Haitian Voodoo Magick Course

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In The Complete Vodoun Magick, you will learn:

  • The most fiercely guarded Rites of Initiation by the Loa
  • How to undergo possession with the Loa for ecstatic visionary experiences
  • The Magick Formulas behind the most powerful Voodoo curses, spells & powders
  • How to fashion altars, idols & talismans to harness the hottest energies of the Loa
  • Uncensored knowledge and in-depth exploration of Vodoun Magick

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Finally… YOU Can Learn The Fiercely Guarded Secrets Of Initiation Into Vodoun Magick And Harness The Godlike Power Of The Loa…

Source: EA Koetting

In The Complete Vodoun Magick, you will learn:

  • The most fiercely guarded Rites of Initiation by the Loa
  • How to undergo possession with the Loa for ecstatic visionary experiences
  • The Magick Formulas behind the most powerful Voodoo curses, spells & powders
  • How to fashion altars, idols & talismans to harness the hottest energies of the Loa
  • Uncensored knowledge and in-depth exploration of Vodoun Magick

Program Fee:

    • The Spider & Green Butterfly (Standard)
    • Haitian Vodoun Pathworking video program
    • 27% off together for a short time

About 8 years ago a Vodouist discovered my grimoires of black magick. He reached out to counsel me in Vodoun Magick.

One day he told me simply to “Find Legba” then hung up the telephone abruptly.

I strapped on my backpack and hiked into the sweltering heat of the desert—alone and off the grid of civilization—day in and day out for months.

Rite after rite after rite, the Loa possessed me more and more forcefully until eventually they would take over my will. I would black out as they animated my body then wake up face down in the sand hours later with blistering sunburn.

I found Legba all by myself, which means I underwent the REALEST Initiation.

The Vodouist authenticated my experiences and the Houngans in Haiti insisted that I compile my magick into a Western-style grimoire. Tragically, they demanded that we insert blinds into critical parts of the text in order to deceive unsuspecting magicians—a sad, unethical fact that I have always hated badly, because it contradicts the premise of the grimoire in the first place. Moreover, they threatened to murder me if I ever confessed this. Like a fool, I obeyed and pledged a vow of secrecy under their duress.

For these reasons, I feel 100% justified in my right to break the oath and do as I please with my magick.

Save 18 Years And $30,000 With The First Complete Grimoire & Live Demonstration Of The Most Powerful Rituals, Initiations, Spells, Curses, Altars, Talismans, Powders, And More

1. The Spider & The Green Butterfly

I revised, updated, and corrected this sold out grimoire into a second edition. The great Polish sorceress Asenath Mason illustrated the Veves and Uruguayan artist Adrián Fuentes illustrated the Loa in their human embodiments. No truly uncensored Voodoo grimoire penned by a real sorcerer has ever existed before this one.

Introduction Front
Knowing the Path Ch. 1
Making Way for the Spirits Ch. 2
Walking With the Spirits Ch. 3
A Religion of Worship Ch. 4
The Power of the Signs Ch. 5
Speaking With the Spirits Ch. 6
Powerful Concoctions Ch. 7
Vodoun Mind Manipulation Ch. 8
Vodoun Rising Ch. 9
Veves App. 1
Dialogue With a Santero App. 2

2. Haitian Vodoun Pathworking

Believe it or not, I rank this live ritual pathworking on film as more important than the book! It shows step-by-step how to perform every critical rite and spell in painstaking detail. It gives you full immersion into the Voodoo Current over 8 hours.

Backwards Initiation Episode 1
On the Threshold Episode 2
Initiations Episode 3
Love & War Episode 4
Floodgates Episode 5
Beneath the Waters Episode 6
The Black Flame Episode 7
The Black King Episode 8
Lords of Death Episode 9

You Can Only Learn This Secret Sorcery HERE Because Everyone Else Is Still Too Chicken Shit To Divulge It

The priesthood threatens to murder anyone who could potentially reveal the secrets behind their religion. It explains how they have remained clandestine for so long. As I said, they claimed they would kill me. This terrorism is not new or unique to them though—all hyper-tribalistic religions do this.

As sorcerers, we do not care about the Religion or Priesthood… we care about the Magick and the People!

Am I the only man on Earth who possesses the courage to innovate this Magick Current? If so, then I will do it by myself.

Oh my god! What if the priesthood attacks me?

Oh my god! What if the priesthood hates me?

