Is there is a candle spell or a spell that can make me irresponsible to women. Or for making a women want to have sex with me?

Answer from Black Witch S

Yes! There are many spells you can try to make this desire a reality! The desire to be more attractive to others for the purpose of connection is important work – so thank you for being brave enough to ask how to do this type of work. Follow the instructions below, and you will be getting some….in no time!

gay love spellWe should all work on being attractive to potential partners and our current partner. So even if you are in a relationship, you can try this spell – AND GET LUCKY in your current relationship! Sex is the fuel for happiness!

Now lets get down to business! First, let me tell you that is spell is awesome for a gay love spell too! Our gay brothers and sisters do VERY WELL with this spell.

Gay Client Testimonial:

“…. this has never failed to get me a sexual partner for the evening, and I’ve never had to use a more elaborate ritual. I’m thinking I’ve done this work maybe 5 times, once with the John the Conqueror.”

The BWC Gettin’ Lucky Rub Down Ritual

Spell Overview

  1. Shower. Scrub
  2. After the shower: use the oils starting from your feet up.
  3. Say out loud what you want to draw in, and be very specific. 

Easy isn’t it!

What Oil should I use?

I recommended these oils for this spell (ritual). You can find the following oils and herbs in most great occult stores.

1. John the Conqueror root is the alpha male root supreme. It has been greatly celebrated in song and story for its effects. It is carried as a pocket piece and rubbed with the hand before contact with a target individual. The oil is rubbed on your man bits for the ritual.

2. Hoyt’s Cologne is worn for luck in gambling, and luck in sex. The cologne or the oil may also be used to dress the root, if you so choose.

3. Fast Luck Oil is also used for quick hook-ups, and for a night of winning at games.

4.Come to me is a blend of herbs and oils, formulated to rapidly bring about a sexual affair or increase desire in marriage. Come To Me is believed by many to have unique power to cause a member of the opposite sex to draw closer, closer, closer — until you are in each other’s arms.

5. John the Conqueror root sachet powder.

Bring Back My Man Custom Big Al CandleNot necessary, but keeping with High John C Root, its is nice to burn the High John the Conqueror Incense Sticks while you are performing the ritual – or even if your making out! Why not up the odds of success 🙂

The “Bring Back My Man” or other red style candles are also a fun, but unnecessary addition to your spell work. Remember the use of candles and extras, is all used to get YOU into the right state to make magick happen. As you get more experienced you will not need all the extras. Still…even I love candles and incense to set the mood.


Specific Instructions for your sex:

  1. If you are a man:
    • Use John the Conqueror root oil to anointing the penis, tip down, to “draw the experience” to you.
    • Then dust yourself  with John the Conqueror root sachet powder. Again, while so doing, say what you are drawing towards yourself eg “drawing to me”. So be very specific. 
  2. If you are woman:
    • Rub your body with the oils,  and used a dab of your vaginal juices as “perfume” behind your ears as well.
    • Say something along the lines of, “Let me meet and fuck a man tonight!”  COMMAND it!



Chango Oil

Looking to make your own oil?

This oil is used by men to draw romantic partners of the female persuasion.

When wearing this oil, just a dab will do it, guys!

  • 2 Apple Seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut
  • Frankincense
  • Musk

As always, be careful what you ask for.

A Candle Spell to Call a Lover to Yourself

To perform this spell you will need:

  • 1 x red-candle (it can be a plain red candle)
  • two pins,
  • pen and paper,
  • Kiss Me Now Oil


  • Begin by preparing a petition by writing the name of the person you wish to draw to you nine times on a square piece of paper and then crossing and covering this with your own name also nine times. If you don’t have a specific person in mind, use the words “my lover.” Alternately, you might want to use a short phrase describing the type of lover that you wish to attract. For example: “Tall, Athletic, Hairy Chested Lover”
  • Anoint the four-corners and center of the petition with Kiss Me Now Oil and then fold it towards yourself three times. Rotate the petition one turn clockwise between each fold.
  • Carve your own name down one side of the red candle and the name of the one that you wish to attract down the opposite side.
  • Hold the candle so that its tip points out away from you and then anoint it with Kiss Me Now oil stroking it towards yourself 3, 7, or 9 times making your petition as you do so.
  • Take your pins and stick one through the candle going one way, and another going through the candle another way so that form an X.
  • Finally, set the candle in a holder with your written petition underneath.
  • Light the candle and say your desire out aloud.

Be specific!

And Have Fun 🙂