I see that you sometimes use parchment paper for spells. This is why your spells have success? I can’t seem to find parchment paper? I also, Don’t have the means to buy my own witch tools ….So any advice would be helpful. Thank you, 

S, Ohio



Hi S,

Straight up… doesn’t really matter what you write your spell petitions on, as your spell will fail for other reasons first, before your choice of paper. After all we don’t have animal skins to write on anymore!

Real parchment paper, comes from calf skins. Back in the days before we had access to a great variety of paper,  we had little choice. So many old spell recipes tell you to obtain parchment paper. So unless you’re slaughtering your own animals, obtaining a calfskin is not only expensive, but also difficult to obtain.

I must admit I go through phases, where in some years I love to do everything traditionally, and in others I sit it in remote locations, using only my mind for all rituals. This year I totally love using parchment paper, and I think it’s because I’m living in New Orleans right now, so I’m leaning in towards Santeria and Witchcraft practices. One of my own teachers only uses parchment paper, cut into thin strips – Where the petition is written with small font, and either put under the candle or burnt in the offering bowl.

In various pact writing rituals and many of my black magick spells, the pact/intention is released into the spiritual world via flame. If I was to use traditional calf skin, my Temple would stink (burning animal skin), and the calf skin takes much longer to burn (more fire resistant)- So it’s definitely not suitable for me! In saying that, I think it would be really cool if you are writing your own pact, to write it on a calf skin, and store in a secret space.

So does it really matter if we use white paper or brown paper for writing of our petitions?

I say that you have to do whatever makes you feel like you’re doing it properly. If using modern parchment paper makes you feel like you’re conducting your rituals correctly, then by all means you should invest in parchment paper. If you cannot afford Parchment paper consider these options.

Alternatives to parchment paper in spell casting

  1. Of course you can use a brown paper bag found in your super market for your hoodoo petition writing.
  2. Cookie sheet lining parchment paper works too. Best part is, you can cut off just what you need.
  3. Put a sheet of white paper into a frying pan (Without oil), and let it “crisp” or brown a little.
  4. I love using Post-it notes as well!

I hope this inspires your choices! If anyone else does something cool to create their own parchment paper, please share below!