If you enjoy our website and our content, please consider offering a donation for our time and expense of keeping this website online. All this work is completed in our spare to time help you, the reader, learn more about magick, spellcasting, and occultism.

Black Witch Coven & BWS offers various candle burning services and/or books to those who donate.

In August, we offer a 4′ Black Candle in your name to the Demon Goddess Lilith – for luck and success for the coming month. The candle has your name inscribed on the side, the candle then dressed in a mixture of lavender, Patchuli Oil, and Silver Glitter, before consecration over fire with quick money herbal incense.

This is just for appreciation to you acknowledging us with your donation:)

Blessed Beast!
The Team at Black Witch Coven

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NEW!! – Break Up Lovers Candle Spell Kit

break up candle kit

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