Demonic Pacts

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  • Demonic Pact
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Demonic Pacts

If you are looking for a pact with a demon, you have come to the right place..

You may not feel comfortable in doing this type of work yourself. Or perhaps you want to ensure it is done correctly.

“Many people will not need me to cast a formal packed with the Demon,  as it is easy enough to do this by yourself. However some people may feel uncomfortable, or are unsure of what to do. Perhaps you live with other people and not have a chance to do the ritual. This is where I can help. I can cast a demonic pact for you that will not end up with negative consequences, such as possession, depression etc. Infact, when done correctly, a demonic pact will give you connection to a spiritual realm that guarantees spiritual freedom, protection, wisdom, and much much more depending on your own dedication to the relationship.” – Black Witch Savannah 

Copyright 2017: Black Witch Coven. Demonic Pact Ritual for Client

How is the Pact with the Demon done?

This is secret information and not for reading or copying by others or amateurs.

What will happen, is that your name is written in Black Witch Savannah’s “Registry of Demon Pacts” – A private and secret log book of all demon pacts completed by Black Witch Coven & Black Witch S.

Black Witch Coven. Demonic Pact Ritual for Client

Copyright 2017: Black Witch Coven. Demonic Pact Ritual for Client


  • Q: What happens after I order this service?
  • A: You will provide the details requested from you, that is provided to you after you order


  • Q: Will I receive the pact in the post?
  • A: No. The “Registry of Demon Pacts”  the ONLY demon pact register on the planet. Any other register is a copy and not the original journal. Occult work by its very nature needs to remain SECRET and PRIVATE, therefore sending certificates and pacts to those who order a pact places everyone at risk. You can request a photo of your name in the “Registry of Demon Pacts” . And you will also receive a report on the ritual I do for you.


  • Q: Will I know my personal number listed in the  Registry of Demon Pacts?
  • A: Yes. You WILL be given your own personalized number. This is your number for LIFE.


  • Q: Can I choose the demon to make a pact with?
  • A: You can request the demon you would like to make a pact with, but ultimately, the demons may decide who they will accept.


  • Q: Do you accept western union for payment?
  • A:  No. Avoid scams by acting locally or paying with PayPal. Never pay with Western Union, Moneygram or other anonymous payment services


  • Q: Is the information I give you private?
  • A: All information is confidential. Nothing is ever shared. BWS has many famous clients who work with her regularly, and their identity and issues are NEVER discussed.


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