Protection Talismans – 5 Unique Amulets with chains



  • 4 x SILVER PLATED CHAINS (Value $16)




5  powerful tailsmans.

  1. Healing Power amulet
    •  This amulet is empowered with the intent to aid in rapid healing
  2. Gnostic Amulet
    • Engraved with Gnostic symbols, this is intended to provide blessings of love, health, strength, wealth and protection
  3. Divine Protection
    • Taking the form of an interwoven pentagram encircled in the word “Tetragrammaton”, the Greek word for YHWH, the Hebrew name for God.
  4. Protect from Accidents amulet
    •  Intended to help protect you from the unwelcome forces of the world, this amulet seeks to destroy them before they reach you
  5. Arch Angel Amulet
    • Engraved along its outer edge in Enochian script that reads “Before me, behind me, to my right and to my left, I am surrounded by protection,”
Beautiful! I bought this for my husband before he was deployed to Iraq and made him promise to carry it with him always. Now that hes home he puts it into the liner of his vest body armor that he wears to work. Not a scratch on him. : That was 5 years ago and the piece is still beautiful and in excellent condition even after spending a year in nothing but sand. Ive never been disappointed with anything Ive bought here! – Caryn, TN – Arch Angel Amulet[/box]


  • 4 x silver chains are silver plated, not sterling silver.

Wonderful gift! A friend gave me this as a gift. And just receiving it makes a person feel better. Well crafted and comfortable, I will be wearing this a lot! – Case, WA
I love your Amulets and the detail they have. Great prices as well. Thank you for offering such wonderful Items. Mandi Leighs

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Additional information

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Made in USA.
4 x Black Cords

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