Black Magick lust and passion spell


  • Make them sexually desire you
  • Tailored to your situation




This spell will make your target want you so badly, they will not be able to control themselves!! They will crave your touch, your smell, your kisses…they will not be satisfied until they have you!

This spell is great for giving YOU the upper hand and is a great complement to a love spell.

It is very effective on both males and females.


Do NOT confuse “Spells” with “Wishes”.  Not all spells manifest instantly.
I do have a very high success rate and will put forth my best effort to bring you your heart’s desire.

Testimonials & Feedback

April 17, 2017 – Female Client, Hong Kong

“Thank you so much ! After the ritual I feel like he cares about me more then before and stared to message me a few times.He wants me to go Spain to visit him as soon as possible! Everything is turning to good as I though.”

Feedback: J – USA

“… It has worked as she has been alot friendlier lately. Once again I appreciate all the work you have done for me in the past and our continuing to do for me thank you.”

After you order, you will need to provide us:

1. Names of both people
2. Locations (city)
3. Pictures of each person

Next Steps:

  •  I will review your information and decide when I should cast the spell. Depending on my schedule, and the day it should be cast, this will be between 5 to 10 days
  • Once cast, I will prepare you a 1/2 page report on the spell, including the success of the work

BWC is a REAL COVEN of practicing witches and occultists. We do not spend our day on the internet or answering emails – so always allow a few days for us to return emails. This is REAL witchcraft done in real time – normally away from technology and into nature!

Consider the following:

Do you need questions answered about your love life or current relationship issues before you order this spell? – Click Here

Do you have a hex or curse placed on you that needs removing first? – Click here

Do you need protection from others, curses, or hexes before ordering this spell? – Click here

Would you like a Mojo Bag created for your Love Life? – Click here

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For the lust and passion spell the people involved are myself Joshua Jalkanen(Grandview, Missouri) and Marina Medina(Kansas City, Missouri currently but will be moving to Grandview, Missouri in April) I would like this spell to help the love spell you cast earlier for me. It has worked some she has been alot friendlier lately but I still can’t get her to see me as more than just  a friend I was hoping that this would help her to see me as desirable as I find her. Once again I appreciate all the work you have done for me in the past and our continuing to do for me thank you.Save



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