Learning Black Magick – Begin here

Learning Black Magick – Begin here

Welcome to my website!

This site was created for YOU to understand “Black Magick” or magick of the left hand path. It is also my own personal, ever evolving note book. So enjoy the changes and if you would like to share your thoughts, I welcome my kindred folk with open arms.

I am a “working witch” – you can talk to me via appointment. Skype, email & phone consultations are offered.

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Foundations of Magick – Begin here

Learning Black Magick – Begin here

If you are not comfortable with the left hand path…

Begin with Wicca and/or Paganism. Learn about the ying and the yang, the duality in every one and every thing:

Know the basics of Black Magick

  • Black magic isn’t a field of science and neither is it a religion, it doesn’t follow a set of fixed laws or doctrines.
  • In black magic we try to call upon supernatural forces and request them or force them to help us (depending upon the user)
  • You should know and search for the names of demons, angels, spirits, djinn, gods or whomever you would like to call upon
  • And should try to find the Sigils or Symbols of those supernatural entities you would like to call upon
  • Learn about Seals (like the seals of King Solomon who ruled over spirits and djinn)

Tips to improve your skills

  • Practice meditation as this will help improve your communication with other world entities.
  • Learn some basic spells and practice them repeatedly.
  • Dig into the history and origins of magic and black magic
  • Increase your will power
  • Look into divination methods
  • Indulge into related fields such as Astrology, Tarot reading, Astral projection, Lucid dreaming, Telepathy, White magic, Spirituality and Remote viewing etc.

The fundamental rule to improve and be successful is of-coarse practice and patience.

The difference between “White” and “Black” magic.

In the classical religious tradition, “White” magic is performed for “good” purposes & “Black” magic is used for self-aggrandizement, personal power, and “evil” purposes. This is complete BS.

No one on earth ever pursued occult studies, metaphysics, yoga, or any other “white light” concept, without ego gratification and personal power as a goal.

What is pleasure to one, is pain to another, and the same applies to “good” and “evil”. Every practitioner of witchcraft is convinced that he or she is doing the “right” thing.

Religion V Black Magick

Religion is fast to point out the “evil” in magick, sorcery, spells, and contacting the other side.

If you are a Christian or Muslim, you would have read or been told to stay away from magick – “It’s Evil” “You will go to Hell.”

I’m not here to change your mind or convert you to witchcraft. Do you what feels comfortable to you. My view point is that there is enough room on this earth for all of us.

What I do want to point out, is the hypocrisy in religion, and religious books – mainly in defense to the insistence that witchcraft kills people and creatures – just for the fun of it. For example: The act of murder is rampant in the Bible.  In much of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, there are laws that command that people be killed for absurd reasons such as working on the Sabbath, being gay, cursing your parents, or not being a virgin on your wedding night.  In addition to these crazy and immoral laws, there are plenty of examples of God’s irrationality by his direct killing of many people for reasons that defy any rational explanation such as killing children who make fun of bald people, and the killing of a man who tried to keep the ark of God from falling during transport.

The following passages are a very small percentage of the total passages approving of murder in the Bible.

God vs. Devil


Satanism is also a religion.

It was created to mock the bible. People who make up GODS and DEMONS, do so to create fear, and thereby again control. Think about it…..would God or the Devil, in all their power, be sitting around watching you, waiting for you to do something wrong, so they can punish you. (We are not THAT important as individuals.)

I am not telling you to NOT practice Satanism. In fact, I encourage you to explore all paths, before deciding which path suits you best. Perhaps you will enjoy the community, rituals, and practices of Satanism. Many people who first move away from the Church, will begin as Satanists, as they are rebelling from their Christian upbringings, and the terms used and ritualistic practices are similar.

FYI- I am NOT a Satanist. I do NOT follow any organized religion. I am a witch – a solitary.

News – Spell Casting Month

I have started doing spells again for strangers. I will only do this for a month or two, as I start to become bored and loose my focus when just doing love spells time and again. Yet, I am in the mood to create love!

I charge the same rate, as I do for my day job. Spell work take time, and contacting entities. If you cannot afford the spell, please try doing the spell yourself. If you have questions on the spells, put the question in the comments section.

Totally Random……

If you are BRAND new to magic and spells…

We have added content for those of you who need to understand “Foundations of Magick.” It is so important to “walk before you run” as the old saying goes. Meaning, you need to understand the basic construction of spells etc. Even if you want to practice voodoo – you still need to understand the effect of seasons, elements, ingredients, etc has on the power of what you are doing.

Just For Fun: Learn Magic Tricks

I love magic of all types! While magic tricks are not witchcraft, it is fun and really special to share with family and friends.

Magic Tricks is listed under “white magic”, but I wouldn’t say the learn of magic tricks is a beginner skill, as it take SO much practice. However, if you learn these tricks, you will have them for life and be the most popular person at many party 🙂

magic tricks

  1. The Study of Magic
  2. Sleight of Hand
  3. Coin Magic Tricks
  4. Disappearing Handkerchief.
  5. Magic Tricks With Balls
  6. Magic with hats
  8. Tricks for friends
  9. Popular Magic Tricks
  10. Magic for Stage Performance
  11. Creating Hand Shadows









  1. lovelynanny

    i just find this very interesting . this course sounds awesome .

