The penis candle is a powerful phallic symbol that has various uses within a wide range of rituals that of course include sexual spells and business themes.

Although, this candle might look like some sex toll to the ignorant but plays significant roles in Hoodoo practices to control a man’s sexual activity. The penis candle is often used in spells to curse a rapist.

Good or bad rituals that use the symbolic power of an erect penis are usually very intense. The effectiveness depends on the color, the oil and the herbs used to consecrate it. Also, the intention of the one who does the ritual plays a great role.

The phallus tradition is attributed to the symbolic power of fecundating and activating new beginnings. In antiquity and even today, a phallus placed in the entrance of a house ward off evil spirits. In this post we will explain to you the different uses of these candles in rituals.

The black candle: It can be used to cast a curse on a person so that his sexual performance diminishes. It is the preferred candle among those who want revenge for a breakup or so that your ex-boyfriend becomes impotent.

The white candle: To counteract the effects of black magic thrown on the sexuality of a boy. This candle cleans, purifies and heals impotence. It can also be used to control a person’s rampant sexual desires.

The blue candles: Used for peacefulness, fidelity and a happy home.

The golden candle: Gold or green penis candles are used to boost a stagnant business.  You can put the candle in a clay plate, place coins, yellow flowers and honey. Then light the candle and let it burn.

The red candle:

This candle helps to ward off demonic spirits, envy, bad energies, etc… It also increases number and quality of sexual encounters. It can also be used to increase finances and provide an individual with strength.

In everything you do you must always keep the law of karma in heart. If a person doesn’t want to have sex with you, you shouldn’t use magic to control their desires. But if it is your partner who wants extra help in satisfying his sexual needs, then you can practice these rituals.

How to use Penis Candles in  Spells

First you should write your name or that of your client on it starting from the base. Then add Aphrodite oil, sprinkle cinnamon and musk turkeys. Light it up and let it consume.

If it isn’t a love spell then the appropriate dressing oil should be selected. Also, after the ritual you should ensure that the ritual waste is properly disposed. If the ritual was done for love then you should wrap up any leftover  candle wax, incense wax and used sachet powder into a piece of cloth then tie it and bury it in your yard.

Note that the penis shape candles aren’t used just for romantic spells as you can use it for other purposes but ensure that you follow the procedures correctly to avoid having failed spells.