are quite fragile, you need to be careful not to break them when anointing them.

Candle Sizes

  • 3″ Candles
    • Normally seen in Thailand Temples
    • Great for casting spells that take 15 mins to 1 hour
    • Used for offerings etc
  • 4″ Candles
    • Great for use with honey jars, bottle spells, and altar candles etc
    • Easy to dress with oils or to roll in an herb mix.
  • 6″ Candles
    • Used for candle magick spells and rituals
  • 9″ Candles
      Used for longer rituals or multi day spellsPopular size with multi action candlesReversing candles are 9″ long jumbo candles that consist of a red core and a black outer layer. The red shows through only at the tip. These candles are only found in red and black, and they are a very old style, still quite popular for reversing enemy work, breaking tricks, and uncrossing crossed conditions.

Double action candles are 9″ long jumbo candles that have been poured in two stages, so that they are half black and half another color, according the usual color symbolism of candles — red for love, green for money, white for peace and spiritual blessings. They are used to reverse troubles back to the person who sent them and are called “double action” because they both repel jinxes and crossed conditions and attract what is desired in the way of happiness and luck. The name of one’s enemy is carved backwards in the black half and one’s own name is carved normally in the colored portion. One or more candle dressing hoodoo oils to reverse bad luck back to the enemy is applied to the black end, stroking away from oneself, and a dressing oil to draw what one wants is applied to the colored half, stroking toward oneself.

Glass Encased Candles

  • Glass containers make it easy to pour two-, three-, and even seven-layer candles — which led to the development of multi-color symbolism.

Method of Use:

The pin or needle measuring technique, cannot be used on glass encased candles, so timed burning or measuring the glass into sections with a marking-pen has taken the place of needles or pins among people who prefer the glass encased candles. This serves to weaken the practitioner’s involvement in the spell, however, because there are no pins or needles left over to make the crosses and double crosses prescribed in the older workings. A glass encased candle spell therefore takes on a slightly “ritual” or “religious” tone, in that one’s desires and wishes are expected to do the work alone, as contrasted to an offertory candle spell, in which the manipulation of magical objects — candle, flame, paper, herbs, and needles or pins — is integral to doing the job.

The practice of dressing candles with anointing oils and magic herbs had to be modified considerably to accommodate the new 7-day vigil candles. Since the sides of a glass encased candle cannot be rubbed, it is now customary for the retailer rather than the user to dress the candle. This is done by poking holes into the top of the candle with a nail (preferably a coffin nail) and then dripping an appropriate anointing oil and magic herbs into these holes, sometimes finishing off the top with symbolically colored glitter.

This technique leaves the customer in danger of spilling the dressing oil while carrying the candle home, so in many stores the dressed candle is covered with a plastic sandwich bag or cling wrap, held in place by a rubber band.

Probably the most popular of the multi-color glass encased 7-day vigil candles is the red-and-black Reversible candle for returning evil to the one who sent it.

VOTIVE candles

…..are specially designed as offerings to carry prayers to whichever deity you honor. These candles come in an assortment of symbolic colors and they will fit in most sizes of glass or ceramic votive candle holders or can be used as free-standing “stubbies”, which will make for a shorter burn time.

  • A typical votive light is 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.
  • They are designed to be long burning, usually between one to seven days. When in a holder, such a candle may burn for 10 – 15 hours.
  • Tea light candles are also votive candles

Tea Lights are very small votive candles poured into aluminum cups; originally designed to be used at the table to keep foods and drinks warm (hence the name “tea light”), they make great refills for glass votive candle holders, are extremely economical, and are relatively safe to burn. Their small size is also an advantage for busy people who wish to do continuing candle magic on successive days without leaving large candles unattended. Depending on their size, they usually burn for approximately four hours.

Methods of Use:

You can ask a favor of a deity, saint, or spirit by using a votive candle

  • When votive candles are employed as offerings, the petition is made silently and the burning of a certain number of candles with the patron saint’s picture on them in a church where all may see and recognize the patron saint’s efficacy is a typical offering that is promised or vowed should the petition be granted.
  • When employed as inducements, votive candles are burned during the course of making the petition. For instance, a petitioner may be awaiting a court case hearing in nine days, and will burn votive candles for the entire length of time as an inducement for a patron saint to hear his plea for help, all the while promising an additional offering, such as flowers, more candles, publication of the saint’s name in the newspaper, or a donation to a charitable organization, if the court case has a successful outcome.[/box]

skull candle

Black Skull Candle

Figural candles or Human Shaped Candles

….are preferred by many practitioners when working unusual or extremely strong spells, because their visual symbolism is easy to see and by carving names or other features in them, they can be personalized to represent individuals.

The most popular are:

  • “Skull Candle” — black for meditation on death or for gambler’s luck.
  • “Seven Knob Wishing Candle” (flattened spheres stacked seven-high) — burned on seven days, for seven different wishes or for seven-fold strength on the same wish — white for healing, black to do evil, green for money spells, red for love spells.
  • “Black Cat” — black for gambler’s luck.
  • “Bride and Groom” (man and woman side by side with two wicks) — red for passion, pink for reconciliation, white to attract new love or sanctify married fidelity, black to cause harm or damage to a couple, blue for peace in the home.
  • “Lovers” (nude embracing couple) — red for sexual passion, white for new love.
    “Divorce candle” (man and woman back to back with one candle wick between) — black, to cause a couple to separate.
  • “Lady” (a clothed female figure) and “Gentleman” (a clothed male figure) often used when performing spells related to job, school, or career — white to meet someone new; pink for reconciliation or friendship; red to foster love; blue for peacefulness, health, or peace on the job; black for harm or revenge.
  • “Adam” (a nude male figure) and “Eve” (a nude female figure) — white to meet someone new, pink and red for love spells, blue for peacefulness at home or to bring about faithfulness, black for harm or revenge.
  • “Adam and Eve” (a nude couple) used for drawing an ideal love — green for prosperity, pink and red for love spells.
  • Penis and Vulva (Vagina candle) — relating to the sexual behavior; white to attract a new sex partner and to purify the genital organs, pink for romantic sex or to turn a friend into a lover, red to induce lust and passion, blue to bring fidelity or limit their sexual interest to the practitioner only or to bring healing to the genital organs, black to control a person’s ability to perform.
  • “Cross” or “Crucifix” candles: keys and a book on a flaming cross (“Master Key Crucifix Candle”) or four-leaf clover on a cross (“Lucky Clover Crucifix Candle”) — white for spiritual purity and insight, black for personal power and conjure work, brown for court cases and legal matters, green for money spells, red for love spells, orange for change, yellow for devotion, pink for romance.
  • “Devil” — red for commanding lust and sex, green for collecting money owed or for gambler’s luck, black for doing harm to an enemy.
  • “Baphomet” or “Sabbatic Goat Candle” — red for lust spells, black for worship of bestial or Satanic forces.
  • “Master Hand Candle” (hand holding a pillar candle) — burned to gain control over a situation. Green and yellow for control over finances, pink and red for control over love situations, blue and white for healing and blessing spells.
  • “Eye in Pyramid Candle” burned for money spells such as money drawing..

black vagina candle

Vagina candle