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Blood magick spell to stop an enemy

Blood is powerful. It is the fuel of life. It has been requested from spiritual beings for sacrifice since the beginning of mankind. Catholics still drink “the blood of Christ” to confirm their commitment to Jesus or God. Some witches, such as myself, choose to use blood in our work to attract the same type of energy, commitment, and sacrifice. Blood is especially powerful in spells surrounding protection, hexing and cursing. Still, if you are not used to talking about REAL blood or looking at blood, the topic of blood will make you feel very uncomfortable. For this ritual...

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Parchment writing paper

Question: Hi BWS, I see that you sometimes use parchment paper for spells. This is why your spells have success? I can’t seem to find parchment paper? I also, Don’t have the means to buy my own witch tools ….So any advice would be helpful. Thank you,  S, Ohio   Answer: Hi S, Straight up… doesn’t really matter what you write your spell petitions on, as your spell will fail for other reasons first, before your choice of paper. After all we don’t have animal skins to write on anymore! Real parchment paper, comes from calf skins. Back in...

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Curing CANCER by talking to demons and making pacts with Satan

We all know that news corporations love to spin a good headline, but stating I said that I can cure cancer, is FAKE NEWS! For the record – I never said I can cure cancer. The article published in THE SUN UK today led with the headline: Black witch claims she can cure people of CANCER by talking to demons and making pacts with Satan Lady Hannah was more offended with the statement “Black Witch Claims she can cure cancer,” as it wasn’t a claim. I didn’t claim that I had a customer whose son was cured of cancer...

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Ask BWC: I hear voices that make me feel uncomfortable!

QUESTION: I am concerned about voices I am hearing which make me feel very uncomfortable.  The sound of everyday objects may sound like a voice or I can hear one out of the blue while I am alone in my room like it is coming from inside my head.  I feel sensitive to my surroundings and I feel that the energy I am experiencing is of an evil nature because the messages are malevolent and judgmental.  I feel like I am being watched by a spirit of some sort.  They are not helpful or guiding. It  is just so...

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Black magic spell casting on the full moon and new moon

The Moon plays a very profound role when it comes to spell casting. Those interested in magic and spell casting can enhance the power of their spells by becoming acquainted with all the phases of the Moon, and how to apply them. By tapping into the energy of the Moon you will have greater success in your occult practices. The Moon Activates Our 6th Sense Did you know…we are effected by the moon’s energy through our sixth sense? In fact, we use so little of our brain in our waking hours that it is a surprise we are able to...

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Break up spell – For couples who should not be together

PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO: Baphomet Altar Cloth – Premium Obsidian Black Mala Beads – Black Book of Shadows – Bone Offering Bowl – Athame – (Note – you should have a wooden handled Athame – or...

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Conjure man Sen Elias demonstrates a powerful Hoodoo Style Money spell

Easy Hoodoo Money Spell for Money Drawing Work  Make one of these today! In this video Sen Elias and I will talk about Hoodoo Money work, and he will share a super easy and traditional hoodoo style money spell (work) that will set you on the path to money success. What do you need to make this yourself? The instructions are all in the video. But incase you didn’t write down what you need, we have it listed below. All you need: – A note of any amount – A lodestone – Oil (high John or olive) – Whiskey/Wine/Spirit...

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Left hand path money magic – Charging of herbs with planetary and elemental influences

How to charge herbs for money oils, considering planetary & elemental influences Magic performed to gain money is quite commonly practiced. However, few people actually need money—they need what money can buy. Scott Cunningham – Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs This video explains a non-hoodoo method of magick oil creation. This is the first step in oil creation, where you are thinking about the appropriate herb to use for your magickal goal, and charging this herb according to planetary influences. This is how you transform a herb from being a mundane plant, into a magical tool. Here are a few...

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Demon: Belial

Candle magick



You need to learn various forms of meditation, because you will all need them: void meditation, focused meditation, visualizing. It’s not enough to know how to meditate, you need to practice it regularly, at least 3 times a week, preferably more often. Read More about “Meditation”

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