Actaeon – Stag, Horned God of the Forest.

Adept – A Master of Magick Arts

Air – One of the Four Elements, associated with the East and with the ritual wand.

Akasha – fifth element, spirit

Alexandrian Wicca was founded by Alexander Sanders. Sanders is the self proclaimed “King of the Witches”. This witchcraft is the second largest to come out of England. It has great emphasis on cord magic and ceremonial magic. The worshipping is done in skyclad. The Alexandrian Witchcraft is strongest in Canada, but has gone into steady decline in the States and no longer has any association with its founder.

Alraun – Talismanic image made from Rowan wood.

Altar – table or flat surface used during rituals to hold ritual tools, books, etc.

Amulet – a magical charged item, often worn around the neck for protection.

Animism – the spiritual belief that everything in nature, animate and inanimate, possesses a soul

Ankh – Ancient Egyptian symbol representing life and rebirth; similar to, but not the same as crux ansata

Anglo-Saxon Wicca (Seax Wicca) –a tradition, or denomination, of the neopagan religion of Wicca which is largely inspired by the iconography of the historical Anglo-Saxon paganism, though, unlike Theodism, it is not a reconstruction of the early mediaeval religion itself.

Aquarius – the eleventh sign of the zodiac, ruling from January 21 – February 19; and Air sign ruled by the planet Uranus

Aradia (air-a-dee-a) – Italian goddess, claimed to be Queen of Witches by some Wiccans.

Arcana – Secret formula or process. Also used to denote deck of Tarot Cards. The Major Arcana being the ‘Trumps’ numbered from 0 – 21, and the Minor Arcana being the 56 suit cards of the 78-card deck, comprising 4 suits with 14 cards each.

Aries – the first sign of the zodiac, ruling from March 21 – April 20; a Fire sign ruled by the planet Mars.

Aromatherapy – The use of different herbs or flowers to create essential oils which have healing and theraupetic properties and can be used to inspire meditation, healing, relaxation and calming.

Asatru – Norse Reconstructionism

Astral body – representation of person or things found in astral plane.

Astral plane – a kind of dimension composed of energy.

Astral projection – an out-of-body experience usually induced through trance.

Astrology – The study of the planets, stars and moon and how they influence us and events.

Athame – small, double-edged ritual dagger, usually black-handled; used to draw Circles and direct energy into the witch from the Goddess & Gods. It is one of the major working Ritual tools of the witch, and is usually placed in the center of the Altar.

Aura – an energy field surrounding all living things


Baculum – Witches rod, staff, wand or ‘broomstick’. Used in divination and certain fertility spells.

Balefire – a sacred outdoor fire burned by some Witches at certain Sabbats.

Bane= poisonous or destructive thing,  banishing exorcism.. Term is often applied to an herb; wolfbane, henbane etc

Banish – to drive away or release a spirit or energy

Barrow= an elven or celtic burial mound often used by a coven for sabbat gatherings.

B.C.E. – Before Common Era; an alternate dating system corresponding to B.C.

Bell – a major witches tool and a must on the Altar, it is a symbol of the goddess and if silver the lunar goddess’s and if gold, the sun gods. Rung at the beginning of rituals to invoke the goddess and to center oneself in meditation. Rung at the ending of a ritual to signify the closing of the circle.


Besom – a magical broom used to sweep clean the circles before rituals and used for a handfasting to “jump the broom” symbolizing the unity of a couple.  Can also be used to sweep away negative energy from the home.

Beltane – May eve witch festival, a major sabbat.

Big Blue Book – sometimes Uncle Bucky’s Big Blue Book, refers to Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft, a commonly read beginner’s book

Binding – a spell which generally involves tying knots in cords or a similar action, aimed at restricting energy or actions.

Boline – a small, white handled knife/athame often curved like a sickle. Used in the magical cutting of herbs and engraving candles.

Book of Illuminations – alternate name for what is traditionally called Book of Shadows

Book of Light – alternate name for what is traditionally called Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows – a collection of rituals, notes, spells, etc. as well as sometimes a journal of workings.

A personal journal of the witch for recording magical rites, potions, spell work, any and all rituals, full moon work, procedures, training and techiques that are important to the witch.

Burning Times – name given to Reformation and Inquisition, when the Church and Secular Governments actively killed people for practicing “witchcraft”


Cabala (kabbalah) – body of lore stemming from early chaldean and mesopotamian traditions, later incorporated within certain rabbinical texts, pratical magickal processes deriving there from.

