Hex my ex with a demon

After the Black Magic Demon Hex on my boyfriend was placed, I slept with him. We both became sick. I brought the protection stones, and began to use the BWC Sigil as you suggested – and began to feel better. But now – is the black magick spell still working on him? His life looks ok now?

Black Witch S answers…….


The demon Andras is 100% with him. It is a very dark spell with the worst demon. Most the time, the demon will do its job, and have fun in destroying the targets life. This process takes effect immediately, however, you may not know the seriously of his issues for some time. The demon will now stay with him forever  – removing it is near impossible.


The sickness you both felt was the beginning effects of the possession. As the demon enters the mind and begins doing whatever it wants to, the human body reacts. Everyone in this situation reacts differently. As you were connected to the spell, and then sexually connected to him, you yourself were nearly possessed. If you didn’t contact me and tell me what you were feeling when you did, and then do exactly what I told you to do to stop the spell/demon progressing further,  you would also have the same fate.

It actually takes a few months for the sickness to begin in many cases…so in your case, we know the demon is there. Andras got straight to work!

So why don’t we see the hexed person wither away instantly?

When we look at life from a day to day narrative, we are only seeing a snap shot of the story. When someone who has been possessed looks back (or we talk about the persons life that was effected by demon possession), they see that their life changed at a certain point. EG They may have found a new girlfriend, and got married – but the woman has Aids, or she ends up running away with all his money; or he forms a destructive drug habit that isolates himself from the world.

Sometimes, the demon will kill the person within weeks (eg a car accident). The expression “Only the good die young” comes to mind here, as “good” people don’t do chaotic things that demons like. So the demon has its fun and then terminates the persons physical life. But if the person is really bad, or crazy, the demon enjoys their bullshit and chaos.

As a witch, we have no control over the actions of the spirits, and especially of demons. We forms relationships and put in our requests, but that is the limitation of our skill and ability on this physical plain- and rightfully so.

I see dead people

There are people who can see ghosts and spirits, and I recommend that if you know a person like this, and you are still in contact with him, then have your ghost seeing friend meet him. They will see the Demon straightaway. It will be to his left or right, and never more than a meter away from him. Is quite scary for the mediums to see this as they normally sure afraid of the daemonic energies.

Last weekend I met up with Hawaiian ghost hunter “Philip” – and we did a 2 hour interview about ghosts and spirits. He has the ability to see ghosts, however he fears them especially Demons. After the interview, he told me about the ghosts and spirits around me.

Unfortunately for him, because he fears Demons and yet chases Demons, he becomes a game to the spiritual world and they also followed him home. Oops!!!

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