Blood Magick


The author has spent over twenty-five years experimenting and practicing the mechanics and physics of Blood Sorcery. The result is this manual, offered to those who are not afraid to work Dark Sorcery to create the world they envision for themselves.

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A grimoire to some, an anarchist’s cookbook of Blood Sorcery and Necromancy to others, the Blood Sorcery Bible is the first book of its kind to openly discuss the intricacies of Blood Sorcery from the science of self-vivisection to the combination of sexual fluids and magnetics.

If you are looking for a fairy tale about wizardry or if you are seeking a deity from which to seek permission, this is not the book for you. On the other hand, if you desire to dip into the pot with your Left Hand and manipulate situations to your benefit, this is your Bible!

  • 176 pages
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This book is not theistic and surprisingly not satanic at all. This is left hand path sorcery work using anatomy and self-vivisection, and interaction with dead souls and demons.

To be honest i have asked myself many times if this work is really for me. It is unlike anything i have ever read before and requires much more commitment than any other work i’ve come across. The work demands a heavy price.

This book has four different parts to it mixed in together; each one could easily have filled a book of its own.

One part touches on mindset and the resolve needed to do this work. These sections show how important a Nietzschean will to power is to this type of work.

One part touches on blood sorcery and self-vivisection used in sorcery rites of many kinds. To do this work, a phlebotomist is needed for some rites. Access to scalpels and needles as well as vials and refrigeration units is important. It touches on sexual blood sorcery and blood divination on flat surfaces.

One part touches on necromancy as a way of life and death: the credo and 21 day rite of announcement, sleeping with the dead as a bond-builder, corporeal necromancy, opening temporary and eternal portals to the disincarnate. To do this work access to mausoleums and cemeteries is important, and a nocturnal lifestyle is assumed.

One part touches on demonworks, describing the difference between deads and demons. A few rites are given for working with demons. Much information is given for interacting with disincarnates and important safety measures are given. Further information on the demonworks will be found in the Stygian manual, which is the followup to this grimoire.

I’ve done a couple of the lighter sorcery events in this book already. They have taught me things – in many ways the things i have learned are beyond words. I have yet to scratch the surface here yet many would say i’ve already gone too far. Such is the depth of this work.

This work is not for everyone. Cutting yourself open should be as routine as peeling an orange if you want to get anywhere in this kind of work. This sorcery has no mercy whatsoever, it is designed only to do the job.

Having said that, this work is top notch. It works like a charm. In fact it might be too effective.

In a world where many magical books underwhelm this one might be a little too much to handle.

There is no guarantee that this work is safe if you are not careful, in fact little guarantee even if you are careful. Proceed with caution.

With all that said, the sorcery works VERY well.

5 stars.

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