Cancer – fourth sign of the zodiac, ruling from June 22 – July 22; a Water sign ruled by the Moon

Candlemas – Sabbat held on February 2nd; also known as Imbolg/Imbolc, Oimelc, or Candelaria.

Capricorn – tenth sign of the zodiac, ruling from December 23 – January 20; an Earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn

Cauldron – pot or kettle, generally used as Goddess symbol on the Altar. Used for cooking magickal brews, potions and for burning herbs or incense in Rituals.

C.E. – Common Era; an alternate dating system corresponding to A.D.

Censer – an incense burner

Ceremonial magick – the art and practice of controlling spirits through force of will, requires dedication and study.

Cernunnos – Celtic god, often used for name of Wiccan Lord (not universally accepted)

Chakras – energy points throughout the body. There are 7 major Chakras. The crown chakra is at the top of the head, the base chakra is at the tail bone of the torso, the third eye chakra is between the eyes and is a focal point for clairvoyancy and to see, the throat chakra, the solar plexes chakra, the heart chakra and the root chakra. There are also 21 minor chakras throughout your body.

Cingulum – (sometimes spelled singulum) or cord is often worn about the waist by adherants of some traditions of Wicca (particularly the various forms of British Traditional Wicca), and may also be given other ritual uses. The cingulum (which literally translates as “girdle” or “belt”) is a symbol of initiation, and is given to a Wiccan on their initiation and may be worn at each subsequent ritual.

Chants – Traditional witches use chants and songs, especially in the dances.

Charge of the Goddess – well-known piece of poetry by Doreen Valiente

Charm= spoken or chanted words of magical intent or a talisman or amulet (Lucky Charm)

Charm Licking – A very old superstition that goes back centuries. It was used by many people to break a spell. Only the person who is the victim of the spell may use this method. Simply lick a charm in an up and down motion. Then lick it in an across back and forth motion. Then lick it in an up and down motion again. If you can taste a salty taste on your tongue then you have succesfuly removed the spell.

Chalice – special glass/goblet used in rituals. Placed on the Altar and can be used to symbolise the element of water in rituals.

Circle – sacred space in which rites and ceremonies are conducted in witchcraft

Cone of power – energy raised and focused by group or individual for magic working or ritual

Consecration – act of blessing an object with positive energy

Contemporary Witchcraft – The term Contemporary Witchcraft refers to the various types of Witchcraft that are practised in the 21st century.

Corn dolly – a human or animal figure fashioned out of a sheaf of corn; used in spells and as fertility symbol.

Coven – a group of people who come together to ritual and study.

Covendom – three mile radius of coven domain .

Covenstead – place where coven meets .

Cowan – non-Wicca or non-Pagan, an Uninitiated mundane. (derogatory)

Craft, The – Witchcraft; also Masonic term

Cromlech – welsh word for dolmen.

Crone – one of the aspects of the Threefold Goddess. Also an older, wise woman.


Dedication – a solemn promise or pledge

Demon – non-human spirit

Deosil (day-o-sil) –In witchcraft this is the ritual act of moving around a circle in a counter clockwise direction(Southern hemisphere). The witch first stands and faces the circle, then moves to the right. This will help to produce positive magic. If the witch moves to the left this is called Widdershins and produces negative magic. However, in the northern hemisphere, deosil means clockwise and widdershins means counter-clockwise.

Divination – art of foretelling future events or revealing knowledge through the use of tools (eg. Tarot, runes, tea leaves, crystal balls etc.)

Dolmen – elven structure of stone. Megalithic monument,often used at covenstead by witches.

Drawing Down the Moon – invoking the Goddess into one’s self, usually in a ritual.

Drawing Down the Sun – invoking the God into one’s self, usually in ritual.


Earth – on of the four magical elements

Eclectic – a mixture of many different traditions and beliefs used in rituals and spirituality.

Eke-name – one’s sacred and secret name, used only with the divine and/or with fellow worshippers

Elementals – Spirits that have only one element to their nature, usually air (sylphs), fire (salamanders), water (undines) or earth (gnomes), but there are also elemental spirits of akasha or Spirit. These are the nature spirits that interact with the natural world, but have their existence in the ethers.

Elements – four ancient building blocks of the universe – Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Enchantment – another word for spell

Esbat – a regular meeting of a Wiccan coven or circle; sometimes used to refer to Full or New Moon rituals. In a year there are thirteen Esbats. In tradition the Esbat will last from midnight until the cock will crow.

