Candle Burning for Demonic Praise


Praise – Gratitude – Thanks – Acknowledgement


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Praise – Worship – Offerings


  • Lucifer
  • Satan
  • Astaroth
  • Beezabub
  • Azael
  • Clauneck
  • Bune
  • Any demon of your desire

It has become clear that many of you need BWC to burn your spiritual candles on our own BWC Altar. Black Witch S will write a petition for YOUR demon of choice, and burn a candle to honor or give praise or an offering to a demon who has helped you.

Your candle will be dressed with oils and herbs, according to traditional methods – if needed or requested.

NOTE – as this is purely a candle burning session to offer praise for your demon, there is no “report” on the burning. However, we can take a picture for you of your petition and candle on our altar 🙂


You will need to provide:

  1. Your name and location
  2. The demon
  3. Your photo if you want me to attach it to the candle
  4. State what you want me to write on your candle. I will also print out and read any statement of praise you write yourself, and place this under your candle.

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