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Dream work is important to those who practice witchcraft and occultism. It is in the unseen planes that the best magic happens. If you’re a spellcaster you know that you carry out your best work when the target is asleep. When the target is in a dream state!

We’re also open to magical attack when we are asleep. Have you ever woken up and felt like you’ve been in battle all night? Or you wake up mid quest, and feel like you Wanna go back to sleep to finish the Mission? Perhaps you woke up feeling particularly sad but didn’t take note of the feeling.

Sometimes, our dreams are our subconscious minds trying to resolve the issues of our everyday life while our body rests. We could be concerned about an upcoming event or task. Or about a Family member going through a hard time. Or even our relationship issues.

The point I’d like you to think about is that not all dreams are the same, and it is important to differentiate between the types of dreams you have, and to take note on your dreams.

Varieties of dreams

Night Brain/Day Brain

When you wake up in the morning, it might be difficult to analyse the dreams from the evening. So a better solution is to take a few notes on what you do remember. The subconscious mind takes over you’re thinking while you’re asleep, however it hands over the duties of thinking back to you, first thing in the morning. During the handover, there is no sharing of notes, so you will forget anything that you did in a dream state.

Thoughts proceed from the visible mind and dreams from the invisible mind. The average waking mind receives and retains only a few of the lessons of life. It is largely filled with idle and incoherent thoughts that are soon forgotten. The same may be truly said of the dream mind.

Many of our day thoughts are day dreams, just as many of our night dreams are night thoughts. Our day deeds of evil or good pierce or soothe the conscience, just as our night symbols of sorrow and joy sadden or please the objective senses. Our day’s thoughts are filled with the warnings and presence of the inner mind and our night’s thoughts are tinctured and often controlled by our external mind.

`Everything that exists upon earth has its ethereal counterpart.”

The only way around this is to take a few notes on waking. Even if they mean nothing to you at that point of time, consider these messages are breadcrumbs to the bigger message you need to receive.

For witches, and those who like to speak to spirit, Guardian angel, demons, and other entities, most of our messages Will be delivered whilst lucid dreaming or during deep sleep. But if you’re like me, you’ll remember that You had an amazing dream, but you can’t remember specifically what happened. The next night youll have another little piece of the dream, then the next night, and the next night. This is the message we should be recording – the message that we asked for but then don’t pay attention to!

Making it a part of your routine

I know we have so much to remember already when we wake in the morning. From my perspective, it seems like a waste of time if you’re devoted to witchcraft, but not DO the work. To do these small rituals, such as remembering your meditation, and keeping a diary, make a major difference to your success as a witch, and connection to spirit.

Remembering your dreams from the night before can be difficult to recall at first, and you will have to practice to remember your dreams! Training your mind is not exciting, but you have to rewire your old way of thinking before you can process the new way. The way that is going to serve your long-term goals. The goal = You’re retraining Your subconscious mind to remember what You dream!

If you’re not great at keeping a written diary, then use the voice recorder on your phone and take a verbal note of what you remember. I use voice recorder all the time, and I forget how much I have actually recorded until it’s time to reflect on my recordings. This is when dreamWork becomes extremely interesting as your listening to The actual story and message from your dream state.

Dream message meaning

When we do pay attention to our dreams, we will often remember an animal and the negative emotion. However it is not dreaming about this animal which is positive or negative but the context in which these animals have appeared in the dream. To see a snake and automatically believe bad things are now happening in your life is premature. So once again take note of what that snake was doing.

Dream control

When you become better at Recording your dreams, you can also work on controlling your dreams. You do this by setting yourself a mission before you go to bed. For example, to understand the meaning of seeing the snake –  If you see the snake slithering towards you in your dream, instead of forcing yourself to wake up in fear, or running away from the snake in the dream, remember the mission – that you want to understand what the snake wants from you.

In the dream state, calm yourself, then ask the snake, “can I help you? Do you have a message for me?”

By taking control of your actions in the dream state, helps you receive the messages from spirit, Guardian angel, demon, or even someone trying to throw a spell your way. Psychologically you will become stronger as well, better able to face challenges in your everyday Life.

Dreams are indeed extremely powerful, but they should not be interpreted by a single image. Start Recording your dream messages, and get an idea of the bigger picture before you rush off to find interpretations.

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