Eostre – Spring Equinox Sabbat

Evocation – calling up spirits or other magical entities using spells. In order to contain the power of the spirit a triangle is used. The Witch places a talisman in the centre of the triangle then summons the spirit. The Witch then moves outside of the triangle. It is important never to enter the triangle after the spirit comes forth. Without these symbolic restraints it is believed the witch may lose control over the manifestations.


Faery wicca is an American witchcraft founded by Victor Anderson and Gwydion Pendderwen. Although in the beginning this craft was very small secretive it has now reached a wide audience. The faery tradition honours nature and reveres the deities that personify the forces of nature, life, fertility, death and rebirth. There is no standard secret book of shadows in this craft. Some aspects of the craft still remain a secret but most aspects are now taught openly. The faery tradition provides for a passing of power upon initiation. Rituals are offerings of beauty to the Gods.

Familiar – (1) a coven totem animal.(2) witch’s pet animal

In legend, a familiar or familiar spirit is a supernatural being that helps and supports a witch or magician. Traditionally, it is an animal, but some are said to be humanoid. Familiars often have special powers of their own. The stereotypical familiar in Western culture is the black cat. But a familiar may be nearly any animal, however, and other common forms for it to take are a dog, an owl, and a toad. In some cases is the source of the witches power. The bond was traditionally formed by placing a drop of blood from the witch in the animals food. The Witch sometimes consulted the Familiar when seeking omens.

Fascination – process of casting a spell upon someone using only projection of witch power in close personal proximity.

Fetch – a name of one’s astral body

Fire – one of the four magical elements

Fivefold kiss – ritual kiss on feet, knees, near genitals, breasts/chest, and lips


Garderian tradition – Wiccan tradition which traces unbroken lineage to Gerald Gardner

Gemantria – Hebrew numerical science which consists of adding up the numerical value of a word and comparing it to other words with the same value

Gemini – the third sign of the zodiac ruling from May 22 – June 21; an Air sign ruled by the planet Mercury

Glyph – An ancient magical symbol worm by some witches. It represented the witches name and birthdate. It had strong magical powers and in ways was similar to an amulet or talisman. Glyphs were also worn to ward off evil and sickness.

God – male aspect of pair of deities; the Lord

Goddess – female aspect of pair of deities; the Lady

Goddess worship – pagan faiths where the female divinity is the major focus; not Wicca

Great Rite – symbolic or actual sexual act performed as part of a ritual; also known as “Sacred Marriage”

Green magic – low magic, magic focusing on the physical

Green Man – representation of the Lord as ruler of the forest

Grimorie – a book containing a collection of spells

Ground/grounding – root self in physical world. Clearing and centering your mind , body and spirit, a calming of ones mind. Imagining your feet are the roots and your body the tree. To plant ones feet into the earth. To focus ones intention.


Hand, projective – energy emitting right hand

Hand, receptive – energy receiving left hand

Handfasting – a Wiccan marriage ceremony

Hedge Witchcraft – usually practised by the solitary Witch. It may sometimes be referred to as “hedgecraft,”. A hedgewitch is not wiccan. They are usually hereditary witches, and skilled in healing, herbalism and the magick of nature.

Hermes Trismegistus – “Thrice Great Hermes”, alleged teacher the magical system known as Hermetism

Henotheism – the belief is one or more gods, without denying the existence of other gods

Hex – Similar to a curse. It can be placed on people or property. The word hex comes from the German “Herxse” which means wizard. Special talisman and amulets are available to ward off a hex.

Hexagram – six pointed talismanic star made of two interlaced triangles. A pentagram incompassed by the circle.

High magic – ritual magic, magic focused on spiritual realm

High Priest/HP – male head of coven; representative of God

High Priestess/HPS – female head of coven; representative of Goddess

Horned God – generally seen by Wiccans as the male consort of the Goddess; male deity with stag horns rising from His head. May be called Cernunnos, Pan or various other names. Some believe the names are interchangeable, whereas others believe they are different Gods.

Horse Whisperer– In Ancient British Witchcraft certain people were given the power to talk with horses. To do this special spells and magical charms were used. The people who became horse whisperers also had to be born on certain dates.



– Sabbat held on February 1st or 2nd.  The Sabat marking The Festival of Lights

– It celebrates the first stirrings of spring and the recovery of the Goddess from giving birth.

Incantation – a ritual recitation of a prayer or spell, usually rhymed, to produce a magical effect. Can be used to heal, create a field of positive energy directed for specific purpose.

