Last night I listened to a testimony from a Catholic Nun with 22 years experience, talk about systematic abuse and atrocious illegal behavior, that happens TO THIS DAY in the institution we call the Catholic Church. This Nun is a believer of God and Jesus, and for her love and dedication to the purity of worship and for spiritual enlightenment, I totally respect her path.

I only share this information with you all to expose the lies of these institutions. These convents harbor criminals – called PRIESTS and MOTHER SURERIORS!! Their crimes are vast. Our current legal system turns a blind eye to such crimes, as our legal system and the Catholic religion is intertwined – therefore, its all a game of politics folks!

I would like to state here, that I do not believe all priests are bad people. I do believe that the rules and allowances provided to priests are a vortex to a type of individual who partakes in these activities. If one was a pedophile, I could imagine no better occupation than that of becoming a Roman Catholic Priest! I personally know, and currently work with other denomination priests in my occupation as a Clinical Psychologist, who are honest and loving people – and who care about the people in their parish. Admittedly, non of the priests I work with are Roman Catholic, nor from the Catholic Church.

In this post, I am exposing the side of the Roman Catholic Church, that is forbidden to discuss, and well above the law. The testimony from the Nun (in the video below) provides a truthful look at these current and modern crimes.

Modern and current crimes of the catholic church/Vatican Includes:

  • Rape
  • Murders (listen to what they do to new born babies (59:01)
  • Torture
  • Starvation
  • Systemic abuse

I knew these facts before I listened to this testimony, as my own Grandma (who only died last year at the age of 92yrs), was Catholic and of the generation where Nuns could do what they wanted to children, and feared the priests. She has told me countless stories about the treatment administered by the Nuns to the children.

As a child, she would receive beatings by these nuns for things as simple as, having dirty shoes, or adverting her eyes the wrong way in church. As an adult reflecting upon Why the nuns were so Abusive to the children, she said, “It was because the nuns were being abused by the priests, so they would take it out on the children the next day.”

So why do I care?

I care because it is the Catholic Church who spreads lies about my own beliefs (And most probably yours). Society is raised on the lies of the Catholic Church. Pagan gods were dishonored and Disgraced, for the sole reason of Introducing this institution and belief system into society! Lucifer, Was disgraced, and his story rewritten to build the “good V evil” dichotomy. That is not okay!

THE TRUTH : The story of the snake tempting Eve with the Apple is portrayed as the ultimate sin AGAINST God – the Catholic Church teaches the snake was Lucifer (or Satan) who desired to deceived Eve by promising that if she will eat from the forbidden tree she would become like God (or to become a deity) – “That her eyes would be opened and she would be like God, knowing good and evil”. Is this a bad thing? Lucifer offered Eve knowledge, and an opportunity to enlighten others with this knowledge.” This means that Lucifer was not evil, but the God who wanted to save and educate mankind – in truth they called him the “light bringer”. Hats off to Eve for taking that apple from Lucifer, as today we are living with the freedom of choice!

Lies are told about witches, and anyone outside of the church who speaks to spirit! And yet, us on the “left hand path” are still to this day, ostracized for our beliefs, And left to practice our beliefs, and religions, behind close doors, and/or in private. That is not okay!

The Catholic Church tells its followers to kill all who follow the left hand path – and this statement is accepted. Yet, do we on the left hand path say to kill all those who follow the teachings of the church? NO! Also, we do not rape, torture abuse, or murder. The truth MUST be told, and we must defend our path. Silence is considered acceptance – and I for one do NOT accept societies views on the “left hand path”.

The penalty for practicing witchcraft under the Mosaic Law was death (Exodus 22:18; Leviticus 20:27). First Chronicles 10:13 tells us that “Saul died because he was unfaithful to the LORD; he did not keep the word of the LORD and even consulted a medium for guidance.” In the New Testament, “sorcery” is translated from the Greek word pharmakeia, from which we get our word pharmacy (Galatians 5:20; Revelation 18:23). Witchcraft and spiritism often involve the ritualistic use of magic potions and mind-controlling drugs. Using illicit drugs can open ourselves up to the invasion of demonic spirits. Engaging in a practice or taking a substance to achieve an altered state of consciousness is a form of witchcraft. (1)

It is testimony from this God Fearing Nun, that helps us separate our legacy connections to this FALSE religion called Christianity – and fully connect with our own spiritual practices in peace and with conviction. Listen to her passion about both her love of her God, and the illegal abuse she suffers for following her religion.

Video: The Vatican Exposed: It’s Dark Dark Dark Secret

This testimony adds the extra details about what truly happens NOW in this institution.


– Black Witch S

PS: If you would like to take note of the times in this video of the crimes stated by the Nun, please place it in the comments below.



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