Demonic Pacts

At worst it will help you change your point of view. At best it may bring you what you desire.

— Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

The Demonic pact:

It commits a person to a contractual obligation with a metaphysical entity in return for services that would irrevocably change the person’s life.

Does that scare you? If so, what part? The idea of communicating with a metaphysical entity or the struggle of completing your goal?

Pacts with spirits require work and effort and should not be done frivolously.

Often it is easier to use conventional means to get what you want. However, after these means have been exhausted, a pact will provide you with a sense of power over feelings of helplessness and the frequent desire to simply submit to the circumstances of life.

To know whether a pact can work for you is a question of experimentation. The experiment alone can give you a new sense of yourself.

In fact making a pact with a spirit may allow you to observe how your mind works. It will also give you an opportunity to break free from some of the conditioning and brainwashing of childhood.

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Is making a pact Black Magick?

The answer is yes! Pact making is considered “black magic,” since the spirits we consort with are demons.

Like a Magus, pact making enters into the world of transcendental magic, since one must use the ability to work through the mind, not just the body.

So who makes pacts?

Don’t be fooled into thinking the making of a pact is a new magical tool. The rich and the royals have been practicing black magick since the very beginning.

Henri 111 of France (19 September 1551 – 2 August 1589), was an active practitioners of magic.

One famous example was the notorious Francis Hepburn, “the Wizard Earl” of Bothwell, who consistently used black magic both to aid his political career and to eliminate, or attempt to eliminate his enemies.

Many of these people kept magicians on retainer throughout their careers, and many business and wealthy people do now!

In modern times, it is a hot rumor, that for years rock band Led Zeppelin attained success through an agreement with the powers of darkness.

And it is a fact that guitarist Jimmy Page is openly a student of the magician Aleister Crowley.

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 Can I Talk with the Demons during Pact Making?

Today, we like an easy path to success, however, unless you are born with access to your 6th Sense, you will need to work on opening it. This is a skill – one you must practice consistently. Even if a witch makes a pact for you, your ability to connect with the demons is a learned skill. The demon is still watching you – no matter if you can connect with the demon or not.

Of course, there are short cuts to spirit communication. You do not have to follow the steps of conjuration as provided in the Goetia rituals, as these are extremely difficult (and frightening) for the novice.

Various divination methods such as the use if a pendulum or scrying mirrors , are helpful to use during spirit communication for the novice and the professional. Communication can be achieved without the need of entering a trance state.

In my course Working With Demons, I share with students how to easily communicate with demons by using such methods, rather than the traditional Goetic method.

Are Demonic Pacts Dangerous?


As an occultist, sorcerous, witch etc, with decades of experience in necromancy, I haven’t had a negative experience with spirits….yet! Still, I will warn you that my experience is not common.

I believe this to be the case due to my comfort in knowing we are powerful entities ourselves. My years of study, practice, and praise of their cause may also have put in good standing. Most importantly, I have done extensive work around personal and family protection.

I do not think for one minute, all demonic entities are safe or even open to human relationships. People who are sitting on the fence and fearing God’s vengeance need not “bargain with the devil.” Truth of the matter is that the demon knows you better than you know yourself. So don’t bother making false promises.

Just be a perfectly flawed human, step up to the plate, and say it like you mean it! If you can’t be honest to your demons, don’t expect them to be fair with you!

How will my Demonic Pact be Fulfilled?

Magick, and specifically pact agreements, usually works through “synchronicity,” or unusual coincidence, rather than the casual breaking of physical laws.  Most of the time, you will not find the demon has fulfilled your request overnight. And yet for some people, their request seams instant.

Black Witch Coven has the first known “Register Of Daemonic Pacts” for all pacts completed by the coven. Pacts are numbered on completion, and the demon contacted is listed next to the name of the pact holder. In years to come, if a person forgets they created a pact, BWC can remind them of their spiritual contract!

Why is this?

Why should the demon jump to your request? Who are you to demand an action be fulfilled just because you are asking for it to be!  Let’s go back to my earlier definition for the demonic pact:

It commits a person to a contractual obligation with a metaphysical entity in return for services that would irrevocably change the person’s life. 

When the pact is in effect, and you begin to honor your part of the pact, you also may perform the proper actions—”spells” if you will—and what you want to happen may just happen.

“What I wanted and needed to happen, “just happened” after the pact-working, things that 1 could not make happen before.”

Most importantly, you must believe in the spiritual world and the process. Some people expect a demonic force to “prove” itself before they fulfill their end of the contract. Unfortunately, it is this person who finds themselves a victim of a demons wrath. A demon does not work on our human timeline, and the “beast” can wait for the best opportunity in your life to exact revenge. This person soon remembers their pact, often make years previous, and runs of to a priest or witch, to plead their case.

I have been accused of being “unsympathetic” to the scared dabbler. That I “don’t take pity and provide (free) help” to those who find themselves lost in the occult. My role as an occultist, is to look after MY interests first. To the thousands of you who find themselves in a hairy demon predicament, just know that I do Empathize with you, But I do not sympathize with you. That is your mothers job.  If you need professional help after the fact, you must BELIEVE in the powers I work within wholeheartedly – and you will pay me for my time.

Author: Black Witch Savannah


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“Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best…now anyone can use this knowledge to cast simple love, money, protection, and luck spells that can bring results in just a few days… even if you’ve never cast a successful spell.”

– Rose Ariadne

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