Chakras are energy centers in your subtle body/ self that interact with and extend beyond the physical world. The word ‘chakra’ is Sanskrit for ‘spinning wheel or disc’ referring to the idea that they spin at a particular frequency.

Connecting the chakras and running throughout the body are thousands of energy channels called nadirs, which translate as ‘flowing water’. They are similar to veins but they govern the circulation of energy through your body.

It is thought that the 7 major chakras of the body are formed when the energy channels/ nadirs cross each other 21 times. Minor chakras are created when they are crossed 14 times and further vortices are created when crossed 7 or less times. There may be some correlation to these small vortices and acupuncture points of Chinese medicine.

Major Chakras:

There are many chakras in your body. But the major ones are the seven that run from the base of the spine to the top of your head. Each of the 7 major chakras affect a different aspect of the physical body, ie the different hormones, glands, the senses and parts of the physical body such as skin and muscle.

The location of these chakras correspond to the major nerve plexuses of the physical body in that particular area. Each major chakra on the front of the body is paired with its counterpart on the back. Together they are considered the front and back aspect of one chakra. The front aspects are related to a person’s feelings, while the rear ones are related to his/her will. The ones on the head are related to mental processes. Chakras 1 and 7 may be considered to be paired as they are the open ended points of the main vertical power current that runs up and down the spine into which all the chakras point.

These tips are called the ‘roots’ or ‘heart’ of the chakra. Within these roots are seals which control the exchange of energy between layers of energy through that particular chakra. Therefore each of the 7 chakras has 7 layers, each corresponding to a layer on the auric field. In order for some energy to flow from one layer to another through the chakra, it must pass through the seals in the roots of the chakras.

Energy can be seen flowing into all these chakras from the universal energy field. Each swirling vortex of energy appears to absorb energy from the field. All of the major, minor and lesser chakras/ acupuncture points are openings for energy to flow into and out of the aura. Since this energy is always associated with a form of consciousness, we experience the energy we exchange in terms of seeing, hearing, sensing, intuiting or direct knowing.

Understanding the Lower chakras:

The 3 lower chakras – Stomach/Solar plexus, Sacral and Base – teach you how to attend to your basic needs in life in order to stay happy and healthy.

Can be described as the ‘Feeling’ chakras. They govern instinctive and emotional behavior including sexuality and sensuality. They are the ‘body’ chakras, concerned with your wellbeing through digestion, sex, social interaction and keeping your body going through the routines of daily living.

As such, these chakras are the ones that enable you to fulfil your basic needs. They deal with your unconscious needs and drives, revealing what is going on beneath the surface.

The lower chakras hold the key to a healthy and balanced life if you’re able to tune in and work with them. Your lower chakras remind you that you must always stay grounded, healthy and motivated.

Base chakra:

·        Located at base of spine and is the ‘Chakra of the earth’.

·        Controls instinct, survival, pleasure and base sexuality.

·        In body it governs smell, the gonads and adrenal glands, the excretory system and all that is solid ie bones teeth, hair and nails.

Illnesses linked to imbalances of the base chakra:

·        Anorexia

·        Constant illness due to exhaustion

·        Low BP

·        Arthritis

·        Constipation

·        Hemorrhoids

·        Obesity.

Regular exercising and avoiding over indulgence help keep this chakra balanced. If not sufficiently stimulated it can generate inertia in your life. Overstimulation can lead to the other extreme and can run to exhaustion, being run down and increased frequency of illness.

Sacral Chakra.

·        Located just below your navel and is the ‘Chakra of water’

·        Controls creativity (including procreation), nurturing, sensuality and sexuality, and change. Your mothering nurturing side is under the control of sacral chakra.

·        In body it governs taste, ovaries and testicles, spinal column, womb, bladder and kidneys.

Illnesses linked to imbalances of the sacral chakra include:

·        Impotence

·        Bladder and uterine disorders.

·        Frigidity and sexual dysfunction.

As the ‘chakra of water’, it’s important to keep sufficient water flowing through your system. This chakra suffers if insufficient water or excessive alcohol is consumed.

The sacral chakra can help improve how you interact with people. Simply focus on balancing the chakra to remove the barriers between you and others.

Stomach/ Solar Plexus chakra:

·        Located below the breast bone and known as the ‘chakra of fire’.

·        Controls interaction with your environment, the digestive process and the emotions

·        In the body it governs the pancreas, the stomach, the liver, the diaphragm, the adrenals and the nervous system.

Illnesses linked to imbalances of the stomach/solar plexus chakra:

·        Diabetes

·        Hypoglycemia

·        Ulcers

·        Gallstones

·        Mental and nervous exhaustion.

This chakra teaches you that you must have the willpower of fire. It is linked to your environment and there are times that you may feel out of control because of the influences that surround you. You must strive to maintain balance as imbalance in this area can lead to conditions such as depression.

