Extreme OBSESSION black magick spell

$200.00 $150.00

  • Make them crazy for you
  • Tailored to your situation



Do you wish the one you love would think ONLY of you?

To be obsessed with you, to have their thoughts about you drive them absolutely crazy?

If so, this powerful spell is designed for you.

I will cast this spell to haunt your target’s mind with thoughts and dreams of you.

This spell is extremely powerful and effective on both men and women.

This is also a great complement to my love spells.

After you order, you will need to provide us:
1. Names of both people
2. Locations (city)
3. Pictures of each person


  • Not all spells manifest instantly; sometimes these things take time.
  • I do have a very high success rate and will put forth my best effort to bring you your heart’s desire.

BWC is a REAL COVEN of practicing witches and occultists. We do not spend our day on the internet or answering emails – so always allow a few days for us to return emails. Spell casting is always at nite times. This is REAL witchcraft done in real time – normally away from technology and into nature!

Consider the following:

Do you need questions answered about your love life or current relationship issues before you order this spell? – Click Here

Do you have a hex or curse placed on you that needs removing first? – Click here

Do you need protection from others, curses, or hexes before ordering this spell? – Click here

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I am very satisfied with the spell and its results! His behavior changed in a very surprising way and I just could not believe in what I was seeing and experiencing the night we met after the spell was cast!

Thank you and congrats for the very good work!

SP, 27/11/2017


Hi Black Witch S, That must have been a powerful spell that you cast. Holy crap! (Private) and I and now seeing each other. Not only that- he told me he loves me and that he is sorry for how he treated me when we were together. He apologised for denying our connection for so long. I have stayed at his house, been around his friends again. He’s not denying me to anybody and seems comfortable and happy with the arrangement. (Private – Other woman) ended up dumping him the night they were celebrating their joint birthdays at a big party. She’s really angry at him because she discovered from somebody that night that he had lied to her many times about seeing other women. It all came to light a couple of weekends after you cast the spell. It’s over. Thank you for your help. I’ll continue to do what I can to make sure I don’t lose him again! Blessings, Ash.



I asked you to perform a break-up and reconciliation spell that required a re-cast, and I also purchased an additional spell on the last go round. It did the trick! I just want to check back in. Please feel free to post my review anonymously on your site if you like. The third party has been removed from this situation, I gather this would not have happened so soon if it weren’t for your help. Almost immediately after the recast she celebrated a birthday and he did not attend the celebration. He hasn’t told me all the details of their break-up yet, and this is part of our struggle…his lack of communication skills in some aspects, but he and I have been working on our relationship and getting closer. Our relationship is not perfect, we still have plenty of hurdles to overcome, but I am so grateful for your help. You took the time to listen and get a full understanding of the situation, and provided comfort, however you were also realistic and honest. I really appreciate it. I know you are the real deal.

Thanks again!


Sept. 26. 2017



NOTE: For this client I used the spell below to get rid of the 3rd party





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