Tarot Readings – 15 minutes

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“Blown away by your accuracy…All made perfect sense! Very detailed…Amazing!” – Heidi

“Insightful reading! Accurate and just what I wanted to know. Thanks!!” – Lily


BWC Tarot Readings

$25 per 15 minutes

A “LIVE” Skype or Phone Reading.

A 15 minute tarot reading is most suitable to a person who is new to our tarot services. Consider it a “taster” as you are only committing to a short tarot reading session.

A 15 minute reading is not suitable for you if you have more than one question to ask the reader, or if you would like the tarot session recorded. In these cases, it is always best to book at least for 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

(Recording of the tarot session is by the discretion and decision of the reader. Not all readers want to or have the technical ability to, record tarot sessions.)

A longer tarot session will also give you and the reader a chance to attune to each other – making the reading far more enjoyable for everyone! Plus, as our readers are in high demand, they prefer not to rush the ending of the tarot session (often when the best revelations are presented), to ensure the next client is not kept waiting.

Above all, tarot is always a wonderful experience to connect us to the spiritual knowledge of past – present – future.

Enjoy Your Tarot Session!

The current BWC Tarot Readers;

  • Blonde Gypsy
  • Edwin
  • Lady Hannah
  • Lady Dawn

The BWC tarot reader can also go into detail on what you should do, to change your situation by giving you a personalized “prescription” suggesting:

  • Spells
  • Rituals
  • Potions
  • Teas
  • Herbs specific to your needs
  • Incantations

…and so on.

You MUST have had a tarot reading BEFORE you can order this service.

Click here to order a reading:

  • 15 minute post reading personalized “prescription” – Click Here



We don’t believe in accidents nor coincidence, and truly believe you’re reading this right now for a reason. So write, let’s find out what that reason is together!

Tarot Reading Requirements:

Please send BWC the following information directly after purchase  – EMAIL US

  • Name
  • date of birth
  • photo
  • Your preferred contact details


Blonde Gypsy Bio

Born in the Orient to parents from different nationalities, whose parents also were of different nationalities, whose parents etc etc.… Some were wanderers from the Caucuses, so, gypsy by blood and gypsy by nature, I didn’t stand a chance.

Marinated in Suan ming (Chinese fortune telling) from birth, it started with cartomancy, astrology and oneiromancy (cards, stars and dreams). Later came tasseomancy (tea-leaf reading), crystal & herbal magic, sigil magic, witchcraft, some classical philosophy, Jung’s archetypes and Joseph Campbell’s mythology, all shaken up and served with some crushed mint, a twist of lime and imbibed, often barefoot, under moons of all phases. I’m a self-confessed LUNAtic, a moonshine lush, I ebb and flow with each phase. The moon plays a pivotal part of my magical rituals and as a guide in my divination and I am now an accredited Luna Mystic. I know now, more than ever, that symbology, synchronicity and connection to source are the keys to decoding divine knowledge and self-knowledge. I feel privileged to help people gain insight when they want it.


1 review for Tarot Readings – 15 minutes

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Blonde Gypsy is amasing! Her readings for personality and past were accurate and she even gave me direction on what to do next and adviced me depending on what future cards said. It was like little therapy session with divination. I would recommend her to anyone 🙂

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