Incubus – Male wraith form projected for purposes of sexual intercourse

Initiation – The process by which a Witch is admitted into a coven or tradition.

Infusion – A liquid produced by soaking herbs in hot water, i.e. a tea.


– calling upon a higher power (deities, Spirit, etc) for support or assistance

– To call a deity into one’s self.



Kabbalah – occult theosophy of rabbinical origin; magical system including the Tree of Life and gemetria; also Cabala, Cabbala, Kabala or Qabbalah)

Kabbalist – one who practices Kabbalah

Karma – the force generated by a person’s actions thought to determine the nature of one’s next incarnation


Lammas – Sabbat held on August 1st.  One of the major sabbats of the year. Also known as Lugnassad.

Left-hand path – Quoting from Wikipedia:

‘Left-Hand Path belief systems generally share the following properties:

– The conviction that individuals can become akin to gods, usually through spiritual insight.
– The conviction that there is no such thing as a selfless act. Fulfilling one’s desire is acknowledged to be selfish, at the least reaping an individual sense of satisfaction. Altruism is considered self-deception, created and fostered by conventional religions.
– An exoteric interpretation of concepts like karma, divine retribution, or the Threefold Law, resulting in flexible rather than rigid codes of morality.
– The conviction that the individual is preeminent, and that all decisions should be made with the goal of cultivating the self (though not necessarily the ego).
– The conviction that each individual is responsible for his or her own happiness, and that no external force will provide salvation or reward actions which do not advance one’s own happiness in this life.
– The conviction that the forces of the universe can be harnessed to one’s personal will by magical means, and that power gained and wielded in such a manner is an aid to enlightenment, to self-satisfaction, and to self-deification.
– A Platonic view of deities as “first-forms.” If deity is perceived as having consciousness, then all relationships with the deity are in the form of a partnership, or an alliance which does not require subservience. Some practitioners of Left-Hand Path belief systems summarize this concept with the statement that “prideful deities like prideful partners.”‘

Leo – the fifth sign of the zodiac ruling from July 23 -August 21; a Fire sign ruled by the Sun

Libation – a magical drink or liquid made in honour of the goddess and gods poured or drank. Most time this is done in a ritual circle and the liquid is poured into the earth usually for an offering.

Libra – the seventh sign of the zodiac ruling from September 24 – October 23; an Air sign ruled by the planet Venus

Ligature – magickal binding of person in order to prevent him from accomplishing a specified thing or course of action.

Litha – Summer Solstice Sabbat

Lingam – a stylized phallic symbol of the masculine cosmic principle

Low magic – green magic, magic general focused on the physical

Lucifer –

1 – ‘light-bringing, morning star, from lux, luc- light + -fer bearing. Lucifer(sense 1) is by association with the son of the morning

2 – believed by Christian interpreters to be a reference to Satan. Occults will differ on their definition of Lucifer based on their own spiritual practice.

Luciferianism – is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism, usually reveres Lucifer not as the devil, but as a liberator, a guardian or guiding spirit, and the true god! Hail Lucifer!

Lughnasadh – Sabbat held on August 1st




Mabon – Fall Equinox Sabbat

magic – “The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” – A. Crowley

The ancient lore of the watchers, comprising the knowledge of certain powers resident within the deep mind of the witch.

magick, majic, majick – alternate spellings for magic (not accepted by all)

Magickal Name – It is the custom in WITCHCRAFT to adopt a new name upon initiation. This reflects ones new identity as a witch. Magickal names tend to be individualistic in nature and may reflect heritage or aspirations. You select a Magickal name through meditation, study or divination. Some are given Magickal names by the high priestess. Witches may also change their Magickal name as they advance in the levels.

Magistellus – elemental server

Magister -master; male leader of coven

Magus – male practitioner of magic, wizard

Maiden – one of the aspects of the Threefold Goddess. Also a female assistant to High Priestess in some traditions.

Meditation – the act of engaging in quiet contemplation or reflection

Midsummer – Summer Solstice Sabbat

Mighty ones – the ancient witch god,or watchers.

Moon Void of Course – An astrological term for when the Moon yet entered the next sign and is currently not aspecting another planet. This stage lasts a few hours . Some witches claim It is best to avoid any magick workings during this period, as well as avoiding making major decisions or planning important events.

Mommet -alternative to poppet or voodoo doll

Monatheism -one god as in christianity or jewism

Mother – one of the aspects of the Threefold Goddess

Mundane Plane – A term sometimes used for the mortal or physical world.


