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By Eloise333   “O, tell us a tale of a ghost! Now do! It’s a capital time, for the fire burns blue.” —-ANON, “The Vicarage Ghost”, Tinley’s Magazine, Christmas Number, 1868 Spirits. Demons. Ghosts. Angels. Revenants. Shades. Good? Bad? Not Sure? Haunted? Join the Club! As a human who has been obsessed with all things spooky and “ghostly” since I was 2 years old, I can honestly say 85% of the time I can’t really be sure about the machinations, activity, or intentions of the power players involved in the world of “spirit”, or what I like to refer...

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Beauty is truth; truth beauty

Author: Alessandra  I have always believed that showing my inner beauty to the world through makeup and adornment externally is a high form of magic. I think that focusing on a daily beauty ritual truly helps me feel the confidence I project to the world as sustained throughout the day. However, a more effective spell that I have done repeatedly is one of affirmation and self love brought forth from the astral plane. Below I will describe the basics of a Beauty spell that I cast to surround myself in self love. I take my stregheria practices from my...

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Powerful Messages from Candle Burning Imagery

Author: Claves R Custos I wish to share with you a rather peculiar result I garnered after completing a candle-burning with one of your beautiful chime candles I recently bought from you. First, a touch of background: I am a functionally blind practitioner. My right eye doesn’t work at all and my left only functions at about three inches’ distance. No further. As such, I forewarn that any descriptions I use are as detailed as possible. In the case of candlelight, my space is quite dim and the setting is easily snuffed or packed up to ensure safety. I have...

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Setting Your Goals With Magic Works

Author: Ella from Israel I am so grateful to help anyone I can with the knowledge I have learned on this path to date. I am sharing Ella’s story to inspire others to TRY magic for themselves. Begin small and be AMAZED at your results – Savannah #BWS Good evening dear Savannah, I had to share with you what happened to me during the last days….. So – after watching all your absolutely amazing videos, that are so filled with knowledge and wisdom, I have decided to follow the spiritual advice of writing down what I am thankful for, and...

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Removing “Bob” with a Mirror Box

Author: Linda   I had been dating someone who had gone  through an acrimonious divorce. After time, and divination…it appeared that his ex may have done some cursework, basic but effective, on him…she was of german heritage and into occult. Spoke with two of my witch friends about did a trance reading to go visit her and find out information about what she may have done…and during this, he was  was met with an angry entity preventing/blocking him from getting to this woman who threatened my friend in the astral… ….So I decided to do a mirror box to...

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Principle of Polarity

About a month ago, a friend of mine gave me his copy of “The Kybalion”. He had mentioned this book to me before, and I had done some research here and there. When he gave me the book, he said it would enhance my perspective on the left-hand path. Of course, that immediately caught my attention.  For those who are unfamiliar with “The Kybalion”, it is a book from the early 1900s on Hermetic philosophy. It covers seven principles which focus on different aspects of thought: Principle of Mentalism. Principle of Correspondence, Principle of Vibration, Principle of Polarity, Principle...

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Lucifer saved my Grandfather from death

Hi!! I’m Meenakshii a student of WWD and an ardent fan of Black Witch S. Recently , just last evening, me with my family were returning from an outing. My father in law had a bout of motion sickness. So I had to stop the vehicle. My mother in law and well as my better half and my son was also with us. As soon as we returned home he started feeling hot, he was feeling dizzy. He puked couple of times. We have him a bath and put him to bed. But he did not seem to get...

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A mundane (not magical) answer to a common modern relationship issue

As a Coven of witches and magical people, we are often asked general relationship questions. When we give longer FREE responses, the answers will be shared for all readers to enjoy. The response below is not a magic spell, but a perspective from a male to a female. Q: I meet FRED (**name changed) few months ago, things was good between us and we had very good chemistry. I thought he might like me too so I made the first move and told him that I liked him and I developed feelings for him, which is quite unusual for...

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Demon: Belial

Candle magick



You need to learn various forms of meditation, because you will all need them: void meditation, focused meditation, visualizing. It’s not enough to know how to meditate, you need to practice it regularly, at least 3 times a week, preferably more often. Read More about “Meditation”

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