The Akashic Records contain every detail of every life that has existed on the earthly plane – and beyond. The Akashic Records contain not just the events that transpired for each person, but also every thought, word and deed. Emotions as well as thoughts (whether rational or not) are also found in the Akashic Records.

Free Will

It is vital that we go back to the earliest records of human history because it is in these essential scriptures do we find the truth that has been lost in modern times. Before one can correctly interpret the Akashic Records, one must be aware that every spirit has been created for a purpose but that does not mean that the human spirit is devoid of free will. This is farthest from the truth.

In fact, the very first gift the universal source energy had given every human spirit was free will. Free will is the ability of the human spirit to grow and transform itself as it sees fit. This liberty in the spiritual sense is also called spiritual expression. The concept of ‘finding one’s self’ is perfect to describe the free will bestowed upon every human spirit that has ever existed.

Transformation & Unification

What happens after free will has been bestowed upon the human spirit? The spirit must know go through life itself, which is essentially a world full of experiences and most importantly, choices. The concept of free will is tied integrally to making choices.

One’s personal choices in life are not made in a vacuum. One cannot say that one choice made ten years ago did not affect one’s present reality. Every choice leads to another situation that requires yet another choice, which then produces another event that requires another decision, and so on.

While often difficult, this life full of choices is what allows individual beings to remain free beings who are capable of expressing themselves as they see fit.

Our spiritual self has a dualistic nature – we are distinct entities from the universal source energy, but we are still part of it regardless of our distinctness. This distinctness is only possible because of free will.

As the human spirit transforms with the help of worldly experiences and choices, it comes closer and closer to the ultimate goal of being reunited with the universal source energy.

Awareness of the Akashic Records Throughout History

The use of the akashic records has been passed down through folklore and is mentioned several times in the bible. Rumor has always been that there is a celestial tablet that contains all information that has ever existed. It is often known as “The Book of Life.”

Man was aware that a Heavenly Library or Book of Life existed – and the Akashic Records were mentioned in both Western and Eastern mythology. Even the Old Testament and the New Testament made mention of the Akashic Records (though it was not called as such). The term ‘Akashic’ came from the Sanskrit word “akasha” which meant boundless time and space.

Historically, Semitic, Phoenician and even Babylonians believed that celestial tablets existed, where the hand of God wrote everything that transpires on Earth. This is the earliest recorded awareness of man of the Akashic Records. In addition to historical information, it was also believed that these heavenly tablets also contained spiritual information.

Interestingly, it appears that the symbolism connected with the Book of Life has a logical precursor. According to many cultural historians, throughout history cultures placed great importance on one’s name. One’s name was tied to one’s existence – so if a name for example was removed or stricken out of an official record (say, from a ruling political body) then that was tantamount to having not existed at all.

Definition of the Akashic Records according to notable psychics

Many of the modern accounts of Akashic Records come from psychic individuals (regardless of their chosen faiths and sects). By ‘psychic’ we refer to persons who are able to see beyond the physical, three-dimensional aspect of the Universe.

The Quintessential Core of All Energies

According to Helena Blavatsky, a Russian psychic who lived from 1831 to 1891, the Akashic Records are more than just unchanging records of human events.

It is creative and dynamic in nature and indeed has a large influence upon present events.
Blavatsky also describes the Akashic Records as being” the very core or essence of all types of energy, whether it be physical energy, psychic energy or even spiritual energy.” According to her, within the Akashic Records are the very seeds of creation, which are activated by the will of the Divine Spirit.

The Realities in the Spiritual World

Another psychic, Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner (who is a philosopher-educator by trade) claims that the Akasha Records or the “Akasha Chronicles” allow any person to see the origins of all things that have existed on Earth. The origins of all events, things and persons cannot be destroyed by worldly time as we perceive it.

The Akasha Chronicles, according to Steiner, can only be perceived via the spiritual plane or spiritual world. This spiritual world exists regardless of one’s beliefs.

Steiner states that “once a person becomes adept in perceiving the Akasha Chronicles, the duality of human cognition comes into play.” The perceptive person is no longer trapped in physical reality – he can now see both physical and spiritual realities as they transpire. Spiritual and physical become two sides of a coin we call life.

Steiner also touches upon the concept of history when he talks about the Akashic Records. He says that physical reality only produces transitory history. The Akashic Records provide non-transitory history of all individuals, regardless of time, place and origin. If one wishes to glean wisdom about past events, the Akashic Records is capable of providing the eternal character of these past events.

Akashic Records according to Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce is one of world’s most popular contemporary psychics. He is known best for his ability to produce answers for seemingly impossible or improbable questions, such as a person’s health condition or the location of mythic places.

Cayce is able to do this by going into a trance state (self-induced). He too believed in the existence of the Akashic Records and was able to use the Heavenly Library to carry out specific readings for people. He calls the Akashic Records the reservoir of heavenly memories.

“The unseen forces are greater than the seen”

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