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September 2017 – Update

To answer random questions with some thought in the email, it can take us 30 to 60 minutes (as we need to read through a situation, think about it, give you an answer). If we answered emails all day, we still wouldn’t get though everyones questions. We do not run a charity. You wouldn’t email any other professional and expect FREE advice!!

This is why we began to offer consultations – so you can talk with a witch about your question and situation. So please book an appointment time with one of us if you want us to look into your situation! This is our job.

Witchcraft/Spell casting/ Demon/Left Hand Path Questions – Speak with Black Witch S

Post-Tarot Discussion OR Questions about your situation or “what to do about…” – Speak with Blonde Gypsy

So many people get upset when we don’t give long email answers about a spiritual solution to their issues. Its not that we don’t care. We just don’t have the time in the day to see our clients AND answer random emails. MOST of you will understand that time is precious, and we all must work to pay our bills.

About Spells

What do I need to provide for the Love Spells?

When you order a love spell, I will need the following from you:

The Voodoo Doll Spells

There are two voodoo doll spells.

  1. Voodoo Doll Love Binding Spell
  2. Voodoo Doll Spell to get rid of 3rd Person, and return partner to you

I will need:

  • Names of all people involved
  • Date of birth of all people
  • Location of birth for all people
  • Pictures
  • A sentence on what you want the spell to do. Please don’t make the assumption I know what you want as an outcome. Some people may just want a lover, and the next person will want marriage.

If you want me to post the dolls to you. please add a postage donation of at least $10

If you want to send me some of your personal concerns – if you have hair, nails, or any personal object – please ask me for my current mailing address.

The Black Magick Love Spell

  • Names of all people involved
  • Date of birth of all people
  • Location of birth for all people
  • Pictures
  • A sentence on what you want the spell to do.
  • Let me know if you already work with a demon, spirit , or angel in our consultation.
I need to curse a person
We do have a couple of things that can give you the same balancing of the scales.
We do offer these spells/rituals of varying methods. Or a D.U.M.E. candle burning ritual.
Why don’t you see if any of these are what feels right to you, if you find something or if you’re still not sure which, book a consultation with Black Witch S so she may guide you to the most suitable choice.
Of course, if you’d like to do the work yourself we have a tonne of videos and blog post to help you through it. Also, if you wish to grab the ingredients like DUME candles or DUME oil Check out our store and guess what… THEY DELIVER!!
Let me know if I can help at all.
-Blonde Gypsy
Manifestation may take some time…

For the general magick spell to manifest, it can take up to a few months to SEE results. So when we get emailed the week after the casting saying  – NOTHING HAPPENED YET…..There is no result because the spell has not had time to finished yet.

Swamping us with multiple emails won’t make it happen any faster, that’s not how this works, in fact your doubt in its success/progress can undermine the work we are doing. We need to spend our time and energy on moving powerful forces to do our bidding on your behalf. We all need to stay focused on the sacred and not be distracted by the mundane.


(and believe us when we say, we totally understand your excitement about the spell coming true)

What you can do is get an exercise book, every time you feel anxious about the progress of this work you can write variations of ‘Black Magic is working to fulfil my desire’ or something like that, make it simple, make it positive, make a statement. Keep writing it over and over until the worry passes. Focus on embedding those words deep down, adding your own positive intent to the magic instead of confusing it.  

 Take care and stay positive…

Blonde Gypsy

Questions about the feces spell.

We get a ton of questions about the FECES spell. If you would like to learn more information than what is provided on the webspage and the videos, you will need personal training from Black Witch S, or Take the Hoodoo For Hate Course.

Feces Spell – Shit on them spell and flush out of your life


How do I know if the break-up spell is working?

When you’re not part of the relationship you can’t see what’s happening inside the relationship. So they may be starting to fight or have bad feelings towards each other, however you’re not going to know that.

Its much easier to see the effects of magic when you’re actually in the relationship. For example when I do this spell on a person who is looking to divorce their partner, that hasn’t had the balls to begin the breakup process, the person will be surprised when their partner comes to them and suggests they have a discussion about the future of the relationship! Or something like that.