  2. Senaida Luera

    Hi my name is senaida and I just want to ask is how can I join the coven what would I have to do

  3. LadyM

    I’m new to the idea of black magic, but have some knowledge of wicca. I believe the left-handed path may be for me. I am interested in making this change in my life. So,where do I get started? Simple things at first…maybe changes in household items and things to add to/remove from my alter. Thank you for your help and advice. Blessed Be. LadyM

  4. Ashley

    Hi I’m Ashley gormley I want to be the devil soldier can you help me sell my soul to the devil for the wealth I seek I have been on spiritual path to gain promises from both Mephistopheles and the Green devil I suffered slander from the Red devil I understand that there are different entity I can barter my soul to such as behemoth baphomet and a female demon who known to me as ranoof because her name is unknown and she is not Lilith Lilith will never pay me for my soul I have asked for things such as the sword moons star sun and tower and house of wands I have asked the devil to be his soldier these paths I’ve been on I came across demons like set and anpu I was slander by these demons who wanted to possess people to attack me how ever I am spiritually ready to shake the hand of the devil others say I should die for the power for the devil please help me sell my soul I will ask the devil to give you one wish I have also asked for a chalice of souls so I will share this with you if you can help me

  5. Amber

    Hello i would like to start a course in black magic, ive been a practicing which for abt 13 yrs, now, So with that being, said, what would be my next step? Is it possible to speak with someone one the phone about a course? Thanks much Amber

  6. Tanu

    I want to sell my soul to devil and just need devil to fulfill my two wishes.
    1. I want my family to be safe and happy without me.
    2. I want the girl happier in her life whom I’ve love.

  7. BWS

    Hi Amber,
    Please email support@blackwitchcoven.com to arrange for information. If you already have, please resend your request.
    Lady Hannah

  8. BWS

    I hope you’re successful in your goal and your wishes.
    If you feel you need any help we have great coven members who are experienced in doing this kind of work. You can see what they offer here
    Thanks for your comment
    – Blonde Gypsy

  9. BWS

    Hi Ashley,
    Wow, it looks like you are very knowledgeable regarding the left hand path. We here at BWC mainly work with the Demons listed here
    If you need any help, one our coven members are able to facilitate a Demonic Pact Mediation on your behalf.
    Thanks for your comment,
    -Blonde Gypsy

  10. BWS

    Hi Senaida, Thanks for your interest in Black Witch Coven. Why don’t you send us an email at support@blackwitchcoven.com and tell us about yourself, your magical interests and experience.
    We look forward to hearing from you,
    -Blonde Gypsy

  11. BWS

    Thanks, we think so!
    -Blonde Gypsy

  12. Partha Barman

    i wanted to be an demon magician. so i want to sell my soul. how can i do it ?

  13. BWS

    There are plenty of videos on our youtube channel and we also offer a course of course!
    Hope this helps
    -Blonde Gypsy

  14. Amber


    My name is amber. Im wondering what can be used in place of graveyard dirt for a love spell in a voodoo doll?

  15. Ati

    Hi my name is Ati and i have a question!

    1)Is it possible to make a pact with lucifer/ satan. Instead od goetia demons ?! Or maby with both satan/ lusifer and one or two demons ?!

  16. Justice

    Hi am Justice

    I have been looking for a way to sell my soul to satan for years for wealth power and fame,i dont know much am i really want to sell my soul to satan sam of infor i find was liers,so reading your infor it it real give that hope i herd 7years ago

  17. BWS

    I’m glad you have hope again. The working with demons course is a good way to answer all your questions…
    -Blonde Gypsy

  18. bibodef850

    I’m starting now thank you so much for this valuable information, I can see you put a lot of effort into this…I’ve been searching for a place to give me real information, about a year ago I started feeling close to the left hand path and I felt some sort of deity watching over me and telling me to join this path I searched alot about spirits, etc and I just feel so comfortable with this it’s like I found my true purpose in this life anyway thank you so much

  19. BWS

    You’re so welcome, this is why we do it!
    I’m sure you’ll find lots of material here. There are FREE posts, videos and books to keep you occupied and also services, courses and of course, our shop Black Magic Witch when you need to stock up on supplies!
    -Blonde Gypsy

  20. Justice

    Thank you so plz give me the infor how to work with dimon Bune i real went to work with him for long thing,with mone and make me very wise

  21. Julia

    Love the new website! The information found here is the best — bar none! Thank you for all the knowledge you share! It is greatly appreciated!

  22. BWS

    Hello – The course you need to take is here http://www.workingwithdemons.com/

    The course has a FB group and Black Witch S answers questions for students every week on a chat, for over an hour each time. So its the best value course of this type –

    Otherwise, search ” BUNE” in the search bar.

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