The Official BWC Talisman


The Official BWC Talisman

  • Handmade
  • Sterling Fine Silver
  • 1″ wide (24mm)
  • Each Talisman is logged with BWC
  • Cleansing & Clearing Instructions provided



I received the talisman the other day. It’s absolutely remarkable! There is so much powerful energy packed in there you can feel it before you even touch it!! Thank you again for selecting me. – Christina P. “Winner of the BWC Win a Talisman Competition 2017”

The Official BWC Talisman

Each talisman is handmade when you place your order, from our own cast, by a very spiritual jewelry artist. This item is NOT mass produced. Each BWC talisman is handmade with love and purpose.

This is a powerful magikal implement, not just a piece of jewelry or a charm pendant.

— Blonde Gypsy, Tarot Reader & Lunar Mystic

The BWC Talisman is an extremely powerful “spell in a charm” created to offer the wearer:

  • Protection
  • Power
  • Success

The exact magick contained in the construction of this magickal talisman cannot be discussed on this open public forum. However, I can say, that this talisman is protected and sealed by powerful spiritual energy. Any occultist will quickly identify the daemon who is overseeing the purpose of this tailsman.

The BWC Talisman absorbs and re-purposes any negative energy, into positive energy – ready for the wearer to use for their own magikal power. This technique is not well known, but well used by successful witches and occultists.

Your talisman is given a personal number in our records, and we share this number with you with instructions on clearing and charging.

I have worked for many years on the spiritual creation of this talisman. The physical design, and subsequent layers of magickal impression into the charm have been a group effort. I couldn’t be happier with the look of our final talisman.

All energy directed at this talisman, works FOR the purpose of the talisman. No longer do I need to do work to secure the BWC sigil from outside interference. The spiritual entities I personally work with ensure the purpose of the talisman is indefinitely sealed. 


The wearer of the BWC Talisman can feel 100% secure with the charms objectives.

The charm not only looks magical but feels magical to wear. Plus it’s so beautiful.

 – Lady Hannah

Talismans work by generating a positive force to achieve their objective. They work like self-charging solar batteries and are constructed in a way which links them with the appropriate planetary force concerned for the intention.


Engraving is an option to your talisman. For an additional $10 you can add either:

  • Engrave your student number on the back of the charm
  • Have the mantra written on the back


  • You will receive the tailsman pendant only. No chain is included
  • You will also receive an email on How to Cleanse and Charge your BWC Talisman


  • If you have requested engraving, allow another 3 to 5 days for the designer to engrave your talisman
  • In the USA, you will receive the talisman with 5 to 8 days, or within 8 to 10 days with engraving.




“Hello Savannah and Coven,
BWC Talisman
I would like to share a picture of my talisman charging on a small and important part of my altar. Not only is the design of the talisman beautiful, I love the energy I feel vibrating off it as I chant Ashtaroth’s Enn “Tasa Alora foren Ashtaroth“. As I chant, I hold the talisman in my hand whilst conducting my cleansing and charging ritual for the talisman so that I gain maximum benefit from it; power, success and protection.
In all honesty, I have noticed people stare at the necklace while I talk to them and they are transfixed on it trying to figure out what it is! But, no one ever asks me “can you tell me what that design is on your necklace?”. Even as I write my testimonial of this wonderful and powerful talisman I can see my blue candle’s flame ‘dancing’ and very large. This blue candle is an offering  I have lit for Ashtaroth while the talisman sits on the altar with my other offerings for the other Daemons.
Working with Daemons is such an adventure and I feel like the best is yet to come.
Dark Blessings to you and the coven for all that you do,

The Official BWC Talisman

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs

If you would like engraving, please give a donation of $10 from the donations page. Allow 3 to 5 extra days.
Also – please say what you would like written. EG – Your personalised Talisman #; The Maxim/Mantra; or something else?


We will send anywhere in the world. FREE shipping in the USA. A $10 fee is for shipping to any other country.

Talisman Only

This product does not come with a neckchain.

Instructions for Cleansing & Charging

Please read these instructions on what to do when you receive your talisman.

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