Powerful Black Magic Voodoo Love Spell


“Here is an update- He came around- and in just 3 days we had sex!! OMG it went from like not even speaking to me on the most part and wouldn’t touch me unless I asked.. LOL” –



This is a very powerful Voodoo Love Spell to make your loved one fall madly in love with you.

Return the fire and passion to an existing relationship.

After months of requests, I have decided to start doing this spell for people again. This is the same spell that I do in this video here.

If you want me to ship you the completed voodoo dolls when the spell is complete,  you will need to purchase additional shipping. It’s only $10 extra. Make sure you purchase it at time of order, as I will be keeping your voodoo doll in my collection. It will be buried, but I don’t keep note of the exact locations 🙂

This spell can also return the fire and passion to an existing relationship.

There are two versions of this spell I am doing:

Spell 1. To bring a lover to you or reconnect you to a lover  or secure your relationship from breaking up

spell 2. To breakup your ex and their new love interest, and reconnect them with you.

These spells take time, and cost money to prepare. My time is valuable. If you cannot afford to purchase this spell, and have me do it for you, then follow the free voodoo doll love spell video and do it for yourself. No exceptions.



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