The word Talisman is derived from the Greek word telco, which means to consecrate. It is the consecration that gives a talisman its magical powers. A Talisman is magically charged the point of conception, but also from time to time by the user.

The difference between an amulet and a talisman is that an amulet is more general purpose e.g.such as attracting good luck or General protection,, and a Talisman is prepared for a definite reason.

Talisman is prepared with the universal forces that is there to work in conjunction with the purpose of the Talisman. These forces are normally spiritual, planetary or elemental forces. This is why the construction of a Talisman is extremely important  – as every Word, symbol, and even colour, has significant meaning, and attachment to a higher Energy source. The owner of a Talisman is essentially, connecting to this Energy source.

Charging the Talisman is essential to ensure the user stays connected the purpose of the Talisman.

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