Oh my god! A white guy performs Vodoun?

A houngan called me a white devil once. I considered it the highest honor as I have been in league with the devil and demons my entire life. For him to identify a freedom fighter like me as his worst enemy only further justifies our mission to liberate this knowledge.

You may wonder why I care so deeply about this freedom of information

The Loa Have Become An Endangered Species… The Houngans Are Slowly Killing Them Off And We Need To Save Them

The Loa will tell you that they manifested into existence for two reasons:

  1. Help humanity to ascend.
  2. Defend the order of the universe.

Originally, when they forged a relationship with humanity, they had aspired to transmit an enlightened message of personal freedom and power. However, primitive men and women formed a religion around them, an elitist political priesthood took over the tribe, and it has held a monopoly on the magick ever since.

I abolish that tradition right now. We give the power back to both the Loa and the People so they can ascend together again.

Priesthood be damned!

Perhaps occultism helped carry knowledge forward hundreds of years ago, but that outdated tradition only interferes with the open circulation of knowledge today. The same secrecy they once used to preserve the Loa, now does the worst harm to the Loa. Religious hierarchy has become regressive.


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The Spider & The Green Butterfly 2nd edition, individually numbered, green leather, gold foil, black ribbon bookmark, 217 pages
Vodoun Magick Mastery 8-hour video program in high definition
Papa Legba’s Crossroads Ritual Personalized ritual for hire
Grimoire Guard Jewelry bag to preserve mint condition
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If you would like to STRENGTHEN the relationship between the Loa and Humanity…

If you would like to HELP the Loa reconnect with their original mission…

If you would like to HARNESS the most powerful sorcery in this universe…

Then I happily give to you The Spider & The Green Butterfly grimoire AND the Vodoun Magick Mastery video program AND Papa Legba’s Crossroads Ritual. Join me…


Most Helpful Magician Reviews

Adrián Fuentes“I formed an intimate union with the spirits”

By Adrián Fuentes | Illustrator

It has been quite a wild journey to illustrate the Loa for this Vodoun grimoire. To my peril, I ignored warnings that artwork opens a gateway to the Loa’s Current. Beyond my immediate astonishment, I found true meaning underlying the imagery and formed an intimate union with these spirits. As they say, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

Asenath Mason“It will serve as a guide for beginners & experienced”

By Asenath Mason | Author & Magician

The Spider & The Green Butterfly is a truly fascinating book, both visually and in its content, forming a powerful expression of gnosis that for a long time has been available only to few and is now given to anyone with a sincere desire to learn from the Loa themselves. It will serve as a guide both to a beginner and a more experienced practitioner, overthrowing taboos and challenging the reader to delve into the darkest mysteries of this forbidden path of initiation. I’m honored to be a part of this amazing book with my artwork, and I’m sure that many will profit from the simple but powerful methods and techniques included in this unique grimoire.
S. Ben Qayin“Practical and powerful”By S. Ben Qayin | Author & Magician
E.A. Koetting’s work within The Spider and The Green Butterfly  immediately takes hold of the sorcerer and reveals to them an amazingly powerful realm of magic, only few have dared witness. The Vodoun system EA lays out in this grimoire, is practical and powerful in its theory and application.
Kurtis Joseph“Presents the working processes of Vodoun sorcery”By Kurtis Joseph | Author & Magician
The information within The Spider & the Green Butterfly presents the working processes of Vodoun sorcery without the religious walls that prevent access to the power. This is the main reason for the current controversy regarding this work. Voudon has been veiled with lies which have been fed by the media to prevent anyone from harnessing the efficiency of this current. Now the information is being released by one of the world’s most powerful sorcerers to date, and the power will indeed be usurped by all who would dare open this book to apply the principles presented within it.
Timothy Donaghue“Utterly priceless”By Timothy | Co-founder of BALG
I personally entered the Voodoo Current through The Spider. This Loa grimoire retains the authentic style of the Haitian Vodoun religion, but E.A. interprets the magick behind it as a contemporary, postmodern sorcerer. In other words, he formulates the most pragmatic pathworking of magick for the real world, and eliminates any unnecessary anachronisms. If you love The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting, then this particular grimoire remains utterly priceless for your collection.
Disclaimer: personal success depends on your work ethic, so results will vary. Consider this adult knowledge, and not legal or medical advice. Use this information at your own risk. If you experience any problems, contact a licensed psychologist or doctor.

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