Teach you a Black Magic or Demonic Ritual


Do you need a personalized Black Magick or Demonic ritual written specifically for you?



A Black Magick or Demonic ritual written specifically for you

I can teach you:

  • how to prepare the ritual from start to finish
  •  an extensive, personalized spell of adept strength
  • an example ritual to demonstrate
  • I will give you a very long lesson in background information and the history
    • I will teach you how to do a group ritual


Who does this spell?

  • Black Witch Savannah
  • BWC Left Hand Path Practitioners if teach you a group ritual is requested

How long does it take to do?

  • We will collect the information from you first and then hand your request to BWS. She will look over your request and may have a few more questions for you. If she doesn’t she will schedule your work in her diary.
  • Once she completes your work, she prepares a long report for you.
  • The process generally takes 7 to 14 days

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