Back in my later teen years (before all those ghost hunter shows existed on tv that warn you from the dangers of contacting spirits) my mother brought home a OUIJA board. Now, my mom had always been into horror movies and so I grew up on that stuff and naturally ended up sharing the same interests regarding the paranormal.

I was one of those people who liked strolling around in cemeteries like you would a park. We lived in a home that in my opinion was “quiet” when it came to paranormal on goings. But my mom’s curiosity into the realm of contacting the dead prompted her to buy this board.

We played together a few times, nothing scary ever happened. I even played a number of times by myself in my room. The only way I can describe how the planchette moves is it feels like this ball of static electricity that is surrounding your hands and literally tugs the planchette around the board. It is definitely a physical sensation (and I only ever felt that when I played alone). Now I can’t remember any specifics of questions I asked but I can tell you what happened

Now I can’t remember any specifics of questions I asked but I can tell you what happened afterwards haunted me for 3 years!

At first it started with what people now call night terrors. I would be asleep (and this would happen in places other than just my home as well). I wake up and not be able to move. I never saw anything physical but there was always a presence like in my mind’s eye that I felt shouldn’t be there (if that makes sense).

At first it was scary but then I would just tell myself to calm down and focus on my toe. Just wiggle that toe and then you can wiggle your leg, and basically little by little get your body to move. Sometimes I would be lying in bed about to drift off to sleep and I would feel person after person coming into my room from the doorway (kind of like how you can feel the energy of someone walk up behind you). And they would all line up around my bed and stare down at me. I wasn’t terrified but it was unnerving because I had no clue what it meant or what they wanted. This happened all the time to the point where I got used to it and it wasn’t scary.

Then over time things got darker and more sinister. I started having panic attacks out of nowhere and becoming extremely depressed and having thoughts of hurting myself and prone to serious anger outbursts where I would punch the walls. My life was literally perfect so there was no reason for me to feel that way. I now know that’s what is called oppression from negative entities and I really wish I had known that back then because I got on so many different anti-depressant drugs to try and find the right one that would fix my hopelessness, but nothing ever worked!!! I even tried one drug that made me hear paranoid voices in my head telling me there was a man under my bed who was going to shoot me!!! I stopped that medication immediately!

Eventually I moved out of my parents’ house and into my own apartment (alone) and that’s when the shadow figure (as people call them today) showed up. Now, I never saw a hat man or slender man or anything with red glowing eyes, but at night a huge very tall shadow figure that went from the ceiling to the floor of my bedroom would show up and stand in the corner at night as I lay in bed. I could feel it was very negative but it never approached me so I seriously would just roll over and ignore it. I figured if it wasn’t going to come up to me and harass me then why engage with it.

Looking back I see how ignorant that was because that thing was probably what was making me so depressed just by being around and I should have told it go away. This shadow being was around every night and that was a time in my life when I was partying all the time and hanging out with really bad people that looking back I’m like “what the hell was I thinking?!”

In the midst of all this I got into a huge fight with my boyfriend at the time and the cops were called and they took him away for the night. I was sitting in my apartment alone feeling distraught so I decided to go out to the bar to forget about him and the drama. I was getting a drink when this guy approached me who I was instantly attracted to in the sense of I felt I knew him from somewhere and he felt extremely “safe” to be around. Me and this guy (we will call him “Noah”) eventually started dating.

Noah was really devout to his Christian faith and had absolutely no fear of people, dire circumstances, or anything unseen other than God, so it just made me want to always be around him. I felt like everything was ok when we hung out. When the short lived relationship was over we decided to remain friends. Even though he cheated and was the cause of the failed relationship I really felt that he was important somehow to keep in my life (even just as a friend). I know that sounds strange because normally I would be so hateful to someone who did me dirty like that!

One night I was lying in my bed and that giant shadow figure showed up in the corner of the room. This time I felt really scared and I just knew I couldn’t be alone. It was 2 am and the only person I could think to call was Noah. Luckily he was just on his way home from the bar and said it was no problem if I came to his house and sleep there. The whole time I was driving I could feel that shadow being right there with me which had never happened before! It never followed me around like that.

I finally got to Noah’s house, he was already lying in bed ready to pass out from his night of drinking. I went to go to the bathroom in the hallway and as I rounded the corner the giant shadow being was standing right there! At that point I had no idea what to do because the feeling of it was so ominous like you cannot ever escape me! I felt so hopeless and stuck. I used the bathroom then went to Noah’s room and laid down next to him in the pitch black darkness. We just laid there in silence for a couple minutes and all of the sudden I heard this sinister little cackle of a laugh, and Noah very nonchalant said, “Did you hear that Jezebel?” He was like don’t worry I believe in a power that will protect us from any harm. Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself how freaking crazy this whole situation was and that this was not the time to be calm if you are hearing laughter in a room that you can’t even see your hand infront of your face it’s so dark!

Then all of a sudden I hear this voice. It was a man’s voice but it wasn’t external. It was more in my head but I knew it was not my own thought. It said to me “Don’t worry everything is going to be ok.” And then a feeling I have never felt before or since came over my body. I can only describe it as peace. I have heard people talking about their near death experiences and how they describe it as everything being completely ok and peaceful and that’s the best way I have heard described what I felt that night. The feeling maybe lasted 10 seconds and I literally felt like absolutely everything was ok now! I went to bed, woke up the next morning and left and to this day have NEVER been bothered by another shadow being or gone into a depression or even had a panic attack!

I ended up moving away from that town and never really hung out with Noah much again. But in 2015 I did see him and he was different. In the past when we dated if I wore a shirt with a skull picture on it he would tell me I had to wear something else or he wouldn’t go anywhere with me cause I was wearing “demonic” stuff. But when I saw Noah again he had tattoos of skulls all over him! I questioned him about it and he just shrugged it off like he had no clue what I was talking about! He was still spouting off Bible verses in conversation but his appearance was just off to me. I sometimes wonder if anything had an effect on him after that night.

I have never gone back to his house and sometimes I wonder if whatever I left there still is hanging around. Noah and I have never discussed the details of that night and I don’t know if he would even remember given the fact he was drunk and it happened over 15 years ago.

My mom ended up selling that OUIJA board in a garage sale and I have never played with one since. I don’t know why any of that happened to me or more importantly what or who freed me from the shadow being. But I do know that protection is important and when you go into any paranormal situation you need to be sure to shield yourself from anything that can do you harm!

– KR