The mandrake is one of the most mysterious plants known for its numerous extraordinary power and great use in magic. It was appreciated long ago by the alchemists.

The mandrake belongs to the Solanees family. Just like the Henbane and the Belladonna it has a great magical reputation in the world of witches. To possess a mandrake in magic is to possess the joker of the magic plants.

The Hebrews know it by the name of Jobora, and the Chinese call it Gig-Seng. The Germans built figurines or figures with these roots, as it is believed that having these amulets, will give protection and economic abundance to their owners.

This wonderful plant has in it the virtues of a powerful aphrodisiac, and the reputation of treating infertility. This is because of the shape of its roots which strangely resemble a human body with genitals, sometimes male, sometimes female and sometimes the whole mandrake seemed human.


A popular myth about this plant is that all the persons who tried to get it out of the ground, died. To solve this, they carved the earth all around the plant, without tearing it off, and tied a hemp rope around the plant.

The other end of the rope was tied to the neck of a black dog. Then the dog was scared and hit with a whip which made it to run. Then as the dog ran away the mandrake was plucked from its roots. Unfortunately, this operation left the dog dead and the uprooted mandrake was picked up and used for different magic practices.

 Nowadays, to find a mandrake one must first read through a very good book of medicinal plants, in order to recognize its image. Its leaves are very similar to the leaves of an oak and it gives off a very strong smell.

Then once the mandrake is spotted you will have to wait for the night to pick it. Before removing the plant from the ground, you must draw a small magic circle around the plant and let your back be faced to the wind.


To use it in the form of incense, first cut the root into pieces, and dry in the sun. Then it will be very easy for the witch to burn it on small incandescent charcoal pellets, which can be easily obtained from any good esoteric shop.

Mandrake incense can be used mostly for all magic incantations or evocations of spirits because it has the ability to make them appear at night in its smoke.

You can also use this incense to temporarily acquire very powerful magical powers. For that, it is enough to place in the incense some small pieces of its root on a pellet of coal, in the middle of a small saucer. Then bathe your body completely naked in its smoke. This will temporarily increase the energy of your chakra and transform you into a powerful witch for an hour.