About a month ago, a friend of mine gave me his copy of “The Kybalion”. He had mentioned this book to me before, and I had done some research here and there. When he gave me the book, he said it would enhance my perspective on the left-hand path. Of course, that immediately caught my attention.  For those who are unfamiliar with “The Kybalion”, it is a book from the early 1900s on Hermetic philosophy. It covers seven principles which focus on different aspects of thought: Principle of Mentalism. Principle of Correspondence, Principle of Vibration, Principle of Polarity, Principle of Rhythm, Principle of Cause and Effect, and Principle of Gender.

The principle that made a deep impact on my mind is the “Principle of Polarity”. In a nutshell, this principle embodies the idea that everything in life is dual. Everything has two poles, with each opposite complementing one another.  Within these two poles, there are various degrees. To give a clearer understanding, “The Kybalion” references hot and cold. Hot and cold are two extreme opposites, but each degree in between contains both temperatures. They are distinguished by which temperature is more dominant. Applying this principle in my life, I began to analyze my spiritual progress in the left-hand path.

The two extreme poles, in this case, are procrastination and proactivity. When I am leaning more towards procrastination, I experience setbacks. I begin to lose focus on my goals, I get tired really quickly, and endure many obstacles. Life begins to control me and puts me in a whirlwind of challenges. Sometimes my stubbornness to change direction puts me in a self-criticizing mode. I begin to question everything, and blame myself for all the negative moments I ever experienced. I don’t think any of you readers like to feel this way, and many of you can relate to feeling this way one way or another.

In order to change direction, I begin to dedicate more time and attention to reversing my actions. I spend more time on my altar, communicate more often with the Ancient Ones, dedicate more time reading and researching on invocation and energy connection, and dive into my creative musings. It’s not easy, as my daily time is limited. Each little action I do slowly directs each “degree” towards proactivity. As a result, I feel better about myself, I become more confident in communicating with others about the left-hand path, and experience a bliss of spiritual achievement.

There is no outside factor controlling how the “Principle of Polarity” is applied in my life. Each decision and action/inaction I make affects which direction I head into. The common denominator is me, and only I can lead myself to advancement or regression. Take a moment and think about where you are right now. Are you heading in the direction you aspire to be in? Use the “Principle of Polarity”, and begin the best of course of action to make your life and spiritual journey in the left-hand path the best it can be.

Author: LMS