Hoodoo witchcraft has caused a stir in the Hoodoo community. Especially to those who believe they own the body of knowledge on hoodoo. That is a joke in of itself!

“Keeping Hoodoo pure” is a common statement of the ignorance coming from those stuck in these limited thinking patterns.

The truth is that Hoodoo, like every other magic society and every other folk practice, is an ever evolving and changing practice. Try to standardize or create the “golden how-to” manual and guides to Hoodoo is not only arrogant, but also ignorant!

Also, to say Hoodoo practice is or should be, limited to special segments of our global community, is also hypocritical. Why? Because Hoodoo has adopted so many magical practices from so many other traditions along its path to where it is now, that to “own” the current practice of Hoodoo as “traditional” is poor form!

For example, consider why Hoodoo practitioners use the following in the craft:

Tarot? – Wasn’t this from the Kabbalah?

Candle work (Especially colored or glass candles)? – Wasn’t this from South American/Jewish/Haitian and Catholic influences

Herbal Work in the USA? – Didn’t the Indians teach the new people to their land, how to use their herbs for herbal medicines and spiritual practicess?

Bible Verses? – Slaves were brought to the USA against their free will, and were forced to convert into Christianity. They were not permitted to practice their African religions, or work with the Lwa. The use of the bible was a way to hide their traditional work in the new country (USA), without punishment or death.


Today, many people are trying to standardize folk magick. This is WRONG. Folk magic is passed down, mostly by word of mouth. The internet has allowed a few groups to people to try and tell everyone else HOW to practice Hoodoo. The idea is that if you don’t do it their way it is wrong!

The fact is, every Hoodoo practitioner will have their way of doing Hoodoo (or conjure).

Who is doing it right then?

A: Everyone and no-one. It depends on who you ask! I say, that if you are getting results from your work, but the style in which you practice is NOT the same as one of these “gurus” – then keep on doing it your way! You are right!

Here are some global concepts in hoodoo that determine success:

Hoodoo is about spiritual connection – MOST IMPORTANT.

If you don’t grasp this concept of connection to spirit (or a higher power), then you’ll never have any success in spell casting in Hoodoo. Which spirit you connect to is typically the next question one asks. I say, whichever one answers to you!

Ancestral connection is a MAJOR Must DO!

Based on the traditional practices or foundations of African religion/magic (its combined), people must connect with their ancestors, as it is the ancestors who have also walked your human path, and who are now connected with the spirits. Ancestors are considered ever present in our mundane lives, and are called on to assist in our human life.

BWC has listed Hoodoo Magic as an “Intermediate Skill” as Hoodoo involves spiritual connection. Some people may need to work on what spiritual connection means to them before beginning spiritual levels of spell casting.


Let’s be honest here…if you’re here on Black Witch Coven or our sister site Hoodoo Witchcraft, looking for instruction on how to learn hoodoo, then I am going to assume you want to practice Hoodoo for spellcasting?

If you’re looking for traditional hoodoo instruction, I believe you need to go and work one-on-one with a Hoodoo or Voodoo/Voudon Priest or Priestess (often called different title in different areas).

In New Orleans, Island of Salvation has a wonderfully kind and spiritual Priestess Sallie Ann Glassman, who offers community spiritual events, so you can experience spirit! Working with the saints, Loa, and spirits, is not what Hoodoo witchcraft can help you with. Only Hoodoo Witchcraft Spell casting methods.

Hoodoo Spell casting includes:

  • Mojo bags (gris gris etc)
  • Voodoo dolls (poppets, doll babies etc)
  • Candle work
  • Protection work
  • Working with:
    • Body fluids
    • eggs
    • lemons
    • curios

All of the above skills are taught in Hoodoo Witchcraft. It is then up to you, the practitioner, to adapt and adjust the skills to suit your current location and available materials!

So mote it be!


New Orleans: These stores are away from the main new orleans tourist area, but only by a few minutes in a car

Island of Salvation Botanica

Sallie Ann Glassman is an initiated Vodou priestess who calls up and mediates the power of the Spirit. Sallie is internationally recognized for her lectures, art, readings and healing ceremonies. She is one of a handful of Americans ordained into Vodou in the traditional Haitian initiation.

It is a snug shop offering a range of products including candles, incense & herbs, plus psychic readings.

F&F Botanica and Candle Shop

One of my favorite places here in New Orleans for super affordable candles and spiritual supplies. You’ll know what I mean when you get there. The owner is super nice and knowledgeable as well. The store history is quite remarkable too – they have been around forever.

Crescent City Conjure

Sen Elias is not only a friend, but a 100% authentic conjure man. Whatever product or service you have with him, you know its real. His tarot readings are extremely accurate too.

Sen Elias is also an Alexandrian Witch, and belongs to a local coven here in New Orleans. 🙂

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