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A mundane (not magical) answer to a common modern relationship issue

As a Coven of witches and magical people, we are often asked general relationship questions. When we give longer FREE responses, the answers will be shared for all readers to enjoy. The response below is not a magic spell, but a perspective from a male to a female. Q: I meet FRED (**name changed) few months ago, things was good between us and we had very good chemistry. I thought he might like me too so I made the first move and told him that I liked him and I developed feelings for him, which is quite unusual for...

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To Keep Silent: Discretion in Groups in an Information Age

This article was written by author M. Delaney, and printed in the Black Serpent. I believe this particular article deserves attention once again. I am truly saddened by the generation of people who “dog” on others (and I don’t mean the sex act). It is said, Lucifer does not agree with those who are petty with brothers and sisters on the path. So if you enjoy bitching, read on…… To Keep Silent: Discretion in Groups in an Information Age By M. Delaney Back in medieval times, it’s rumored that if a witch betrayed the coven, (s)he would be destroyed,...

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Lucifer: My beautiful and positive experience

Author: Holly, USA I wanted to share my beautiful and positive experience with Lucifer. It began close to one year ago when I experienced a huge change in my life. I had a major surgery, left my job of 12 years due to ongoing harassment, and was losing everything including my mind. This may seem trivial to some but I literally was on the edge of life – I came to the realization that Hell was not a place you go, but a place you carry inside you. I have never been so close to ending my life than...

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Modern Thoughts on Black Magic in East Africa

Author: Avid Location: Kenya The scene played out like a straight-up black comedy. Right in the middle of the street on a busy weekday morning, two men stripped naked and started acting all crazy. The crowd watched in disbelief for hours as one man had a snake around his neck and seemed to be unable to remove it from his neck. The scene got even more grotesque as the men started sharing a bottle of their own urine and finally somebody figured out why they were stark raving mad. “Hawa ni wezi wa gari wamerogwa na mganga wakue wazimu...

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A cartoon for the creation and care of an Ancestor Altar

Greetings, If you have been looking for instructional information on how to set up an ancestral altar, then look no further! A wonderful client and fellow occultist uses humor to assist in the teaching and disseminating esoteric knowledge. I will share a PDF version in this weeks BWC Newsletter, so you can download this creative and fun educational tool. I will be keeping a copy in my own BOS. Thank you so much S. T. Robinson....

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My Pact With Lucifer

Author: S.E.V. My Story with Lucifer When I was in my early 20’s I began to explore spell work. Being raised in a strict Christian environment, also as a Jehovah’s Witness for about 5 agonizing years from about age 7 to 11, my investigation into the occult had to be kept as a dire secret from my family (as well as all friends). Being young in the 1970-80’s meant no internet, so I haunted the local libraries for all my information, as well as a few correspondence courses. Ultimately one day my family found out about my interests in the...

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Misrepresentation in Film

A few weeks ago, I decided to watch the paranormal thriller movie, “The Conjuring 2”. I’m not going to mention any spoilers, but I do want to touch on the significance of the movie. The film’s plot involves a family from the United Kingdom who is being haunted by a malevolent spirit. Janet Hodgson, the main character of the film, begins to interact with a spirit board. She begins to have a conversation with a spirit called “Bill”, and as each night passes he begins to haunt them aggressively. With each haunting, “Bill” makes it clear to Janet that...

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Connection to the Ancient Ones with the Power of Music

One of the most important elements I use when connecting with the Ancient Ones is music. I use music as a means of empowerment; using the lyrics and sounds as an avenue of self-exploration, motivation, and strength. Those of us in the left-hand path are always associated with the “darker” or “rougher” aspects of musical genres, and I can understand why. Many musical artists and groups within our path are usually those testing the conformism of society, and using sounds that use strong rhythm and vocals is the best medium to deliver a message. From personal experience, Marilyn Manson...

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Demon: Belial

Candle magick



You need to learn various forms of meditation, because you will all need them: void meditation, focused meditation, visualizing. It’s not enough to know how to meditate, you need to practice it regularly, at least 3 times a week, preferably more often. Read More about “Meditation”

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