Connecting to Source

  (WTF is...) Connecting to Source ?!?! If you only take home one thing from this post please, please, please let it be this: Getting ‘into state’ is the single most important part of any magical/divinatory shenanigans! If you’re not connected to...

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Misrepresentation in Film

A few weeks ago, I decided to watch the paranormal thriller movie, “The Conjuring 2”. I’m not going to mention any spoilers, but I do want to touch on the significance of the movie. The film’s plot involves a family from the United Kingdom who is being haunted by a...

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The Magick Of Goddess Lilith

There has never been a Goddess in all the western traditions as maligned as the Goddess Lilith. She has been called the epitome of all that is evil in the world. She was considered wild, uninhibited, argumentative and sexually deviant. She has been called the...

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Yes, No, Maybe So – Pendulum Love

Let’s just start with me being luminously clear, I am in no way proclaiming that this is the be all and end all of pendulum use, I’m just sharing how I use mine. As I practice divination, I find it an invaluable tool. Firstly, choosing the pendulum, the fun part!...

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