Even then, it may take someone a few weeks to build the courage to have that conversation, and then a few more weeks to make a decision on what they’re going to do about it, and then a few more weeks to actually do something. The spell plants the seed – but the action still is a process.

If we don’t see anything in a 90 day period – we go back and look at what’s happening. Perhaps the couple is lazy and tolerating bullshit in their life. If this is a case, we recast the spell – and do it a slightly different way. In other cases, sometimes the other person has had a magical spell put on them, and being held by that spell. This requires a different spell, as it is a different situation.



Once empowered, the shield will continuously protect you. It will not only protect you and whatever surrounding you, it will block any psychic attack that comes Considering into a situation with negative people.

(Be careful, sometimes the people who appear to be the “nicest” aren’t what they attempting to portray)

Trust your gut instincts. Even people with strong spiritual immune systems can be seriously attacked, if enough bad energy is thrown their way at once. If this is happening to you

Q:What do I have to do after I receive Psychic Shielding Work?

A: This work is Automatic Energy Transmission , so there is no need to do anything 


Q:How does the psychic shield empowerment work?

A: It will continuously protect you from any kinds of psychic attacks, curses, and generally all the negative energy, which is destructive towards you.


Q: My daughter gets possesed frequently, will this help?

A: This will work to protect any individual from possession and entity attacks.


Q: Can psychic attacks also come from entities?

A: Yes it come from entities at at your residence and the locations you are visiting.


Q: How long the empowerment last?

A: It will last forever



I want to learn about Money Spells & Magick
Black Witch s has made videos and written posts regarding Money Spells which she gives away for free.
You can get the ingredients delivered to you from our shop. I recommend using one of these kits because all the ingredients are in the package.
If it’s a course in Witchcraft you are after you can try one of these.
If you would like Black Witch S to cast a spell on your behalf we have these to choose from.
We have written several blogs and made several videos which are good instructions.
Please enjoy trying them…
-Lady Hannah
I don't know what spell to buy?

If you’re confused on which spell to buy, just email us, and blonde gypsy, or lady Hannah Will help you work this out.

If you need to explain your situation before you buy the spell to BWS, you can book a consultation with Black Witch S and she will tell you which spell to purchase. BWS I also need to look into your situation before she make the final decision, however you will need to book a consultation time, as this process takes time out of her own personal life.


Can I pay after my pact/relationship with a demon/s is fulfilled?

Demon pacts/relationships require sacrifice and commitment. It’s not a pay after scenario. We give away FOR FREE much the information you need to teach yourself how to do it. And it takes time, often YEARS to establish these relationships. That is part of the sacrifice, time. It’s not us to whom you will be indebted, it’s the demon/s and they require a demonstration of your commitment not a promise. The main thing you pay us for is our time and expertise which we have already or will be sacrificing.

– Blonde Gypsy


How long does it take to make the pact?

Once we have your order, we will ask you for your details and desire for the pact service. We then schedule your case in BWS’s diary.

Normally it can take 2 to 3 weeks before your turn comes up.

BWS makes the demon pacts on one specific night per week, and only 1 to 3 pacts will be make on that night. This ensures the pact making process is given the due respect and process required in such a SERIOUS ritual.

Once your pact is complete, she will write a report for you of what happened during the pact ritual and what message the spirit has for you.

NOTE ON THE OFFERING – You will be asked to suggest what will you offer the demon. The demon will give a response (most the time), to BWS. Take note that this message maybe different for what you were willing to give.




The idea of baneful or black magick somehow bouncing back off a karmic mirror and punishing you goes against everything I’ve seen and heard. Nobody I know has ever found that magick bounced back and slapped them in the face.

From my perspective, heaven and hell is here on earth. “Bad people” don’t always get punished for their “evil acts”, and “Good people” die everyday. If Karma was a real thing – then its method is beyond my comprehension and approval.

Your magical purpose for spell casting is nothing more than a perspective – your perspective! I am sure you have a solid reason as to why you are doing (or requesting) for a specific spell on the target. Baneful magick, love magick, and other types of manipulation is done for your own happiness and/or protection.

When you die, there is not a dude standing their, waiting to judge you on everything from your religion, your skin color, or the magick you did or didn’t do!