Neo-Paganism – an umbrella term, referring to modern-day practices which aim to revive nature religions, Goddess-worship and/or mystery traditions

New Age – a modern spiritualism movement, followers of which believe we create our own reality

Northways – anticlockwise,widdershins, against the sun

Numerology – a method of divination that analyzes the symbolism of numbers


Officer – third coven leader. Magister’s lieutenant, also known as man in black,verdeelet, and the summoner

Old ones – mighty ones, archetypal witch gods derived from legends of the watchers. Name encompassing all gods and goddess

Old Religion – used to refer to Witchcraft, Paganism, and/or Wicca (lots of differing opinions here as to its correctness)

Once-born – non-Wiccan (derogatory)

Ostara – Spring Equinox Sabbat


Pact – initiates signature in coven register given as written pledge of silence

Pagan – a follower of an Earth-Based religion

Palindrome– This is a word that will have the same spelling when read forwards or backwards. Sometimes these words may be found in magic squares. Many of these words are used in spells. The Tamar are known to use such words in their language.

Pantheism – belief in or worship of more than one god belonging to more than one pantheon

Pantheon– a group of deities associated with a particular time and culture.

Pendulum– Divination Tool

Pentacle – five-pointed star, three dimensional. . An amulet used in magical evocation, generally made of parchment, paper or metal (although it can be of other materials), on which the symbol of a spirit or energy being evoked is drawn. It is often worn around the neck, or placed within the triangle of evocation.

Pentagrama five-pointed star encased within a circle. It is perhaps one of the oldest symbols on the planet. This symbol can be dated back roughly 3500 years ago and has been found in many ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Mayans, Babylonians, and the Sumerian.

Pisces – the twelfth sign of the zodiac ruling from February 20- March 20; a Water sign ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune

Psychic Vampire – Living person who “drains” others emotionally either empathically (draining the auric life force) or metaphorically (someone who takes emotionally without giving anything back; a “user”).

Polytheism – belief in or worship of more than one god

Poppet – In folk-magic and witchcraft, a poppet, also known as Poppits, Moppets, Mommets and Pippies is a doll made to represent a person, for casting spells on that person or to aid that person through magic

Power object – material object charged with witch power and transferred into subject’s presence to effect change


Querent – in divination, the person who ask questions of the reader


Rede/Wiccan Rede – “An it harm none, do what thou will”

Right Hand Path – According to Wikipedia: According to Wikipedia:

‘Right-Hand Path belief systems generally share the following properties:
– Belief in a higher power, such as a deity.
– Obedience to the will of a higher power.
– The belief that there is an absolute definition of good and evil that applies to everyone.
– Esoteric belief in a supernatural mechanism like Karma, divine retribution, or the Threefold Law, which entails the assessment of moral decisions made in one’s lifetime.
– The ultimate goal of merging the individual consciousness into a greater or cosmic whole.

Ritual – a religious or magical ceremony, characterized by formalized actions and words

Ritual magic – high magic, magic focusing on spiritual realm

Runes – divination tool using symbols carved into wood or stone

Also describes symbols, early alphabets, ancient magickal script or hieroglyphic alphabet , spells




Sabbat – witches meeting at quarterly and cross quartly festivals.

Sabbats – the eight holy days based on the seasons

Sagittarius – the ninth sign of the zodiac ruling from November 23 – December 22; a Fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter

Samhain – Sabbat held on October 31st

Scry – gaze into or at an object with the intent to see future events or distant places

Scorpio – the eight sign of the zodiac ruling from October 24 – November 22; a Water sign ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto

Seeing stone – stone or crystal used for divination

Shade  -spirit of a dead person

Skyclad – naked

Solitary – a name given to Wiccans or other pagans who work and worship alone

Sorcery – magick, to change and effect

Speculum – magickal mirror or crystal used to scry into

Spell – a magical working aimed at changing reality

Spell casting – one of the powers of witchcraft. It can take many years of dedication to be able to cast a spell. Spell casting in Witchcraft may involve a number of things including words spoken, ritual, herbs, verse, tools or a combination of these or others. Sometimes tarot cards or runes are used in spell casting by a witch. Spell casting takes time and practise so be patient before you start to see the results

Spirit – the fifth (yes, fifth) of the magical elements

Spirit – an animating or vital principle within all living beings

Spirit – a discarnate entity, such as a ghost or apparition

Succubus – A succubus is a female demon, form or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. (2)

Sympathetic magick – magick which works on the principle that like attracts like; image magic; creative visualization


