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This is the first part of the transcript for the Beginners Class, as always, Sorceress Cagliastro’s books are full of empowering knowledge.

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The Science of Sorcery Beginner Course:

Vol I, Blood Sorcery and Directional Sorcery Class Transcripts

The Sorceress Cagliastro

This book can be used by the solo student or can be used in conjunction with classes…. This book can be used as a manual for students who have a desire and requirement to study the Science of Sorcery in the Iron Ring methods as written and taught by THE SORCERESS CAGLIASTRO. It is also quite useful for students who have, or are taking classes with The Sorceress. The Beginner Classes meet once weekly and are useful to those who have decided to explore this manner of work.

A second option is available. LEARN AS YOU LISTEN is now an option. Students receive one recorded class per week to listen for a prescribed period of time. This book can be utilized as a compendium to that option as well.

To teach The Science of Sorcery one must remember that although it is important to stay on topic, there will be overlaps and the work will have to be linked to other aspects of itself while communicating. It is because of this conundrum that I waited many years to teach. Once I came to the very freeing revelation that one must ALLOW for this overlapping, then teaching became possible. To learn this work, as students, you must also realize this. I repeat this exact paragraph later in the work, where these comments, as a reminder, will be helpful to the student….. This book is a Compendium to the BEGINNER COURSE in the IRON RING method of the SCIENCE OF SORCERY. There will be three volumes in this compendium. Volume 2 will contain The Static Practice and the Iron Ring (tentative release date by January 30, 2016) Volume 3 will touch on The Boxes and cover Daemons and the Disincarnate with a short addition covering thoughts on Divination (tentative release date by April 30, 2016)

This is not a novel. This is not a structured text book – it is much more useful than such a thing as it is a set of transcripts from 2 months of live-feed classes during which I have the opportunity to share the information with the vigor of Collective Consciousness with students who have a desire and a requirement to gather and utilize the information. Great learning tools come from this sort of energy.


This book is a compilation of transcripts from the Beginner Course. It is useful as both a compendium to studying in that particular class structure – however it is extraordinarily useful when studying alone. The transcripts allow for the flow of information to be absorbed at the desired pace of the student. The format is welcoming, and includes anecdotal information which is most useful at this point in one’s study. I write these books with larger than average print and plenty of space as the reader is most likely a person who is experiencing revelations and has a requirement to utilize power to their own advantage. That type of person may have an urge to write immediately on this book – scribble notes in the side margins. I formatted this book for that type of student… It is not heavily edited. It is a transcript – moments of passionate teaching – and it is meant to deliver that message to the reader….

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