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Know the basics of Black Magick

  • Black magic isn’t a field of science and neither is it a religion, it doesn’t follow a set of fixed laws or doctrines.
  • In black magic we try to call upon supernatural forces and request them or force them to help us (depending upon the user)
  • You should know and search for the names of demons, angels, spirits, djinn, gods or whomever you would like to call upon
  • And should try to find the Sigils or Symbols of those supernatural entities you would like to call upon
  • Learn about Seals (like the seals of King Solomon who ruled over spirits and djinn)

Tips to improve your skills

  • Practice meditation as this will help improve your communication with other world entities.
  • Learn some basic spells and practice them repeatedly.
  • Dig into the history and origins of magic and black magic
  • Increase your will power
  • Look into divination methods
  • Indulge into related fields such as Astrology, Tarot reading, Astral projection, Lucid dreaming, Telepathy, White magic, Spirituality and Remote viewing etc.

The fundamental rule to improve and be successful is of-coarse practice and patience.


by BWS

I am NOT a Satanist. I do NOT follow any organized religion. I am a witch – a solitary. And a bunch of other classifications. If you follow astrology, I’m am 100% Aquarian. True to my time and date of birth this incarnation.

I do share the Satanist Philosophy here on this site as I do believe Satanism has much to offer the individual. Take it as you will, It is a thinking person’s philosophy.

People ask me “Why do I support Satanism If I’m not a Satanist”…..And my response is that Satanism does make sense. However, the demons I work with are not “symbols” – they are real – so I respectfully draw a line in the sand.

The 2 types of Satanists are :

Atheistic Satanists – Don’t worship satan and don’t believe in God. Satan is a symbol of each man is his own God.

Theistic Satanists believe – Satan is worthy of devotion over other entities.

My personal points of difference are:

  1. I’m not a “devil” worshipper (what the fuck are devils, aside from me on a night on the town). But I work with “demons”. These demons are not symbols but actual REAL entities who CAN be invoked/evoked into our physical world. They a REAL and separate beings – NOT just a symbol of something.
  2. Satanists don’t believe in life after death – However,  I KNOW there is a cycle we continue on with, after this physical existence. I don’t believe is Karma, as we are here to learn a lesson and we either get it, or we need to learn it again. If we don’t get it, we may stick around as a ghost!

What I love about Satanism:

  • The individual is #1 – YOU ARE A GOD. You are equal. Without doubt. You are fucking fabulous.
  • I see the Bible as a list of Folk Tales
  • There IS  a STRONG sense of morality
  • They say it as it is!
  • They take ownership of their actions
  • They don’t need to accumulate guilt and shame  – just get on with it
  • Sexual freedom is OK! As long as you don’t hurt anyone! So that means, choose a partner you can be straight up with, and that way you are not being a hypocritical dick.
  • They do cursing and hexing without the BS. Magick is magick period – no black – no white. (no racism or judgement eg HOODOO & Christian BS)
  • You DON’t HURT kids or animals. Hmmmm…I may chop up a few critters…..but kids are safe. (I have created a fee kids and they are living a healthy safe.)
  • Divination is ACCEPTED

I am not telling you to NOT practice Satanism. In fact, I encourage you to explore all paths, before deciding which path suits you best. Perhaps you will enjoy the community, rituals, and practices of Satanism. Many people who first move away from the Church, will begin as Satanists, as they are rebelling from their Christian upbringings, and the terms used and ritualistic practices are similar.

Learn more: Satanism



  1. michael

    why is it when i meditate i feel like their is a current flowing around me?

    • BWS

      Hello Michael,

      Meditation is a beautiful activity, it allows you to focus on energy inside you, around you and in the universe.
      To feel the energy moving current is not a negative thing, you seem to be attracting energy which is wonderful.

      Have a blessed day,
      -Lady Hannah


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