Past Life Love Spell/Soulmate work


  • Kabbalah love spell
  • Soul mate spell
  • Free past life issue clearing (if necessary)
  • Report provided



What can this spell do? The focus on this spell can be on:

  • Bringing you the love you want
  • Strengthen the love you have
  • Remove obstacles that stop love from happening in the relationship
  • Heal past wounds
  • Bringing you towards your soul mate

You will tell us what you want when you order the spell.


  • I will cast an ultra strong love spell, which will bring you the love you’re dreaming of – whether if it’s with a specific person, or to find your soul mate who you haven’t met yet.
  • We will also look into any past life issues you may have had, and correct these – complimentary. If we can see it, we will fix it – since we are already there 🙂
  • A report on your situation and what you can expect moving forward
Often, it is this past life issue that is blocking you from having success in your current love life or from finding your soul mate.

This spell is not:

  • Black Magic
  • Demonic


Who does this spell?

  • A BWC Kabbalah expert

How long does it take to do?

  • We will collect the information from you first and then hand your request to our expert. She will look over your request and may have a few more questions for you. If she doesn’t she will schedule your work in her diary.
  • Once she completes your work, she prepares a report for you.
  • The process generally takes 5 to 7 days once we have all your information from you.

Consider this an insurance policy to meeting your soul mate. Learning and using the Kabbalah is extremely powerful, and works!

It’s time you be happy just like you deserve to!



This spell happened WAAAYYY faster than I was expected! And thank you so so so so so much to Black Witch Coven for taking extra great care of me and to make my dream come true! I really truly deeply appreciate what you have done for me! I have complete faith in you!! Thanks again!!


Awesome! I asked her to cast this spell together with the spell that makes one beautiful and attractive. The morning just after she cast the spells, I felt comfortable and thought that things will surely be going better. And I already had a good signs! I’m sure she is a true spell caster. She is highly recommended. Thank you so much, 


Thank you very much, its great to know that there is someone like you people can turn to, when they really need one. I will surely come back to you again.

If you want to read more about the Kabbalah – I recommend this external site


The Results  Are Not Always What You Want To Hear

Client Result Example 1

Here is the truth from your tree of life…. You and (name deleted) aren’t the #1 soul mates of each other, but #5 soul mates (which is still very high), and therefore being together with each other is still great.

The obstacle preventing it from happening now is that in past lives, you were lovers of each other – while being married to other people in one of your past lives, which took place a long time ago, about 2300 years ago. Therefore “Karma” has set a sort of a curse on you, and that’s why it’s currently working out as it has been. This is what is causing problems in this life.

To help – I’ve casted an strong spell which will solve this problem and will bring you together, and that will be a great relationship too.

I’m reminding you here too: Please remember that it usually takes spells a couple of months to have effect, but I’ll do my best so that it happens asap, as it should succeed. And You and (name deleted) will have a huge love eventually, full of spiritual and physical passion.

Client Result Example 2

The obstacle preventing it from happening now is that in one of their past lives they were a mother and a son and their relationship was terrible due to a dispute over an inheritance.

This is what causing their problems in this life, and now I’ve casted an ultra strong spell which will solve this problem……..


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