Love Spell – Reunite a couple and remove a 3rd person



  • Work to remove an unwanted 3rd person
  • Work to re-create a love relationship for you both



 Powerful Love Spell

SPELL: To breakup your ex and their new love interest, and reconnect them with you.

This spell is the same as performed in the video, and takes 3 days of preparation. The spell itself maybe conducted over several days, or weeks – as determined on a case by case basis.


This type of love spell is what I do best

Doing this type of love work requires years of experience. Every case is slightly different. I will tailor the spell depending on your case and situation.

Some cases are straight forward. Other cases require different magical techniques to shift the energies for the magick to happen. Sadly to say, not everyone should reconcile with their partner. When the spiritual world decides this in our magick work – the decision should be respected. This means your true soul mate is waiting and work should be done in aligning you with this soul mate.


**You must think about what you really want before you have me do this spell. If you bring the person back to you, are you willing to forgive the person for leaving you and finding another? Are you ready to start new and treat them right? If not, you will bring them back to you, and they will be sad and depressed or leave you again, You must create the home environment which will nurture love….make sense?

You will need to provide me with the following:

  • A photo of all people
  • Dates of birth of all people (if possible)
  • Personal concerns (I may need these. I will let you know if I need you to send these, and at that point of time I will give you my mailing address)
  • Tell me what happened in the relationship
  • Tell me if you have done any magick on this situation already
  • Tell me if you connect to a deity or spirit already

black magic love spells


Results & Testimonial

So happy when a client gets back to me with their progress after a spellcasting 🙂

“This is a message for Black Witch S. I am one of your clients, you did a separation and reconciliation spell for me. I am the one you did the reverse black candle separation ritual on Youtube for. I wanted to tell you that after 3 months I got the result that I wanted. When I saw your video I was sure that it will work because I could feel your power and energy in my whole body. It was amazing. You are a really powerful and talented witch. I thank you very much for the great work you have done for me.”

So much fun – and so rewarding bringing a family back together

Astaroth's sigil

Astaroth’s sigil

If you want me to ship you the completed voodoo dolls when the spell is complete,  you will need to purchase additional shipping. It’s only $10 extra. Make sure you purchase it at time of order, as I will be keeping your voodoo doll in my collection. It will be buried, but I don’t keep note of the exact locations 🙂

Purchase Shipping

Do this spell yourself?

Voodoo Doll Separation Candle










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