We have to break away from believing the spiritual world thinks like a human – and judges like a human. Your actions here and now effect your quality of life – here and now. You will not be punished for your human actions on the “otherside”.


Black Witch Savannah Questions

Consultations with Black Witch S

Talk with Black Witch S:

30 Minute Phone or Email Consultation

60 minute Consultation – Skype or Email

After you purchased the appointment time:

To scheduling appointment go here

Please Note: you DO NOT need to PAY again. This link does not take any more money.

How we are going to communicate?

  • Face to face? 
    • I use Skype under the name/handle – blackwitchcoven
    • You’ll need to friend request me on Skype, and tell me what your Skype name is. **There is no video  recording of our session.
  • Email consultation?
    • Email me directly
  • Phone?
    • Ensure you confirm your number. I will call you at the scheduled appointment time on a private number.


Still stuck? – I can use Skype, google hangout, or even Facebook.

BW Savannah Won't Respond


I am honored you have taken the time to email me with your question.  I don’t say that I am a guru, and I believe that we all have the ability to practice magick successfully. But I hope my experience and training can be of benefit to you.

First and foremost, I am a person just like you. I have many responsibilities outside of witchcraft – including children, a partner, passions and hobbies, continual education, and of course, Long periods of time studying our passion – witchcraft and occultism!

You may know me as a teacher. My passion is also creating easy to follow online lessons for those who wish to practice occultism for themselves.

I also have my own dedication to my spirits; personal spell casting; and magical experiments I must find time to conduct.

Depending on my schedule, I may not have time to answer your question personally in email. For this I apologize. There are not enough hours in the day to work, play, sleep, and cast spells…..oh…and answer emails 🙂

Therefore, I have people who help me maintaining the huge volume of emails we receive. That’s not even including the amount of feedback we get on social media outlets; Facebook; YouTube; Twitter; Pinterest etc. We all know how that is! My assistant answer your questions, and forward those emails relevant to me.

If you would like to make a booking to talk to me personally:

Consultations (not readings)  –

I focus my time and attention on my clients, my students, members of my coven. Otherwise, I try and spend 1 hour per day offering free advice on the Facebook page or on the YouTube Videos.
With great love and respect,
BW Savannah

A client ordered a BREAK UP spell, which was performed as normal, with the results of the casting provided by report to the client. After only 2 weeks, the client had started seeing great results with the spell. And was very happy with the result so far! BUT….She still many questions to ask about the spell I cast, plus spells and spellcasting in general….and at this point, had sent around 6 lonnngggggggg emails with multiple sections of questions for me to answer. She also wanted immediate responses to these questions.

Email #7

The client says…..

“….. if you do not have time to answer questions about the spell I purchased from you I am very disappointed as I paid a lot of money for the spell and honestly do not believe a few questions should be that much of a problem. Making some time for clients that have spent money with you is not only good customer service but also ensures repeat business. I have found your responses to be short and my questions treated as an annoyance. Yes this is my first experience purchasing a spell and I am sad to say it is starting to turn out to be a negative experience. If you do not wish to assist me or provide any further informaton regarding my order then I will decide how to proceed from here. 

This was going to be my last question on the matter and I am saddened that it went unanswered.”
My Response to her, is to reminder her that NO-ONE e.g. doctors, lawyers, tarot readers, coaches, has the time to sit on emails all day educating people on all the details of the work they do! For some reason, some people believe that if they pay a witch, she owes them never ending Time!!
NOTE – I don’t Wanna give you the impression that I don’t like hearing from my clients after I cast a spell. I love hearing from my clients. But after my work day, I do not answer emails. It’s important that I practice what I preach! I can’t be the person I want to be if I am on a computer 24/7.
After a spell casting session – I take at least half an hour to write a report on the spellcasting, so to explain to the client all they need to know about that spell. Any additional questions – Will be answered by BJ or LH – and if they can’t answer it, and its importance, then I will.
I like to play in the ocean – sitting in the sun – and think about nothing sometimes too 😉

Hi (withheld)

I know you said you’re new to having spells cast, but I only have around 10 to 20 minutes a day that I focus on answering emails before a full day of consultations and actual physical work 🙂

Your spell was only just cast. If they’re already fighting and arguing,  that’s a great result. Whether or not they physically break up I don’t have control of, as I cast the spell and now it is up to the laws of nature and magic to do the work. Please listen to the videos I create on spellcasting guarantees.

