Moon Oracle Reading



Triple Moon Spread

Past, Present and Future are represented in this spread by Mother, Maiden and Crone.

We will draw the cards from these 52 beautiful moon cards

The cards consist of:

  • 28 moon phase cards – one for every phase of the moon
  • 16 moondala cards – each “represent each full moon and other powerful moon phenomenon”
  • 12 Zodiac moondala cards  – The phase of the moon by zodiac

As a Lunar Mystic, I am in tune with the moon – I marinade in moonbeams, drawing down sacred wisdom shared by lunar deities, to illuminate my readings. They guide me to select and explain the cards chosen.

You will pick a topic, and the cards will enlighten your past, present or future in this area. You can ask questions like:

  • “What’s going on in my love life?”
  • “Why is there tension at work?”
  • “Is there a problem with xxx I should be aware of?”


Moon Card Readings with Blonde Gypsy

These beautiful Spirit de la Lune Cards illuminate the ebb and flow of energy and emotion we navigate in our life and channel the wisdom that moon goddess’ our for mothers’ knew.


Do you have a question? Ask Blonde Gypsy via email

Lunar Mystic


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