Understanding the balancing Chakra.

The heart chakra:

·        The heart brings balance to the chakras by acting as the meeting point of the lower and upper energy centers.

·        The heart chakra is located at the level of the heart on the spine and corresponds to the element air.

·        This chakra is the center of love and being. The source of harmony that balances the upper three chakras and the lower three,

·        In the body it governs the thymus gland, the heart, blood and the circulatory system

·        It governs the sense of touch, and you are ‘in touch’ when you relate positively to something or someone.

The heart chakra is the pivotal balancing point between the mental and perceptive processes (upper 3) and the instinctive, feeling processes (lower 3). In the heart chakra all our energies are balanced and directed into action, which is why it links directly with healing chakras in the hands.

Exercises to help stimulate your heart chakra:

Use these to synchronize your heart chakra with the other chakras, to meditate and to focus your healing and spell casting powers.

1.     Heart with hands.

Find a relaxed place and stand with your hands out in front of you. Turn one palm downward, the other facing upwards. Open and close the space between them until you feel your hands warming with energy. Switch the position so the upward palm is now facing downwards and vice versa, and continue until they become warm.

2.     Next, bring your hands together to form a prayer position. When your palms are a few cm’s apart, hold the position and imagine the energy filling the gap, travelling between each palms minor chakra. Bring your hands together to connect the nadirs energy circuit from your heart chakra through both your palms and back, then feel the energy move everywhere in your body.

Opening your heart.

1.     Sit comfortably on your favorite chair and close your eyes. As you relax, with each in breath feel yourself drawing the golden energy of the earth below you into your base chakra and up your spine through your lower chakras to the heart chakra. Do this for 2-3 mins.

2.     Then on each out breath feel yourself drawing down the silvery energy of the heavens, stars and moon into your crown.

3.     Feel the energy flow down through your upper 3 to your heart chakra. Allow these 2 energies to merge. Then let this energy flow around your body – balancing your chakras and energizing you.

Mantras from the heart.

Using the associated mantra for the heart chakra is a good way for healing both yourself and others.

Sacred words:

Begin by opening your arms to allow the energy to flow freely along the nadirs between your heart chakras and your minor palm chakras.

The mantra for the heart chakra is ‘SA’. Form the words in your mind and sound it internally while also imagining the energy building up in your heart chakra region. Speak your words and try visualizing your heart chakra as a sphere of green light about the size of a tennis ball at your heart as you vibrate the mantra….

The mantra OM  can also be used well with any of the chakras for energizing and balancing if you find this to be any easier.

Understanding your Upper chakras:

The upper chakras have control over our most fundamental of human processes-thinking, dreaming and communicating. They have control over our ability to be creative and how we express ourselves to others. They could be described as our “thinking chakras”. They deal with both our conscious mental processes and the subconscious world of dreams, and help us define our goals and aspirations for the future. They also give you the power to express your thoughts and feelings to others.

Our spirit grows tired when the upper chakras are under stimulated, and you go ‘head in the clouds’, which means that you are unable to realistically achieve your goals. When you have the balance right to these chakras, you enjoy life and feel your actions are rewarding.

Throat Chakra:

·        Also known as the “Chakra of Space”.

·        It controls dreams, the voice and active power, the creation of spells and magic.

·        It’s about expression, finding and using your words

·        In body, it governs the sense of hearing, the thyroid gland, the lungs and voice apparatus.

Illnesses linked to imbalance in the throat Chakra include:

·        Ear, throat and thyroid conditions.

·        ‘Disempowerment’ by your own lack of words

Try shouting or screaming your head off when you feel secure in the privacy of your own space. This releases a lot of pent up negativity and encourages willingness to use voice.

Third Eye chakra:

·        Located on the brow and controls psychic ability and the mental process.

·        In body it governs the pituitary gland, lower brain, eyes, nose and nervous system.

Illnesses linked to lack of balance in 3rd eye include:

·        Stress

·        Eye conditions

·        Headaches including migraines

·        Nightmares – these occur when the unconscious mind is stressed and unable to process a message in a more positive way.

You can relieve these conditions by having quality time for yourself, even if only short breaks when you are overworked.

Deep breathing, especially through the nose is a good way to rebalance this chakra.

Crown Chakra:

·        Located at the very top of the head. It is the “Chakra of thought”.

·        It controls consciousness and all the processes of the body and mind.

·        In the body, it governs the pineal gland and the upper brain.

Illnesses linked with imbalance to the crown chakra:

·        Alienation

·        Confusion

·        Depression

·        Not knowing your place in the world

·        Lacking confidence in your abilities.

The crown chakra helps combat these negative feelings by teaching you to appreciate life, the beauty around you in nature and culture and the value of the people you love.

Exercise your crown chakra by letting your imagination and creativity roam as much as possible.