Black Magick Revenge Spell


This ritual is to cause bad luck, misery, and misfortune to take revenge on an individual that has caused you harm or wronged you.



The Black Magick Revenge Spell I do is exceptional

This ritual is to cause:

  • Illness
  • bad luck
  • misery
  • misfortune
  • depression
  • headaches
  • …and more

To check my work, just ask a clairvoyant to look into the aura of the individual getting hexed or cursed. They will see the damage – and they should be able to see me too as the trouble maker behind this curse.

Please be assured that you will not be in any danger in choosing to have this ritual performed.

The only one who will need to worry is the target of the ritual!

Do not buy this spell unless you are SURE you want to place a curse/hex on someone. This is EXTREMELY POWERFUL, and once it is done, it is impossible to undo. Once I have done this ritual I cannot reverse it nor am I responsible for what may happen to the individual it is placed upon.

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