Agares – my “go to” Demon for possession work.

Back when I was living in Hawaii (five months ago), I put a curse on a local business, whose owner was not only a horrific bully to his employees, but also a real tyrant on the environment. And yes, he pissed me off personally too (which is actually rare).

Hawaii has many additional regulations for boat owners and lovers of the ocean, to respect the marine environment, and specifically certain species that come to the Hawaiian waters to breed and raise their babies. I have video footage of these violations that I took myself, and added it to the list of crap I was building against this person to warrant the work I was about to do.

To work on the Mundane level, I could’ve just reported all these violations, including tax violations to the appropriate authorities. If any of you know anything about big business, you know that with a good lawyer, and the right payment to the right person, most things can magically go away. Plus I’m not really big on following rules, and I’d rather do the work myself as I trust the magical over the mundane.

After a few start up rituals, I then pulled out the big guns to ensure a slow but absolute destruction of this person’s empire. These start up rituals included Hoodoo style light setting, offerings to deity, etc. and general curses on various parts on this individual’s business and person.

Next step is black magic style work which includes spells and rituals, but also daemonic spells using the relationships with Demons that I have nurtured over the years. Agares was one of the demons i used for this purpose.

This morning I find out, that this guy had a major business contract for services with the government put back on the market for bid. This means that even though he was originally granted the contract (a major win after a long and lengthy process), worth millions of dollars, the contract still has not been handed over to him, and that the local counsel is now looking for somebody else for the contract!!! Legal issues and a ton of money will now ensue.

I share this with you, for two reasons. Firstly, it takes a long time for magic to have its desired affect in the Mandane world. In this case, it has been over 7 months since I placed the curses.

Secondly, when you can work with a demon, allow the demon to do what it wants to do within its own skills set – and when you asked them to do the job, trust that they will get the job done in the time suitable for the type of work needed.

Do the curse and forget about it.

Some of you may ask what were the black magic curses and hexes that I used. Some of you will also ask, what did I say to Agares to get him to do what he did?

The answer is simple, you need to first build a spiritual relationship with demons and get comfortable with the “left hand path”. Even if I gave you my exact method, it may not work for you because you don’t have these relationships. Plus…. my rituals are Tailored to work with my own skills and abilities.

Don’t give up hope. Remember that the magical journey is a life long journey, and we are all Gods.

Blessed beast!

Black Witch S