Sigil Magic Is Easy

Amdusias sigil

If you are reading this, it is very likely that you already have a magical system, and you are just looking to add something to it. If not -and you are completely fresh to magic- then why not use sigil magic to summon up your ideal magical system?

Sigils are probably the least complex form of enchantment that can still be called magic. Sigils are elegant. Sigils are adaptable. They don’t replace anything in your life or spiritual practice. They aren’t either/or. Whatever your flavor, you can definitely use sigils. They can fit into any magical system.

Here is a step by step guide to making sigils:

Before you start any magick work, including sigil designing, you need to “get into state” – meaning you need to enter trance state through meditation to ensure you are 100% focused on your intention. Sending coded messages to your unconscious is more effective if you already have a working relationship with it. Energy work and meditation are the best ways to do this.

1. Write out your intention. Make it a positive one. Do not use any negative
words. The subconscious mind will only understand positive intentions. For
instance: I WILL SEE SOMEONE WEARING PURPLE SHOES. Do not use words like
“want” or “desire” either. Those words are merely “wishes”. You want your
subconscious to WILL something into being.

2. Cross out every repeating letter. “P” can be found in “R”, so you can
cross out “P”. “N” can be found in “W”, so you can cross out “N”. “M” and
“W” are pretty much the same letter so you can cross one of them out. “L”
can be found in “H”. You are then left with “WSEOAGRUH”. One intention that
many people will use is “I WILL OBTAIN EXTRA MONEY”. “WOBTAEXRY” The “Y” of
course could be in “X”, depending on your writing style.

3. Get creative. Draw a symbol or picture using every single letter. Try
hiding the “WSEOAGRUH” within the picture. You can make the picture USING
the letters. You can turn them any which way you want. You can color or
paint them if you wish. It will be YOUR OWN personal image, so you can get
creative with it in any way you like. If you’d prefer not to spend that much
time on it, that’s fine too. You can just scribble a random looking symbol
if you want. The only thing that matters is that you make it yourself and
add all of the letters to it.

4. Fire it off. Now is the time to “fire the sigil off” or “charge it”. By
doing this, you make sure it leaves an imprint on your subconscious mind. In
order to fire it off, you must look upon the sigil while in a trance like,
gnostic state. This can be a tricky part because many people are uncertain
as to how to go about being in a state of gnosis.

You can do this by:

* – Deep Meditation – Surround the sigil with candles and stare at it along
with the flames while meditating. *

*- Sex – A state of gnosis can be reached through orgasm. Have the sigil
hanging up on the wall. *

*- Dancing – Some people can reach a trance state through dancing. Have the
sigil hanging up on the wall. *

*- Pain – Yes, some people go as far as burning or cutting themselves when
trying to charge off a sigil. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try it though.
Please don’t. *

*- Exhaustion – Try staring at the sigil while running on the treadmill or
something similar. *

*- Yoga- Similar to meditation. Try staring at the sigil while practicing
yoga. *

*- Drifting off to sleep – Hang it to where you can see it as you drift off
to sleep. Those few seconds in between the waking world and dream world
might be enough to fire the sigil off. *

5. After you feel that you’ve successfully charged the sigil I suggest 1 of 2 choices…..
ONE – tear it up and forget about it.

TWO – place it  where it empowers and serves you (like the BWC Sigil, used as our logo)


  • It’s best not to consciously worry or think about it. It is officially
    imprinted on your subconscious mind now, don’t let your conscious mind
    interfere. If you’ve done all the steps right, then you should be seeing
    someone wearing purple shoes soon and receiving some extra money. Results
    seem to happen in 3’s: 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months. Results usually come
    when you’re least expecting them too; thus the importance of “forgetting”
    about the sigils.
  • If you find that you have a hard time at forgetting about them, then you
    could try making many of them all at once, but setting them all aside for
    awhile before charging them off. Since you won’t have them labeled, you
    won’t remember which is which and you’ll have an easier time remembering
    what all they’re for exactly. Your subconscious will remember which is which
    though. In the end, that’s what matters the most.


Common concerns on sigil design include:

  • This still looks too much like the original letters.
  • This looks nothing like the original letters.
  • This doesn’t look very ‘magical’.

Don’t worry about how it looks on your first few attempts. When you have done this process 10 times, you will have a better looking design.sigil

Sigil construction tips:

  • Use positive words rather than negative words.
  • Have fixed or clear goals.
  • Use the present tense.
  • Describe the ‘completed’ situation rather than the desire to get there.
  • You could use lowercase and uppercase letters even use a different alphabet if you wished.
Astaroth's sigil

Astaroth’s sigil

Examples of Positive Words to use in sigil construction

  • ‘I am in a loving relationship’ rather than ‘I want to find love’.
  • “I am now a successful fashion model” rather than “I would like to be a successful fashion model”
  • ‘I am my ideal weight’ or ‘I wear size 10’ rather than ‘I wish to lose weight fast’.
  • ‘I wholly own my house’ rather than ‘I wish to be mortgage free’.

A lot of the time you can shorten it further… using the first example again, you can bring your statement down to just ‘my ideal weight’ for instance. (The I, A and M will be crossed out anyway.) You’ll get faster at noticing these shortcuts with more practice.

black magic love spell

A Suggested Sigil “Spell Casting” Ritual

  • Set up your workspace. However you choose to do it, as there is no right or wrong. If you are witch you may choose to set up a classic altar, or if you are an occultist, choose a design that gets you into the mood. Or it could be your cloth, incense, and a candle. It does not matter….however, the better the setting, the deeper the activation it seems.
  • Lay out your sigil/sigils in front of you. You would have already created the sigils before you sit down to do the ritual.
  • Light candles and incense.  Get into your magick state of mind. If you can’t do this, then read my book/do my 6 month mediation course for witches. Then light candles etc
  • Summon your spirit guides. Either beings you have pre-existing relationships with or beings affiliated with road/gate openings. Once again, you can learn how to connect in my spiritual warfare guide.
  • Meditate on each sigil individually. You’d be surprised how easy it is to genuinely forget which sigil encodes which magical goal. Pick one up, breathe and just stare at it in a comfortable, detached way. Your eyes will eventually warp the squiggle. Soon after it will feel ‘inert’… like it was once alive and has reverted to simply being a piece of paper. Mentally repeat Spare’s “Does not matter, need not be.” Put the sigil down and move onto the next one.
  • Close down your space. When complete. No need to banish. You can if you want… I don’t mind if my guides keep hanging around afterwards. I talk to them all the time anyways (regardless if they are listening to me or not lol)

C’est fini!

black witch s

Black Witch S working with the sigil of Astaroth

Burning your sigils or not?

I used to burn my sigils after creation, and during the ritual, however these days, I really like keeping them and admiring them! The idea of burning your sigils is that you are releasing them, and forgetting them. However, I am so busy and distracted with my “next thing” that I forget about them anyways! Having a picture of the sigil to look at, among all my other pictures in my working space, creates my magick environment, and I don’t feel it effects the spell outcome. Still, I would love to know your thoughts on this too.

My other sigil creation tips:

  • To create a sigil you must first know exactly what it is you want to occur.
  • You should word the statement of intent as if it has already happened.
  • I generally charge the sigil using visualized intention while drawing them
  • flip the finished drawing over and draw an invoking, or banishing pentagram depending on the type of sigil magick you are conducting
  • You can place a quartz crystal over each one. This will provide a vessel for the sigil thought form and allow it to go about its business much quicker.
  • You may also like to place the sigil and quartz onto an orgone charging pad and place under a pyramid for increased manifestation power

BWC Sigil

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