Talisman – power object, ” pentagram, four leaf clover, rabbits foot( not recommended as we harm none) Object marked with magical signs, used for protection or to attract beneficial energy

Tamar -the oldest and most secretive witch society

Tarot cards – set of 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, used for self-discovery or divination

Taurus – the second sign of the zodiac ruling from April 21 – May 21; an Earth sign ruled by the planet Venus

Theism – belief in the existence of a god or gods

The four quarters – sacred space in which rites and ceremonies are conducted

Threefold Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone; goddess with three changing faces

Threefold Law – belief that all actions, good or bad, are returned three times over

Tradition – group of covens sharing a common lineage, rituals, and beliefs

Triple Goddess – represents the 3 aspects of the Mother Goddess in one, maiden, mother and crone. The Triple Goddess symbol most probably originated from the Classical Greek lunar symbolism representing the three aspects of the moon, waxing, full and waning moon. )O(


Uncle Al – refers to Aleister Crowley, who is believed to have influenced Gerald Gardner, the Father of Wicca


Vibrations= magickal atmosphere around person, place or thing

Virgo – the sixth sign of the zodiac ruling from August 22 – September 23; an Earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury

Vortex= cone of power, a gate for the entrance of the spirit world


Walpurgis – Beltane night

Wand – ritual tool, usually made of wood and 21″ in length. A major working tool, used by witches. May be made of stones, but the originals were rowan, or willow, and oak. Used to cast circles at Sabbats.

Waning Moon – The phase of the moon between Full Moon and New Moon.

Warlock – traditionally meaning ” traitor” some males in the craft , especially newcomers, call themselves warlocks. It is also very acceptable to call yourself a Warlock as a male, as it does have a vibe of male energy (over being called a witch).

Water – one of the four magical elements

Watcher – elemental guardian, old ones

Waxing Moon – The phase of the moon from New Moon to Full Moon. This is the time for magick that involves growth and increase.

Wheel of the Year –  One full cycle of the seasonal year, divided into eight seasons celebrated with the Sabbats. Used by many, but not all witches.

Wicca – Earth-Based religion created in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner.

1) A contemporary pagan religion with spiritual roots in the earliest expressions of reverence for nature and celebration of the Goddess and God.

2) It is thought that this term was originally coined by Selena Fox of the Circle Sanctuary in an effort to describe the modern religion of Witchcraft (as begun by Gerald Gardner in England in the 1950’s).

Wiccan – follower of Wicca

Wiccaning – a Wiccan birth rite where the Lord and Lady are asked to watch over the baby

Widdershins – counter-clockwise direction

Witch – practitioner of witchcraft. One skilled in the Ancient Ways.


1 – art of spell casting, focusing mainly on low magic (versus High Magic/ceremonial style magick)

2 – The craft of a witch, sometimes, but not always of the wiccan faith, including spell work.

Witchcraft Trials and Persecution – From around 1400 to 1700 in Europe it became very dangerous to be accused of Witchcraft. A shocking series of torture methods were devised to elicit confessions of Witchcraft against the accused. These methods were so brutal, people were only too happy to confess to anything including witchcraft, in order to stop the brutality. Methods of torture used to elicit admissions of witchcraft included, leg vices, whipping stocks with iron spikes, thumbscrews, scalding lime baths, racks, and the strap. It was always presumed the victim was guilty of witchcraft. Most victims were executed. Burning at the stake was the standard punishment for witchcraft.

Witching hour – a time of transformation. . “When the moon is full and silence descends upon the land, the hour of magic is upon us.”

Witches Ladder – a string of forty beads or a cord with generally forty knots. The number of knots and nature of charms varies with the intended effect (or “spell”). The knots or beads enable the witch to do repetitive chants without having to keep count. The Ladder helps the witch to focus will and energy on the desired goal. Sometimes feathers, bones, and other trinkets are braided into the string as symbols for a desired spell effect. An earlier version of a witch’s ladder consisted of a rope or cord of three, nine, or thirteen knots. The witch’s ladder can be created a section at a time or all at once. Either way, special chants are spoken during the creation process to empower the talisman to do its creator’s bidding.

Wraith, wraith form – Projected astral body. Mobile form of witch power ensouled by witch’s exteriorized consciousness



Yang – in Taoism, the active, male, positive principle

Yin – in Taoism, the passive, female, negative principle

Yoni – a stylized representation of the female genitalia symbolizing the feminine principle

Yule – Winter Solstice Sabbat




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