As the magick does its work – there will be MANY ups and downs – and a spellcaster can’t react to these daily or weekly changes.

Infact, most spellcaster won’t recast  – as it does take another few hours (another night working ) – but i will if I feel like it is necessary or helpful to the case. I hope this makes sense.

If you want to talk about this or spellcasting in detail – you are welcome to book a consultation with me.

And on my matter of doing business – in no way shape or form do I say that I’m a professional business witch.

I get over 300 emails a day.
I put my clients first
I have people (VOLUNTEER) to answer the emails – and prioritizing the ones I need to read

On top of that I have family
I have my own health and fitness
I have my studies
I have my job !

Black witch coven is not IBM – nor any large corporation of any kind. So your comments that I should be more professional, and give you longer responses….. I just don’t know what to say. Book a consultation!

How much time do you think I should spend on emails? And what should be sacrificed in my life to answer questions that have already been answered?

If you were to have a tarot reading – once your Reading is complete- you don’t have an ongoing relationship of emails with your tarot reader to discuss the tarot reading result.

Nor would you expect that from any other professional. But somehow people think a witch  should be on call to answer question after question.

I’m doing my best for you – you’ve already got a result that’s very quick – and the spell has only just begun. I’m not here to kiss your butt – and your comments on my professionalism in witchcraft, I hope I have explained yet again.

Have a great day, and no I’m not angry at you, but I hope you understand that I’m just a single person doing something to help you!

About Readings & Consultations

About our readings, consultations, psychic services

If you’re confused on what to buy, just email us, and blonde gypsy, or lady Hannah Will help you work this out.

We offer a variety of readings:

LIVE Readings- via phone or skype –

Questions answered via email or past life questions –

Consultations (not readings) with Black Witch Savannah –

Our Spells are listed here:

i need help purchasing a good tarot card for seeing the future. Which one would you recommend?
If you are new to tarot, I would strongly urge you to choose a traditional style deck to learn from like this one because most of the advice, tips and how-to information you will find will be based around this kind of deck.
Once you know your way around the cards you can, and should, then choose a deck based on how strongly you connect with the artwork. It should sing to you. You should understand what the card is saying by the way the picture speaks to you.

Other Most Asked Questions

I've done other magic courses, but I want to learn through you....

The first question I ask is….. “What are you looking to achieve now with your spiritual or magickal growth?”

I do have a course in pure witchcraft under preparation now – leaning to the left hand side  – and doing a soft launch around July. If you want to get a jump start on this course then you need to practice your visualisation and meditation skills.
My passion is demonology – and I have several courses available on
  • Working with Demons
  • Rites & Rituals
Hoodoo witchcraft – Hoodoo spells and rituals are probably the most fun for me. Fellow hoodoo witches and I put together several courses to make hoodoo easy. See HoodooWitch.Net
  • Hoodoo Witchcraft – 52 Week Program
  • Hoodoo For Hate
  • Hoodoo for Love
Looking to do my Wicca course? Wicca is a different path altogether – and I’ve already written in a two year program on this. It is beautiful religion though, as it’s really about appreciating your world through honouring deity and nature. I highly recommend this path, for those wishing to integrate in the mainstream witch community, and also for those who want more of a foundation in modern witchcraft. While my book and course is all online, it is recommended that one find a local coven, and become one with the community.
Payment Methods

Help! I dont have Payal account. How can I pay you?

PayPal is our preferred method of payment. It provides the most protection for all of us.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, we can still invoice you, and you pay that invoice with a credit card (if you don’t have PayPal).

Personal checks can be accepted – however, spell work will not commence until the check is cleared.

We definitely don’t use any type of credit unions such as Western Union.

Exceptional circumstances

Sometimes we allow people payment plans. To do so you must have an existing history with us.


Time is the most precious commodity we have, and my charity work is given to those I physically see. Please don’t ask me for charity.

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